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Tell South Dakota Not to Run Down Coyotes

Written by PETA | February 2, 2011
alan vernon/cc by 2.0

Ranchers in South Dakota are asking state legislators to approve a bill that, if passed, would allow residents to chase down coyotes using snowmobiles.

Coyotes are loyal, sensitive wild animals, and, to them, the noise of marauding snowmobiles is terrifying. They are then chased to the point of exhaustion and shot. Many wind up being run over by the vehicles and are badly injured. Killing them can also backfire. Surviving pack members will breed in order to replace lost family members, and more animals will move in from outlying areas to use available resources.

Sadly, after hearing from supporters of the bill, the South Dakota Senate actually passed it. Now the bill is headed to the House of Representatives. Please e-mail the South Dakota House of Representatives and urge it to oppose cruel coyote killings by voting “No” on SB 55.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • levi says:

    I think it is sad that city people and people from out of state think they know so much about farming and ranching. Coyotes cause a lot of damage to livestock in south dakota and hunting them is basically the only way to lower their numbers. The bill also states that you must hunt the coyotes on your own land. This isnt “a bunch of drunk people out running coyotes over”, it is ranchers trying to lower the coyote population so they lose less livestock to depredation. Some people need to think before they talk.

  • dakota says:

    This past the house committee today on a vote of 12 yes and 0 no, it know goes before the entire house for a vote and then to the governors desk

  • mary says:

    In my opinion I think that it is cruel to actually run them over to kill them. But to be stationary and shoot is very human. Yes they are beautiful and god given but on the other hand to protect or cattle herds they need to be kept to a minimum. Just by burying deads and having dogs to watch your herd will not stop them from entering. Coyotes kill dogs as well as livestock. I think that coyotes are still a concern for farmers and ranchers.( i wouldnt expect people from the city to know what its like to lose income because of coyotes, something you can control) There are alot more “inhumain” ways to kill a coyote than simply getting close enough ,stopping and shooting.

  • Thomas says:

    I just want to tell you people that live a sheltered life in cities and don’t have a clue what a coyote does to baby lambs or baby calves. You people also don’t realize what farmers and ranchers do for you and you think everything that they are doing is wrong. Why don’t you come out to a farm and actually see how things are done and stop saying we harmed the animals when we actually care for them.

  • SB55 Chase to Exhaustion, then stop, whoop and holler, and shoot says:

    Exception: coyotes! I also read the bill and it clearly says says that “No person may chase, drive, harass” an animal ***EXCEPT*** coyotes. And after you chase them to exhaustion, run them over in your drunken stupor, then stop the snowmobile and shoot them: this would be legal under SB55 and its pathetic. Lazy, self-important, ranchers expect to do anything with impunity AND have taxpayers pay for it. We need a law that requires ranchers to protect their livestock, enact good husbandry practices, clean up dead animals, and employ non-lethal predator control methods. That would be the ethical -and effective – way to go. But here we go again, sacrificing America’s wildlife and the health of our ecosystems to satisfy a whining special interest group. Really makes me sick!

  • AnimalLover14 says:

    I am an animal lover also. I went on to the SD legislative research council website and read the bill. The bill states that anyone is actually prohibited from chasing the coyotes and that they must be in a stationary position if they were to shoot them. I encourge everyone to please read the bill first before emailing the legislators.I am neither supporting or opposing this bill and everyone should have their voices and opinions stated if they so choose, but be sure to have your facts straight.

  • lost a pet says:

    What is PETA’s stance on coyotes killing pets? A few months ago, 2 coyotes entered my yard and right before my eyes, attacked my dog while I was out with him while he took a potty break! I love animals and have my whole life, but right now I’m wanting to really wanting to lessen the coyote population by two. Please don’t tell me they are more important than my 10 year old companion.

  • Caroline Hansen says:

    I would like to point out to all of you that have been falsely informed by this article that SB 55 is written “No person may chase, drive, harass” the animals. The coyote must be shot from a “stationary”(which means not moving!) snowmobile. This is a complete humane way of eliminating some of the coyotes that are inhumanely destroying lambs and calves in SD pastures! Before you contact your legislators, I encourage you to actually read the bill and see for yourself! The issue of inhumanity was brought up several times in discussion and it was decided that this is very humane! So no worries, it was thought about! So, I encourage all of you to contact the legislators and tell them to vote “YEA” on SB 55!

  • pat goldyn says:

    South Dakota House of Representatives, I can’t believe a state would pass this bill. We as human beings should be protecting life no matter whose life it is. These animals are beautiful creatures given to us by God. Why would we chase them to the point of exhaustion and then shoot them. I’m sure someday we will have to answer for all the unkindly acts we make weither it be to one another or the animals.

  • nancy says:

    I want to tell people how to easily contact all the Representatives in a short time. I found that after I sent one message to one rep, the website left me on the same page. I could then click on the box that had the Representative’s name and it contained a list of all the reps. I just clicked on every Rep’s name and clicked “send” again after each one. It only took about 5 minutes to contact each one doing it this way.