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Teacher Disciplined for Talking About Meat Industry

Written by PETA | September 7, 2007

Dave Warwak, an art teacher at Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois (and, if I’m not mistaken, a regular commenter on this here blog), has been dismissed from his classroom by the school after teaching his students about factory farming and the other forms of animal abuse that made him go vegan. Apparently, the school’s principal ordered Warwak to leave the classroom after he showed his students photos of animals in factory farms and gave them the book The Food Revolution by Pulitzer Prize-nominated author John Robbins.

Let me go over that again, real quick. An Illinois principal just kicked out a teacher for talking to his students about veganism. Does that disturb anyone else as much as it does me? You can read PETA’s letter to the school here. Unbelievable.

In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight, Dave. We’re all 100 percent behind you.

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  • Sophia says:

    Anonomous I wish to point out that we represent one view and that we feel our view is right. We have studied the facts and come to our conclusion. You have your conclusionand you represent it as well. The representation of our two sides brings to life Myphystus’ quote “There are three sides to every story your version my version and the truthand none of them are lies.” To fire a teacher for offering his students a way to see his version of a story was wrongand that is our opinion. If you don’t agree it’s okaywe’re not trying to force anything on anybody.

  • Cindy Pilz says:

    My 5th and 8th graders have Mr. Warwak for art class this year. He didn’t just “share” his views we aren’t rednecks here. And no industry reps of any kind come in to talk to the students. Mr. Warwak literally refused to teach art. He admits he can’t teach art anymore because he is unable to stop talking about “what’s happening to the animals.” If you have the courage to post my comments about the truth of Mr. Warwak’s actions it’ll really enhance your credibility.

  • Me-ow says:

    And how do you feel about religion being taught in public schools? This is one in the same.

  • Susannah S says:

    Kelly Illinois isn’t exactly “hick” country. Chicago for example is in Illinois. The dismissal of this teacher wasn’t because his boss is a hick but because Dave Warwak was showing middleschool kids something outside of the mainstream point of view. Since the teacher is a vegan it could be said that he’s trying to make “converts”I suppose and I would guess that he would be pleased if he did. But can it also be conceded that “the mainstream” can’t tolerate any viewpoint outside its own definitions the mainstream in this case being meateaters? No matter WHAT viewpoint one espouses though should this man lose his JOB because he presented an alternative viewpoint for consideration? I think it was brave of Dave Warwak to show the kids pictures of factory farming and I think it’s wrong for the school to have fired him for doing so. The last time I looked this is still America where alternate viewpoints can still be shared even in the classroom. No? Andrea one more question would you have middle school kids not see pictures of the Nazi holocaust because they’re too graphic? Would you have pictures of the early Civil Rights movement complete with lynchings deleted from the curriculum for being too graphic? These are MIDDLE school kids not elementary age kids they have seen more graphic material in their video games than what Mr. Warwak presented! It seems to me that when people get upset over the videos of the factory farms what they’re really upset about is their own complicity in perpetuating this horror show. If Mr. Warwak’s videos made ONE kid rethink hisher position on eating meat it’s that much more positive for the animals for that kid’s health and for the planet. This teacher should be fired? For what exactly?

  • Andi says:

    Dear Dave Warwak You are my hero for speaking out and standing up for what you believe in. It is people like you who change the world and make it a wiser more compassionate place. You were not preaching hatred or intolerance but compassion and merely showing the truth available on thousands of websites and in bookstores. What could be wrong with revealing the truth and teaching compassion? Eighthgraders are what about 13 years old? These are not naive children. Parents who try to “protect” their teenagers from the harsh realities of the world only do them a great disservice. I wish I’d had a teacher who had told me the truth about animal cruelty in the food industry and its deleterious effect on our health the environment and society it took me years to find this out for myself and now I am a more compassionate and healthier person. I also enjoyed looking at your art page. It is clear that you are a visionary with a strong mind and a unique way of seeing things. May you continue to spread the truth about animal cruelty and fight against this personal injustice. We not only need more teachers like you but more people like you in this world. You’ve got a lot of supporters behind you. Sincerely Andi Hayes

  • Michele says:

    Christina so is it still okay for Big Business to “pressure” children into eating junk food? Advertisements repeatedly shown to children not just on tv anymore now it’s in movie theatres too! about Frosted Flakes “Fruit” rollups sugary chewing gum etc etc are created by adults whose only vested interest is in getting people to buy their products. These companies pay grocery stores for product “placement” so that their products get displayed the most prominently on the shelves of course so that the children can easily see the stuff. Schools run by ADULTS allow companies to have vending machines full of soda pop chips and other crap. So don’t give us that nonsense about Dave Warwak’s teachings being about inappropriately pressuring these youths into going vegan. How exactly are they supposed to find out the truth if it is constantly covered up???? If the children are shown REAL images not just the phony socalled “idyllic” farm life with which they currently get bombarded THEN they can decide based on what they see.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    These students are in Grade 8. They are certainly old enough to think and decide for themselves. They’ve had the meat and dairy industries’ slant on it their whole lives. Time to see the other side. If you eat meat you should learn where it comes from and how it is produced. Maybe the shock shame horror and revulsion some people feel viewing slaughterhouse footage is trying to tell them something.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    to Anonymous ‘why should veganism be any different? It shouldn’t be and it isn’t’ Why should nonveganism be any different? It shouldn’t be and it isn’t! ConsumerLobby shut your big mouth!

  • Lisa Byrne says:

    To Anonymous and Christina Introducing a course “The Philosophy of Animal Rights” in a public school? It couldn’t happen because it falls out of the realm of a “Back to Basics” approach the darling of the educational establishment. So it is left up to individuals to present the facts as they are when the opportunity arises. Besides as I’ve said in my previous post education should not be considered a compartmentalized process as we do not learn life’s lessons in tidy compartments. We become who we are on a meandering bumpy path making choices based sometimes on the careful teaching of adults but more often than not by the unpredictable encounters with a world of ideas. We are barraged with all kinds of information and messages as we mature and ultimately decide parallel courses of action. Mr. Warwak’s teaching exemplifies just one way we learn to become who we are by the choices we makethrough the often accidental exposure to a plurality of ideas. You have no evidence that Mr. Warwak was “forcing” his ideas on his students. That is a ridiculous assertion. Even presuming that he passionately expressed his opinions while stating the facts does not necessarily translate into his withholding deserved grades or otherwise treating his students inequitably. Expressing personal philosophies is not proselytizing but it is fine if you insist on calling it that after all isn’t it obvious that the incessant stream of KFC’s “A man’s chicken” McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” and Wendy’s redhaired cop in braids chasing a cardriving chicken is its own form of proselytization? Moreover even if Mr. Warwak had stated in no uncertain terms that everyone should be vegan no analogy can be made to telling students that they should believe in Jesus as the savior of mankind follow the path of Buddha or blow themselves up for Allah. Religion is based on belief and faith in the unknown. Veganism is a choice based if not on hard facts concerning the environment animal cruelty and human health on that which comes the closest to them.

  • Randy says:

    I would like to know WHAT in terms of action is being done to support Mr. Warwak. ALMOST all of us know that this action on the part of the school system is unfair but what can we do to help? Any ideas?????? Has PETA actually heard from Mr. Warwak? This attitude on behalf of the school system reminds me of the US government’s ban on showing photos of the soldier’s flag draped coffins returning from Iraq. I guess they believe that if you ignore it long enough the reality doesn’t exist. It also calls to mind the lawsuit against Oprah for simply stating that she wouldn’t eat another hamburger. What on earth is happening in this country??????


    Once again for all the animal haters on this blog what dave warwak did is right! animals are not ours to be abused and killed! IT WAS RIGHT WHAT YOU DID DAVE I’M WITH YOU!!! If because of this situation you are in a difficulty no job apartment etc. please ask peta to give you my email address! you and if you have a family are welcome in my home! solidarity!

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    to Anonymous first of all i don’t bring god into play but i clearly say that human laws are not made by any god! this means it’s not bona fide what humans are telling if you know what this means! you are right in saying that it’s wrong to bring any ideology into classroom! but please in this case the school kitchens should not serve meat because this is already a fascist indoctrination! if i send my child to school it has not to be infiltrated with this stuff do you understand! so your writing and blogging anonymous shows me directly that you are from some indoctrination lobby yourself! why are you on this blog what are you doing here? western indoctrination and behaviour is not at all a good example for the youth in general! they think themselves the top of everything but unfortunately there isn’t anything to be proud of and killing animals is wrong in every way and every child has the right to see things also from this point of view! animals are not here just because people like you are in some meatlobby or slaves of their stomach! every living being is a wonder on earth and created by a loving intelligence whom i call god! if you are an atheist so be it but this doesn’t give you the right of any kind of abuse! and dave does not want to win people for his personal cause we here are fighting against animal cruelty if you anonymous freak don’t want to know what this is shut up! you have no idea of real culture education and love!!!!!!!!! go to read first the books which i enumerated above and then come back you ignorant mean person! The one who wants that the earth remains like she is doesn’t want that she remains! don’t worry i recognize the enemy! rest in peace +

  • Michelle says:

    Why is it wrong to give kids the facts and ok to tell kids lies? People need to know the facts and not the lies of the meat and dariy industry. Why is the simply fact that milk is for calfs just like brest milk is for a baby?

  • David Tremain says:

    Just because Mr. Warwak chose to share his reasons for adopting a vegan diet with his students while arming them with good information with which they can avail themselves if they so choose doesn’t necessarily mean that he was trying to indoctrinate them or coerce them by making their grades dependent upon their acceptance or rejection of his views. I suppose this case illustrates that the old saying “…the truth shall set you free” doesn’t in the eyes of his boss mean the sense of empowerment and edification that results from a wellrounded education based on the facts as we know them but rather upon one’s adherence to the corporate agenda amongst other things. You would think that the firing of a teacher for doing his job well the nerve of him! would come to be seen as one more indicator of what is going wrong in America.

  • kelly says:

    Hunters and hunting lobbies have been allowed into schools to talk about and promote maiming and killing animals they leave out the parts about getting drunk and breaking laws and shooting their buddies But I guess for this hick school principal that’s OK?

  • Brandon Harris says:

    The principal was wrong to discipline Dave Warwak for talking about the meat industry. Dave was in the right to talk to his students about the meat industry. Young children need to be educated on what the meat industry does. This reminds me of the teacher in Bloomington Indiana who was disciplined for talking to her students about antiwar protests. You cannot talk about what you want in the schools anymore and that is wrong. Your freedom of speech rights do not end at the school gates. I hope that Dave files a federal lawsuit against the school for violating his free speech rights.

  • Christina says:

    I’m sorry but this is a totally different kind of pressure from adults whom these children cannot talk back to or argue with. He was forcing onto them a form of belief that may not be their own. He is putting them through their paces. IF his class was more closely linked to this it would not be such a big deal. Though these children are in middleschool. Enough identity crisis to deal with as it is as well as conflicting ideas from parents and now teachers?! They should be allowed to find out about this at their own pace instead of being throttled with the preaching of an educational figure. I know this will be met with people who will harp scream and insult. There is nothing wrong with learning of the truths but in a different way than “BE VEGANVEGANVEGAN”. Let them come to the decision alone. Would you want a teacher oppressing your children with a religion other than the one they were brought up with? I doubt it. Do not decide that your way of thinking is correct and another’s is not. This will not help merely antagonise and you’re goals will not be reached but opposed more strongly.

  • Steve says:

    Thank you Lisa Byrne for an enlightened view of education. I only wish more teachers would see the big picture rather than staying in their little boxes all made of tickytacky all just the same. Mr. Warwak could inspiere some truly great art with his food project I’m picturing some shocking paintings that force you to think about what you are eating instead of the industrybacked version of serenity on the family farm.

  • Anonymous says:

    To Lisa I would certainly agree with you that students should be encouraged to think independently. But that’s not what this guy is doing. He is presenting one side of an issue animal rights and veganism in order to win converts to his personal cause. That’s not education it’s proselytizing and social engineering. Now if the school were to offer a course on “The philosophy of animal rights” in which both sides of a complex issue are presented fairly and equitably and students were encouraged to analyze and debate the issue and then decide for themselves what their position is then that would be education and it would be encouraging students to form independent informed opinions about an issue. But that is not what is going on in this school. What Mr. Warwak is doing is evangelism and indoctrination pure and simple. To Marie Mr. Warwak isn’t just facilitating a discussion or debate about the issue of being compassionate towards animals. He is actively trying to win converts to a philosophy an ideology and a way of life. You’re being highly disingenuous by suggesting otherwise and I think you know it. And yes such evangelism does create a hostile environment whether it be in the workplace or in the school. Unsolicited unwanted proselytizing always does. If he were trying to win converts to Christianity Islam Hinudism Wicca creationism Scientology socialism conservatismliberalism or any other religion or philosophy in the classroom would that not be considered creating a hostile environment? Of course it would be. Why should veganism be any different? It shouldn’t be and it isn’t. To Little Drummer Boy Your raising the issue of laws coming from “god” is fallacious and a nonsequitor. What proof can you offer that laws come from any particular “god”?

  • Andrea says:

    To Susannah I understand where you are coming from but still stand by what I said. Those kinds of photos do not belong in school.

  • Soli says:

    Let me get this straight To “proselytize” about making compassionate choices that extend to animals is wrong. To educate students about veganism is wrong. But the religious conservative view of “abstinenceonly” education is freely taught at schools in my home state of Texas and that is okay??? Putting teenagers at risk of an unwanted pregnancy in an effort to teach them that sex is bad? Homeschool really is the answer!

  • Marie says:

    Hey GrizzlyBear I think it is you who doesn’t get it. Talking about being compassionate towards animals can create a “hostile environment”? Please. He is a teacher. I don’t know about you but I had a few good teachers who also occasionally shared some of their passions that were not related to the class. It was a way for them to let us know who they were outside of the class and it sometimes also gave some of us different things to think about andor explore. I guess the TRUTH just scares the heck out of some people. Until GrizzlyBear’s post I didn’t see anyone here looking ‘foolish’.

  • Lisa Byrne says:

    Grizzly Educators bring their personal ideas to the classroom all the time. They talk about the importance of treating each other fairly respecting the environment or taking a stand against the wrongs of the world. They reveal objective truths about political economic and biological processes governing the human and natural worlds. Above all teachers fulfilling their purpose inculcate in their students the very idea that independent informed analytical thinking forms the foundation of a democratic government which too many of us take for granted. The best teachers understand that teaching is not a compartmentalized process. An art teacher should not be limited to showing a student how to hold a paint brush any more than a biology teacher should be limited to disseminating facts concerning the ecology of oceans. The best art teachers encourage students to find their own way of seeing the world just as the best biology teachers encourage a reverence for the oceans and a desire to protect them. No one should be threatened “ideologically” about the incontrovertible facts surrounding factory farmingthey simply are what they are. Our democratic ideals are founded upon the principle of freedom to decide personally and collectively courses of action based upon the facts. No doubt Mr. Warwak converted some students that day as he likewise failed to move others to change that’s just the way democracy works. That democracy depends on the free exchange of ideas is a fundamental principle of the democratic process!

  • Fernando Rojas says:

    That something like this could happen shows us that we are really living in the darkest of dark ages! For trying to educate the students a teacher is punished! What he should have told them go slaughter innocent beings and swallow their dead corpses and you shall always be in good health and wise! but then they should also make school organized excursions to slaughterhouses in order to show the massacre to the children! but these cowardly bastards don’t do this because they know that this would have the same result as when dave started to educate them! Shame on this school shame on this director! This is the today’s education always one foot in the door of a bloody profit industry! But you have to know this As long as there are slaughterhouses there shall be battlefields! Leo Tolstoi

  • sherri says:

    I read the article and although I do not agree with this guy I certainly do not see where he did anything wrong. I do feel it is a bit hard to make a judgment without being in the situation but it does not seem as though he was trying to push what he believes on them. In the memo that he provided it stated that if he is asked not to discuss his beliefs with another they would like him to honor it. Does this mean he has done that in the past? It sounds more to me like he was simply letting them know there is material available for what he feels is a healthier diet but as I said for me it is hard to tell without being present. by the way that book CD looks interesting and I might be interested in ordering that for myself. I want to know the same thing Canaduck asked exactly what happened did some kid complain?

  • Ferretboy says:

    i want to know what that principal said after that letter. at my school canteen they dont serve anything vegetarian not even salad rolls or anything they all have chicken or ham. these students should here about it. none of the students in my class knew about any of the cuelty in factory farming so thats why im doing a presentation on it in Sose. It will be interesting to see the outcome

  • Maddie says:

    As much as I DO wish everyone would become vegan I actually agree with the school. Teachers should NOT be trying to push their personal beliefs on students. Teenages aren’t stupid and they can make that choice for themselves.

  • Susannah S says:

    To Andrea To object to a child being shown pictures of factory farmed animals is wrong? I don’t think so. It’s not wrong to tell children the truth. What IS wrong is the meat industry’s constant barrage of ads on television shows for kids and the ads by Oscar Meyer and the ads by Wendy’s showing a cop in red braids ? apprehending a fleeing chickenthe next photo being that chicken presumably as a cutlet and ads that show happy little piggies vying to be someone’s dinner. It’s OK to indoctrinate a child to believe that it’s fine to take a life for dinner but not OK to show what life is REALLY like for millions of animal rasied for food? You have your priorities mixed up in my opinion. Why is this teacher being accused of “indoctrinating” but the meat and dairy industry’s daily inyourface propoganda on TV is OK? It doesn’t make sense!

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    GrizzlyBear your name is obviously more nice than your person i would say that in your pelt there is some kind of a stroppy steve! hm…. anyhow it’s exactly as you say that the ‘machine’ of distruction is working protected by the socalled law! this is a rascal law and it is the duty of every human being with a character to stand up against it! also by risking to be fired or put to prison because these are laws made by rascals and not laws made by GOD! Killing and torturing animals are just the symptom of a putrified corrupt system which has arrived at the end of the line! this western socalled ‘culture’ is the end of a millions of years old decline of history! from your reaction i can see your complete blindness and injustice and uneducated situation! it’s you who looks foolish indeed! go to study the vedas puranas itihasas the bhagavadgita the bramha samhita the ramayana the mahabharata the srimadbhagavatam and the sri caitanya caritamrita and then come back again! the poor lampoons of some college or church don’t do it i’m sorry!

  • Niranjan says:

    Mr. Warwak needs our support! The school SHOULD take him back!

  • Daniel De Carolis says:

    It’s amazing how many people believe that meat should be part of a daily healthy life. Me and my brother have been vegetarians for most of our lives. I think I ate meat for about one year when I was 3. When the parents made you eat what was on the plate but I never liked the taste. Neither did I appreciate that I should have eaten an animal. Anyways both my brother and I are athletes both at a relatively high level. He just competed at the World University game for the National Swim Team I’m a competitive triathlete. It’s amazing that Fox River Middle School dismissed Mr. Warwak. The principle and the entire school board should be ashamed for this decision. As long as Mr. Warwak didn’t force his class to become Vegan there is absolutely nothing wrong with presenting those facts to those kids. Educate them about facts and then they can think and make a decision for themselves. That is unless the school is the wrong place to learn and think.

  • Seth says:

    How many of you have actually been on the average beef or dairy farm? you make us look like monsters for being perfectly kind to animals. And about the “Bambi Butchers” have you ever seen a deer get killed in the wild by a wolf. Im sure they would prefer getting butchered

  • diane says:

    I cannot believe what im reading he was sacked for educating kids! what ever happened to freedom of speech and teachers expanding kids minds. Going vegan is a choice everyone should be able to make but without knowing the facts how are kids ment to chose. What the school did to Dave is so unjust.

  • GrizzlyBear says:

    You folks just don’t get it do you? This isn’t about free speech or education. It’s about wrongly proselytizing an ideology to children without their parents consent. If anyone would engage in this kind of proselytizing in the workplace they would rightfully be disciplined for harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Creating a hostile learning environment should be no different and that’s exactly what this guy is doing. He is abusing his position as a teacher by using it as a bully pulpit from which to pontificate his own personal views. Furthermore this guy is paid to be an art teacher. When he proselytizes about veganism to his students instead of teaching them art he is failing in his job duties and wasting the students’ time and the taxpayers’ money. Your disingenuous shrill outrage about this shows your inability to see this issue for what it is and really makes you look foolish.

  • nancy williams says:

    I just read about it in the local paper. I guess the schools want the kids brainwashed by the meat and dairy industries.

  • Canaduck says:

    Based on what we’re hearing here he didn’t do ANYTHING wrong. Ugh. I wonder how the whole thing came out. Did some deluded student whine about it to authority or what? Also I’ve found some of his art on the web and he’s very talented so the school would really be stupid to fire him over this.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Get ahold of the ACLU right away. Please do it now. Judith

  • Tina says:

    What happened to free expression? What happened to the first amendment? He simply showed the truth and that is what got him in trouble. Ever notice how ignorance is rewarded these days? you have people like Ann coultier telling lies as if it were fact but tell the truth and it’s grounds for dismissal. It’s time we all start standing up to this kind of stuff. I applaud Mr Warwak for having the courage to show his students the truth. I hope he sues the pants of off them.

  • Sophia says:

    That’s totally bizarre! I’ve always had art teachers with a slightly different way of thinkingit’s like a requirement! They’re the ones who got me into PETA and expressing myself without fearheck they’re why I’m going into graphic design… And now one man has been disciplined for continuing on the hallowed art teacher path and opening peoples eyes to the truth!? I think a lawsuit is a good ideaisn’t America about freedom of speech idea thought and stuff?

  • Michele says:

    That is utterly horrible that something like that happened in what should be a much more enlightened society! PETA should start a “Save Dave” campaign or something along those lines that is perhaps a little more creative and raise awareness the way they did with the catchy “Sack Vick” campaign. It is pretty ironic that schools are trying to introduce healthier food choices yet this school gets rid of somebody who is educating children in a way that promotes healthier eating habits while addressing animal abuse at the same time. Keep fighting Dave!

  • Luna says:

    Wow that really disturbs me. How could they FIRE someone who told the truth! If he was talking about somthing against the schools rules like weapons or somthing then I could understand BUT HE GOT FIRED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH?!?!? Well at least he impacted the kidshopefully. I don’t know and vegetarians except my cousin who lives halfway across the world so that makes me happy to know that there are people using their position to influence others. I’m happynot about the fact that he got sacked! That he told his class about it!

  • Tamara says:

    I will not even let my mom buy my cousin’s 2 and 3 year olds one of those FisherPrice Little People farm sets. I tell her “farms are not like that anymore and that would be teaching them WRONG”!

  • Ana says:

    As a vegan teacher I always am careful when teaching about the meat and dairy killing industries. Because I teach history I connect their antics with propaganda. I like to quote also from the UN report in order to present an unbiased position and because the UN is respectable in the eyes of many. The killing animal industries get 100 time to spread their violent schemes but an ethical vegan teacher is given the boot. I commiserate with this man and wish him the very best. I hope he does not get fired! In the school where I teach vegetarian options are offered to both students and teachers in their respective cafeterias maybe one daily. two .

  • Andrea says:

    While I dont believe that speaking about being a vegan was wrong I dont agree with a child being shown pics of factory farm animals in school. Some people like me believe that those kinds of graphic pics can be traumatic to some kids. Ive cried over many photos of those animals and wouldnt want my child to be exposed to that unless I was the one showing them and discussing them.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    One should never be reprimanded for telling the truth. Let’s hope his students get behind him and force the issue. Brave Dave knows all of us support him. The principal on the other hand is a gutless puppet.

  • animalfriend says:

    Dave Warwak i admire your courage what you did is just the beginning in our fight for eternal justice! These backminded rascals have to learn that they cannot go against time! i’m 100 pct behind you and booooooooooooo for fox river school! shame on them in wanting to hide the truth and mislead the youth! fascism shows it’s teeth again!

  • Michelle says:

    As a smalltown Illinois native i’m totally disturbed to hear that our kids are still being sheltered from learning about the horrors of factory farming. Growing up in a township not far from Fox River Grove I’m disturbed to hear that our educators still think that ignorance is bliss. Thank you PETA for helping spread the word. If it weren’t for you I’d still be living a life in that bubble of ignorance.

  • Iris says:

    That’s insane! I thought students were supposed to learn while in school! Not be lied to about how animals are treated. I wish I had an art teacher like Mr. Warwak.

  • kelly says:

    And the sick thing is even the Federal government is addressing how unhealthy the school lunch menus are and that they are overweighted with animal products thanks to advertising and promotion by the meat and dairy industries who get rich on our money. While the kids get overweight and unhealthy.

  • kelly says:

    I would certainly hope there is a lawsuit coming. Talk about backwoods ignorance. The outrageous thing is that many of these school administrators allow the MEAT INDUSTRY to come in and shill to students. As well as the hunting industry. Even the circus industry. And other private forprofit INDUSTRY. Even the sleddog business “sponsors” teachers to use school time to teach dog abuse to kids.