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Tell Your Friends to Go Vegan …

Written by PETA | February 4, 2011

… without saying a word. PETA just launched a cool new infographic that’s chock-full of interesting facts about meat—like how many animals suffer each year, how it harms the environment, and how seriously gross it is.

So check out the infographic and then let it do the talking when you share it with your friends. You can e-mail, text, post, or tweet it—however you like to tell people to love animals, not eat them.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jeremy says:

    John Doe – It’s TENS OF BILLIONS, not TONS of BILLIONS. Reread.

  • PETA says:

    Doug- Many cows remain conscious while they are hung up by their legs, shot in the head, or have their throats slit, and they scream in pain and struggle throughout the process. Unfortunately, numerous investigations have shown us that these conditions and methods are far from uncommon in slaughterhouses. Humans also have no nutritional need for animal products; all our dietary needs, even those of infants and children, are best supplied by an animal-free diet. Our evolutionary ancestors were, and our closest primate relatives are, vegetarians, with the exception of chimpanzees who occasionally consume meat. Even then, a chimpanzee’s diet consists of 98% plant matter and the remaining 2% is almost entirely made up of insects. Human teeth and intestines are designed for eating and digesting plant foods.

  • tpeni1 says:

    Introduce me to a 150 year old vegetarian, and I may consider not eating meat, but even then the vegetables are grown with pesticides and fertilizers which make thme less than pure food too.

  • KAtelynn says:

    To Donald Alot of people dont beleiven the bible so dont say stuff regarding the bible….. Thants a bunch of bs to say that someone put birds on the earth so that people can kill and eat them…..

  • John Doe says:

    I have been reviewing their fun facts at the top of the page. I am by all means unbiased, but I by no means like liars. I reviewed there facts on how many animals were consumed per year, for one thing “tons of billions” is not a unit of measurement it is a figure of speech if any thing. Unless they mean one short ton 2000lbs therefore that means 2000 billion animals were consumed . I highly dout that United States produces two trillion units of consumable livestock. lets look at these figures from land animals *Inventories in the United States at the end of 1997 were absolutely: 403,000,000 chickens 99,500,000 cattle 59,900,000 hogs 7,600,000 sheep Now for aquaculture Country Million tonnes[18] China 30.61 India 2.47 Vietnam 1.20 Thailand 1.17 Indonesia 1.05 Bangladesh 0.91 Japan 0.78 Chile 0.67 Norway 0.64 United States 0.61 Other countries 5.35 Now if we examine from the posting United States merely consumes .61 million tonnes Now thats only if they mean tons of billion of animals were consumed. I can’t possibly start to imagine where they are finding all of these animals if its any more than 1 ton (2000 pounds). But if any one has some thing to say to this please let it be what tons of billions even means!

  • labgirl74 says:

    Humans are the smartest species on this planet. Therefore, we need to make smarter, more ethical decisions on what we take from this planet. Humans are the reason that other humans, and animals suffer. If we didn’t demand cheap, fast food, factory farms would not exist. Cruel suffering of animals and humans would not exist. We have the control. We make the decisions. To be humane, or not to be humane….the planet is counting on us, and we are sadly killing this planet.

  • mccharles says:

    Your comments are biased and/or uneducated. People were, in fact, intended to eat both plants and animals. In fact, the first creation story in Genesis gives people dominion over animals. Also, the bible was written contextually, written in figurative language people understood at the time. Also, the decrease in lifespan from an unrealistic 800 years to 90 years signifies an increase of sin in the world, and has nothing to do with the eating of animals. Also, people at that time were living at most to 50 years.

  • Donald says:

    To lisa…don’t think you have read your bible much. If you read it a little closer you’ll see that God provided His people with birds to eat. You are right about the fall. I will give you that. However, and after the flood God made the hoofed animal, which was unclean to eat at that time, made it clean for us to eat. Both meat and veggies are good for our bodies. If your going to Bring the maker into this topic, which you should, than bring in the truth of what He stands for not what we want! If God created animals and givs them for food for us to eat, than at that point its our choice if we want to. Most of you have your points and thats fine, you can have them. But why should I live the way you want me too. If you read Genesis it painly says that man is to rule over the beast of the field and of the air and water. I get that your hearts are moved towards the way they are processed. Plants were made from God to. So should we stop eating everything?. Plants are alive befors we pick them. Just a thought, sure both sides can work this out without forcing one to live like the other.

  • manitoagotagan says:

    Many of your comments are either biased or uneducated, especially if referencing a bible passage. The Bible was written contextually, using figurative language that would have been relevant at the tome. For exAmple, do you really believe that people lived for 800+ years? I think not, because many people back in that time period were malnourished do to an unbalanced, vegan diet. Figuratively speaking, the age of 800 is use to signify the fact tuat the person was really old, and the decrease of lifespan was to illustrate the increase of som in the world, E

  • Derek Watsonj says:

    I have gone vegan and i am happy about it never looken back

  • Mah says:

    Thanks to Van Chapman … This beautifully written . Holly Spirit ?! What’s that ? We r all given the wisdom and Love ! It’s our nature . why do we have to change ourselves n close our eyes to just feed our stomach with a piece of corps ? Aren’t all friuts & n vegetables there to kill our hunger ? Or this is not just a simple hunger , this is GREED !!!

  • Mah says:

    There r lots of beautiful , colorfull , tasty fruits & vegetables rich in vitamins & minerals . Why do we really need to eat these poor animals that don’t have the simple right to live naturally & healthy .They live in stress , they r fed with chemicals & hormones ,They suffer the cruelty to be killed in their own blood to be a piece of corps on some people’s table !

  • jess says:

    I totaly agree with this!! After reading all of these facts, i’m totaly going vegan!!

  • Lynnmom says:

    This video made me sick to my stomach. It’s so sad and really haven’t thought about it before. It’s vegetarian time for me.

  • diana says:

    Thank you for this picture. I think it´s much better than a big article 🙂

  • RearWindow says:

    All this back and forth arguments and information yet seldom is the real root of the problem mentioned. Eating animals is bad for the planet, bad for animals, bad for people, Yes. But the reason there is this need to mass produce and torture animals is because there are too many humans. Period. Overpopulation…seldom is this mentioned by animals rights or environmental groups. Overpopulation is the problem. Solve that and we can begin to solve the factory farm and animal cruelty problems.

  • Signe L. says:

    Im gonna print those out and give to others…So interesting, sad and funny facts! People will love them. 🙂

  • Meuthia Faralita says:

    if we dont eat them . their values will increase way too much . And that’s the rules . they were made for it but there’s a limit . We can’t eat every kinds of animals because some of them are not many .

  • Lisa says:

    I have to comment on Luiz’s statement and add to it by saying that it was not until sin entered the world that man had to toil the earth and that he began to eat meat! Genesis 1:29-30. NO mention that animals were created for food, only fruit and seeds of the earth! To Mark, Our bodies are not designed to digest meat properly, that is one reason why colon cancer has increased among humans, not to mention heart disease, and obesity. NOT a healthy diet if you ask me. I have been a vegetarian for 35 years now, I am a runner, strong swimmer and look 10 years younger than almost every one I have met that is my age. I am guessed to be even younger than 10 years my age at times! I have No gross fat layers, can’t pitch an inch, etc.!! I used to teach body sculpting, step and aerobic classes, I was sheer muscle, very defined, but have changed careers to do video. There are many athletes, Olympic champions, football players, etc. that are vegetarians and vegans. It’s an extremely healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and gives your body exactly what it needs for energy and stamina. Paradise was Paradise because there was NO death, NO murder, NO violence of any kind! After man sinned, that ALL changed! I do believe that God does not enjoy ONE living, breathing creature he has created to suffer for anything, HE IS a God of LOVE , Compassion, gentleness and kindness, mercy and humility. The opposite is the Devils!

  • Rita Henderson says:

    it is not about being an animal lover it is about humane treatment! yes some of us enjoy meat, I do but the billionare factory farms can afford to be humane about the process of the way ALL animals are treated, even for food. It is a shame that many people turn their head if it is not them that suffers a torturus existance. “Shame on you” all of you who do not care about these precious animals and some compassion in the way these farms are conducted. In fact I hope those of you who dont care or promote it are reborn into one of these most abused animals in the world which is an animal on a factory farm. May you rot in your on feces like you think is ok for them.

  • Connie says:

    We do not need to eat meat every day or every week. In the beginning, hunting and eating meat was far different than todays driving to store, bringing package home, and cooking it, ignorant of the animal itself. It has been such a short few years ago when the animals lived a natural life eating natural food from the natural planet…today, the horrible fat induced, hormone, antiabotic, artificial housing and unhealthy food ingreadients (pain & suffering)-all of it is just to make for fast growing and huge profits. . .and all this suffering is just for a slaughter house, all to feed a planet that is overpopulated with humans. Everyone needs to rethink their motives..You who always think you can make animals just for your food, your sport, your entertainment, your selfish wants… Those of you who defend raising any animal for food or just profit in any way have money on their rationall, or you would be open to see the cruility. Those of you who can’t stand any animal killed need to consider what is in your pet food, and dogs & cats are not naturally vegitarians, so again you want to change their nature to please yourself if you try to make them so. There are many different levels of humans manipulating an animal for selfish reasons. There are way too many humans on this planet who need to step back and eat less and be more considerate of all lifeforms. The more babies you bring into the world, the more animal farms and slaughter houses you support. And if you expect your soul to be ok & still support all this crulity, my Heaven will be without the likes of you..and your Heaven will be without the likes of me.

  • Doug says:

    I just watched the videos that Lind linked. Honestly, with the exception of a few scenes, it was not that bad. Killing a cow by shooting it in the head, instant death, I don’t see how there can be an argument for it being humane or not. It’s about as humane as it can get. Slitting the throat, specifically the carotid artery (If I remember correctly), extremely quick death, not quite instant though. I would still consider this to be pretty humane. The skinning scene, the cow was already dead. KGURL, how do you know these extreme examples are not just all videos from the same slaughter house, or just a few. How do you even know this footage is from slaughterhouses in the U.S.? I am pretty sure the USDA would have a visit with some of these farms on the conditions if these were U.S. farms.I would bet money on the fact that many of these videos use the same footage as others. I have many friends that are farmers, and I know for a fact the conditions in their farms are much better than these videos. Lanie, maybe your teeth are different than mine. Have you looked at your canines? They look an awful lot like fangs to me, albeit scaled down fangs. We really do not have that many flat teeth, they are all in the back. Our front teeth were made for ripping flesh, our back for chewing the meat and nuts and berries and things of that nature. Remember, I did not say we were strictly carnivores by nature, we are omnivores by nature. And, our body can naturally digest raw meat, where as most grains have to be processed for us digest it thoroughly. A “paleo” diet, one that consists of meat, berries, nuts, fruits and vegetables produces much less solid waste than the average human diet. We do not have a 4 chamber stomach like many herbivores, we have a single chamber. Please explain to me how we are not supposed to eat meat? Meat is the best protein source available. I did not say I do not respect animals. All I said was if they are under us in the food chain, they are meant to be food. It is just a fact of nature. We have the intellect to be at the top of the food chain, not cows, pigs, deer, squirrels, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, etc. I do not deny that some of the situations animals are kept in are bad, but at the same time, I really don’t believe they know the difference in many cases. I actually love being out in the woods watching animals, and I have had days where I saw deer and squirrels but did not get a shot and was not terribly disappointed. When I do get a shot, I make sure I make the best possible shot so the animal does not suffer. That is the duty of every hunter, and about 95% at least believe that. I actually missed two deer with my bow this year, yet I welcomed the misses compared to a gut shot, as the gut shot does not make a clean, quick kill. I guess I will never truly understand the logic behind going against our natural diet and being vegetarian or vegan. But in the end, it is your choice, just as it is my choice to eat copious amounts of meat. It’s ok though, I will more than pick up the slack on your lack of meat intake.

  • Ganesh Iyer says:

    I was very surprised to note that an American only consumes 1/10th of a cow in a whole year. I guess early humans killed an animal atleast once a week to survivie I would think. Also as a vegetarian I am concerned that more vegetarians means more vegetable prices and more genetically modified grains. I DO NOT WANT GENETICALLY MODIFIED SOYBEAN. DOWN DOWN MONSANTO!!!

  • mitch01 says:

    can i print this? it’s great

  • natalia says:

    mark: i rather live knowing im not a part of what the food industry does,my grandfather raises cattle i have seen what they do to those animals and even if its just one cow out of one hundred, imagine you being that one cow ,being killed like that …… im vegan i dont eat tofu and rarely eat soy milk and meat or cheese substitutes i just DONT NEED THEM i run 1 hour a day and walk a lot and just got blood tests im actually very healthy, so if i can live without eating animals why sould i other than the taste ?

  • Lanie says:

    I am a vegan not only because Its healthier and makes me feel better all around but because I know whats right and if we really were meant to eat “animals” I believe we would have been equipped to do so. Our teeth our mainly flat we dont have fangs so im not sure how you would use that to back up reasons for eating animals. How could you treat an animal that is keeping you alive so horribly its just disgusting and embarrasing. And to Doug, I don’t know how you could say that I would feel like an awful human being if I ever degraded animals and their abilitys.

  • Doug says:

    Lind- Short of one or two scenes in your first video link, I didn’t really see much wrong with it. Shooting an animal in the head- instant death, I would consider that pretty humane. Slitting its throat, pretty much instant, again, humane. The animals that appeared to be alive when they were hanging looked to have just been killed, animals twitch like that when they have just died. I was fighting my deer’s twitching leg this year while dragging it out, I had just killed it by shooting it in the head, I had no doubt it was dead. In the skinning scene shown, the cow was already dead. KGURL-Do you really know that all of these videos are not from the same slaughter house? I would think its not terribly unlikely that some of the same footage is used for the same videos. And yes Farmer, I agree with you, the FDA would not allow poop to be in meat. Butcher shops are probably as clean if not cleaner than a hospital. A friend of mine’s parents own one, I believe my friend said they have an inspector come in everyday to inspect cleanliness, and they have to pass before they can start work.

  • Luiz Henrique says:

    I see this guy talking that we were created for eating meat and I would like to share with him, his name is Doug, and with all the people of PETA my vision about it. I believe God created us, and many animals to eat only vegetables, but prepared to eat the both, meat and vegetable, But in the beginning all the animals were vegans. There´s a text in the book of Genesis in the bible were you find it: Genesis 9:1-3, when the Lord said that would be fear upon every flesh, as He had given us the green herb, now everything He give us. So, I believe it was when God commanded the animals and allowed the humans to eat meat, that´s why He created them with carnivore fangs. But before it the lion eated grass for example. But God gave us the right to choose, If you eat meat you´re not making God sad, But if you don´t eat meat, you will live more. If you take the ages of the people in the bible, before this commandment of God the people didn´t eat meat, and they lived about 800 years or more, and if you see, as the people started eating meat, the years of life were decreasing, untill what we have today, 90 or 100 years. I do believe we can live much more if we stop eating meat, It´s very clear to me. Thank you!!!

  • Lauren says:

    Oh good god thats gross

  • Mark says:

    I would rather live one day as a strong, happy human eating a natural diet than 90 years as a weak starving vegan eating livestock feed.

  • KGurl says:

    k you know what…to the certain people who seem to think that those videos are only rare but extreme cases..there sure seems to he a hell of a lot of those cases…even just one of those videos makes me sick to my stomache…i realize that there are people who humanely raise there animals but if you see animals just as food and thats what there here for? Then seriously there is something wrong..clearly your not an animal lover.

  • Doug says:

    I am just curious why people opt for the non human diet. Humans are by nature omnivores. Look at your teeth if you do not believe me. I consider myself more of a carnivore though. I can pretty much guarantee most of the videos that are seen of slaughter houses are just the really bad ones, its propaganda. And I do not disagree that those videos are sad. Nature itself isn’t exactly that humane either. Many predators will actually play with their food before actually killing it. We humans are at the top of the food chain, or very close, not the cows, pigs, lambs, goats, buffalo, etc. I would say that more than justifies our usage of these herbivores and omnivores as food. I prefer not to buy meat from a store, as I do not know the conditions from which it was packaged and everything. I prefer nature’s organic meats from the wild. Yes, I hunt, unfortunately just deer right now. I enjoy being able to eat meat that I am involved in every aspect of its processing. I do all of the butchering myself. If any of you are vegetarian/vegan because you think meat is bad, specifically beef, switch to buffalo or venison, they are much leaner and healthier. As for the poster above, I find it hard to believe that meat requires more energy to produce than grains, especially free range meat, which is also healthier. As for water usage, water is a renewable resource, what’s the big deal? I would expect the meat consumption numbers to be higher, I know it is for myself. Do you really believe that the grains we eat have any less of the undesirable “ingredients” mentioned than meat? I would say there is just as much in them as meat. Often times the manure from farm animals is used as fertilizer. Some of the farmers around my house use the solid waste from our local water treatment plant as fertilizer. I really hope this post is not deleted. I believe I provided some good food for thought and was very civil, and am more than willing to debate this.

  • Farmer says:

    What you eat is and always should be a choice, this being said I have absolutely no problems with a person being a vegan or vegetarian. But almost everything made these days are made from Agriculture by-products. Soap is made from various animals, lotions, steel and even sugar. So if you take that into consideration there’s not much left to eat or use. With that being said one group of people must not be allowed to choose for EVERYBODY. Because some people (1.7 BILLION) live in poverty and can’t afford to buy the ‘natural and organic’ food or the tofu and food additives along with all the vitamins. And where exactly did all this information come from because I see no names of Vets or a reliable research firm. I ask you all to contact a local farmer, meat packer etc and ask them to show you their farm or facility. They would be more than willing because they are not afraid to let you see how much they care about their animals and how well they are treated. You can see for yourself and make your own decisions. Because I know for a fact that there is no ‘poop in meat’. Food in the USA is regulated very strictly, with Veterinarians and scientists constantly checking the products that are being sent out to make sure they are edible and safe for consumers, I have witnessed it with my own eyes.

  • Mark says:

    You don’t have to eat soy if you’re vegan. And there is absolutely nothing in dairy or eggs that you can’t get from a vegan diet except for cholesterol and unhealthy animal protein. Read The China Study if you don’t believe me. It’s the most comprehensive study on diet ever conducted.

  • Toni Reita says:

    Whatever happened to lacto-ovo vegetarianism? Yes, it uses animal products that animals will produce irrespective of whether people eat eggs or milk. Plus it provides essential fatty acids unavailable in vegan diets. Soy is not a healthy food, learn the truth and exclude is from any healthy eating plan. Soy is destroying the environment and your body. Stay healthy

  • Agriculturalist says:

    I have nothing against vegetarians. It is a personal choice. But, I just want to understand how you can be a vegan or vegetarian? It is virtually impossible to not consume or use any products that come from an animal. Glass comes from animal bones, medications are made from milk products, wallpaper is made from hooves and horns, gum is made from animal fat, makeup is a byproduct of animals, and brushes, air filters, an textiles are made from the hair. Farmers and ranchers who raise animals do it humanely. The videos you see from PETA and other organizations like it are extreme cases that do need addressed. It’s a personal choice, but it is almost impossible to be completely vegan. If you don’t eat meat that’s fine, but that is what animals are for. What are we supposed to do with them after they die? Everything on this planet has its place in the system, and animals were meant as a source for protein and other products. Next time you put your makeup on, think about the fact that that came from an animal by product. Or, the next time you brush your hair, that brush is most likely made from animal products. Don’t bash the farmers and ranchers who are providing the food for the country. They are working hard to feed the world; animals are just part of the cycle.



  • Lind says:

    I just started being a vegan today because I googled Rob Zombie,and the reason why he stopped eating meat was because of a video he saw what happens in a slaughter house so I thought I would take a look and this link I think you should look at this is so horrifying I cry every time I see it,.Please look at these.

  • Kate March says:

    I love this! However, I worry about the emphasis on soybeans/tofu etc as the production of soybeans is also thwart with issues!

  • Bea says:

    I think that most of the people don’t want to know about the suffering of animals. It is easier for them to live. I am vegeterian and among my friends and family I am being accepted only because I don’t talk about it as it would make them unconfortable. And I also don’t have vegeterian friends.

  • Nicole says:

    I think this is great but I too do feel like I am pushing people too much when I talk about veganism. I find that people just don’t want to hear what I have to say about this topic even before I start. I love when PETA brings to light all the issues with animal welfare in this world today but I think they definately need to bring to light vegetarian and vegan lifestyles a little bit more in 2011. I hope that is the plan!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @taitr: Just be passive and don’t try to drown them in your beliefs.

  • Dee says:

    Taitr, I share your views. I am vegan, my husband is semi-vegetarian (he occasionally eats fish, much to my displeasure), and I have one vegetarian friend. Apart from that, I am pretty much alone in my quest to live a life with as minimal impact on animals, as possible. I often find myself cringing when I hear my carnivorous friends talking about how much they love animals, whilst they are munching on steak. I don’t want to pass judgement, because it’s all to do with personal choice. But, I can’t help but think to myself, “How dare you have the audacity to say that you love animals, or the planet, for that matter??!” Hang in there. You are doing something amazing. Be proud of what you stand for. I am.

  • Sarah says:

    Hey Taitr. I found it was the same for me, no vegan friends and barley any vegetarian friends. What happened with me, was i saw a fundraiser to save dolphins in my local paper and i went to it.. Met my city of vegans, I made new friends. keep an eye on your news paper for animal fundraisers.

  • van Chapman says:

     A vegetarian meditation about the Islam

    According to a documentary on TV about Mecca, in memory of Abraham, one is asked to kill, or have a sheep killed for them, one sheep per person or seven persons or family in Mecca, as part of a religious ritual duty.

    What if you are a vegetarian? There is no real need to kill to eat if you are a vegetarian.

    (Maybe in the time of Abraham it was not possible to live as a vegetarian, there was only desert, grass and sheep, like in deserts, in some parts of  Africa and Afghanistan today…) But if  the Islam obliges men to do that, even today, the Islam is a religion whose “Most merciful” God Allah encourages, if not obliges people to be a carnivore.

    ( Surah 3:85 ‘If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost all spiritual good.’)

    If you think that not SPIRITUAL SELF AWARENESS, OR FAITH IN LOVE, but the  ISLAM of Mohammed  is the only acceptable religion for the whole of humanity, then, if ALLAH tells you to kill, even if it makes no sense, as a Muslim you must obey. You are forced to live as a carnivore, even if you can liveas a vegetarian; and this is absurd.

    And the picture becomes horrible indeed if anywhere in the Koran it is written that the faithful to Allah must kill the unbeliever, unfaithful to Mohammed’s Allah:

    Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]…and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” what is also absurd; and a crime according to Human Rights and the European and Western World Laws. For refusing to murder a sheep for a ritual in Mecca, being as a harmless vegetarian Buddhist or Hindu, for example,

    or refusing the crime to kill any human being for a difference of belief, one could be considered an unbeliever, and risk to be murdered by followers of Mohammed as the Taliban.  THIS FAITH IS in contradiction with ‘LOVE YOUR ENEMIES’ of  JESUS;

    This faith Quran (2:191-193)would lead indeed to a hell of hate rather than to a heaven of love.




    According to   ‘Most Muslims never heard about the person of the Holy Spirit’.

    The Holy Spirit, to me, is the spirit of love, where one finds oneself, and without which or who, one loses oneself.

    For further meditations on this,

    see a dialogue  LOVE OR BELIEF

    Luke 6:27-36

    [27] “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, [28] bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

    The best wishes to all of you.    

    van Chapman        

    Philosophic Community Projects

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Beautifully done, and contains a ton of info. Two of the best articles on how animal agriculture is wreaking havoc on the planet can be found in Dr. John McDougall’s December 2006 Newsletter: These are both fascinating reads, and the most convincing arguments yet to ditch the meat.

  • Angie says:

    wow this really help me understand about eating animals i used to be a meat-eater but know I am a vegentarin…or whatever its spelled…OOPS

  • RAHUL KOROT says:

    I am a pure vegeterian.being thin many of my frnds advise me 2 turn non-veg bt i refused as i feel its cruealty 2 animals.moreovr i advise many frnds 2 turn veg..

  • Toby says:

    Maybe this conversion towards morality issue has been polled extensively & more people care more about preventing grossness & helping the environment than they do about respecting consciousness, ergo it’s better to promote veganism with those more superficial approaches, but the most important reason for veganism is the respect of consciousness: that is the essence of morality after all… respect for consciousness… ‘farm’ animals are as conscious as children; that should be a compelling reason to do the just thing!

  • taitr says:

    I’ve been vegan 3 years, struggling off and on a couple years before that, and I only have one vegetarian friend. I try not to bring it up too much since I don’t want to be another annoying nagging person who turns them away from the idea, but I do post factoids and things like this on my twitter and facebook. I’m not sure how many of my friends actually read them and sign petitions. Constantly I feel torn between coming down hard on my friends about it and leaving ones behind who don’t support me or just accepting them hoping that they’ll not see me as passive and that I think veganism should be an optional personal choice. I just don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve already lost some friends over this and there just aren’t many people that share my views that I know. I keep trying to stay positive though, that more veg options at restaurants are popping up and more celebrities and athletes coming out. But it’s a tiring battle.