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Teens Get Turkey Tombstones for Thanksgiving

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 9, 2012

We all know that dead bodies should be buried, not eaten. So PETA is making Thanksgiving tables a little more relevant this year. We’re offering teens these miniature tombstones to stick into the plucked turkey on the table:

If adults think tombstones are too macabre a sight for Thanksgiving, kids can tell them that what’s really disturbing is that the decaying corpse in the middle of the table was once a gentle, smart bird until someone filling an order for a holiday meal shackled the bird upside down and slit his or her throat

Thanks to honest young people armed with the facts, maybe next year people will give turkeys something to be thankful for.

Young people can request their free turkey tombstones from peta2. 

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  • John says:

    This is absurd. Carnivores track and brutally rip apart their prey, whether it is with their teeth, beaks, or claws, and when humans – who are omnivorous – humanely slaughter animals for food it is somehow wrong. You may want to re-evaluate your ideals PETA. Sincerely, a wildlife manager (and carnivore)

  • Jayne Etringer says:

    I believe that the cruelty towards animals is a topic too little discussed and people do not understand the gravity of their actions.

  • andy bradley says:

    go for it