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Tell Ohio to Enforce Its Exotic Animal Ban

Written by PETA | February 7, 2011

You could hear a collective sigh of relief throughout the PETA building when outgoing Ohio Governor Ted Strickland signed an executive order banning people from owning, selling, breeding, or trading wild animals. The move came after several incidents in which frustrated captive animals attacked their keepers.

The order also required current owners of exotic animals to register the animals annually, and it prevented people from keeping exotic animals if they had been convicted of animal abuse or neglect or if their license to exhibit, breed, or possess animals had been revoked. This provision of the law meant that notorious animal abusers such as Sam Mazzola (whose Animal Welfare Act license was revoked in 2008), could no longer keep the exotic animals who were suffering in their care.

jaaron/cc by 2.0

But now, the new governor, John Kasich, has requested that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) not enforce the ban. Instead, he would like the agency to further study the issue and decide how to keep Ohio residents safe without hurting “small business owners” (read: exotic-animal pimps). The ODNR website states that Kasich “is aware that there are questions and concerns by the public and small business owners regarding the emergency rules.”

Don’t let dealers of exotic animals keep Ohio from enforcing this important ban. It will protect Ohio residents and keep wild animals out of backyards and dismal roadside zoos. Please e-mail Governor Kasich and urge him and the ODNR to enforce this crucial ban.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Karen Johnson says:

    Dear Governor Kashich, Please make the appropriate changes, so this does not happen in your state. You are behind the times in these laws and this traggic event proves it harshly.

  • Victora C says:

    I think that it is appalling to keep animals in these conditions, these animals are not pets and are hazardous to others and kept by unscrupulous people, de clawing tiger cubs is barbaric, these lovely creatures should be kept in the wild and cherised, not exploited. I’m in England and can’t get though to the governor as I can’t post a state in my address, please American animal lovers do all you can to support peta in helping our furry counterparts! Best Wishes Vicky

  • Upset in CO says:

    OH – What a great place to live. You can legally own over 50 wild animals, then when life gets tough set them all free & allow them to be murdered. Really there was no time to allow the OH Zoo or anyone else come in & tranquilize any of these animals? Get real, I hope that everyone across this nation never travels to this State!

  • that guy says:

    Dear Peta…..let it go…people who own those roadside zoos should be more educated on the animals they are procuring and make intelligent people not taken out of their place as business owners because because you cant get enough…most zoos also rescue animals….wake up and smell the reality

  • Teresa Echeverría says:

    We need change our mind. Dear Mr. KASICH, you can make the difference…

  • Monique Pouchet says:

    I quite disagree with this project which doesn’t protect the exotic animals as it’s necessary for their welfare.

  • kalo says:

    Interesting because these exotic animal dealers are big time tax cheats, they brag about it, and don’t even declare the income on their “big businesses.” Why is this governor helping tax cheats?