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Teacher Abuses a Rabbit for His Students

Written by PETA | May 31, 2007

Python_Bunny.jpgIt’s time for your WTF of the day, this one courtesy of Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville. Evidently, a biology teacher at the school invited students to attend an after-school session in which he fed a live rabbit to a student’s pet python. The teacher dangled the helpless animal in front of the snake and moved her from side to side to encourage the snake to attack. A video of the vicious little act was posted on YouTube, presumably so that other students around the country can be desensitized to animal suffering as well. You can check out some of the press coverage here, and we’ve written a letter to the school asking them to make humane education a priority at Trinity Christian Academy and enclosing a “Kindness Kit” (look, I didn’t come up with the name, OK?) with some handy tips, educational videos, and information on how to teach kids to interact with animals—like not killing bunnies in the frickin’ classroom, for a start. You can read that letter here.

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  • Kelley says:

    Has the school done anything to this “teacher?” Has anything positive come out of this?? Note to Haleyyou need to grow a heart and a conscience and join the human race. That rabbit was capable of feeling fear as well as you or I. This sort of display is not what happens in nature. Nature is much kinder sometimes than we are. These children are being taught that life has no value besides what we choose to put on it. I believe this is one of the lessons the Nazi party put to good use when they began by murdering “useless” disabled people and quickly moved on to Jews “Gypsies” Roms and anyone else who disagreed with them. Abusive sadistic behavior is usually taught to the young by others. This behavior is reinforced by adults and peers. Unfortunately these kids are learning cruelty in school and probably in their homes as well.

  • Haley says:

    Who cares?! Snakes eat rabbits all the time in nature. What are you PETA people going to teach the snake to eat vegetables? It’s the circle of life get over it! watches as the PETA people cry and make a candlelight vigil over some dead rabbit!

  • christine says:

    I work with some students from this school. They continually quote the bible they talk religion like nobody’s business and then they talk about hunting down prey with dogs. They talk about shooting stray cats. Their lack of concern for animals is not only appalling it is scary. When I saw this video with “christian” students laughing in the background I wanted to vomit. The rabbit was dangled moved up and down and from side to side so the snake had full knowledge of him or her. The rabbit also had full knowledge of the snake and continually backed up and tried to get away but the fat legged biology teacher they wouldn’t show his face would not let the rabbit go. Why did they not show this teacher’s face? Why did they not caption his name under the video? Is he afraid of being “dangled” in front of the public for us to judge? The school later said they have respect for all god’s creatures. What a joke! Heard this jack ass has done this before and the only reason it was stopped was when animal rights organiztions like PETA got involved. For those individuals who say this is completely natural maybe they should be dangled in front of a big cat liontiger. Isn’t it natural for such an animal to feed on the human animal. Think their attitude would change mighty quick. Think they’d kick and scream. Ah the human rabbit! Thanks PETA for being there for those who don’t have a voice! Just wished it could have been sooner.

  • Cara says:

    This is a complete outrage! What has our society degenerated itself to??!! As an owner and lover of rabbits I am once again ashamed at what humans are doing to them. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”Gandhi

  • claudia says:

    I am personally appaled by what I read in this article. Since when did we become a society that allows educators to present this to students as part of the curriculum? I hope the school looks into this and takes this matter seriously and also fires this teacher for what he did. As it is this country is in need of good educators for our children and people like this tarnish that title. Thanks for allowing people to voice their opinion about this!

  • Adrian from Charlotte, NC says:

    Wow…I’m not even sure how to address this. First of all we should not judge all Christians or the Christian religion by this one very stupid man’s actions. He was obviously wrong and should not have done that but most Christians do love and respect animals. Secondly to Mary Drought I am sad to read your comments. It hurts that so many people have gotten hardened to this subject. I am most sorry for the poor rabbit who most likely was bred to be a pet. She would have been very frightened and I wish all the animals could be saved. I do think this is a very good forum to educate others and hopefully prevent this type of behavior in the future. I’m not sure what on earth the teacher was thinking I know watching something like that would permanently damage me at 27 I can’t imagine the affects of this at a young age. I hope the school takes appropriate action.

  • Jenna Schissler says:

    That teacher is a pathetic despicable excuse of a human being. He’s a shell of a body minus a heart or soul. I have such contempt for him and people like him that have absolutely no regard for other little beings especially the innocent and defenseless. I could not look at the video but have been horrified and have had sleepless nights ever since I heard about this. I’ve been so furious and upset I wish I could have that teachers head on a silver platter. This was a blatant disregard of a precious innocent defenseless living being. I want justice. And if I hear one more person say this is what phytons do I’m going to PUKE. Feed the effing thing frozen thawed foods. It’s meat for God’s sake. They can learn to eat it and sweet living creatures don’t have to be sacrificed. It’s just not acceptable and should not be tolerated. Jenna

  • Lisa Anne Nicolai says:

    As a rabbit rescuer I find this APPALLING. Additionally this is not “natural” at all. The rabbit was not wild nor was the snake. Rather the CIRCUMSTANCES OF THIS RABBIT’S DEATH WAS SET UP ARTIFICIALLY BY A HUMAN BEING. As well I would like to add snakes are capable of eating smallmedium dogs too… yet if this had occurred on the video this teacher would have been fired and convicted of animal cruelty. But I guess according to the allmighty CHRISTIAN RELIGION some animals are more equal than others… right? Is this really WHAT JESUS WOULD DO? I love how the Christians parade all of their “what would Jesus do” key chains and teeshirts around and yet do NOT LIVE BY THEIR OWN MOTTOLINGO. How horrible. This so called teacher should be FIRED!!! And the kids need to learn more the compassionate side of Jesus.

  • Lisa Anne Nicolai says:

    As a rabbit rescuer I find this APPALLING. Additionally this is not “natural” at all. The rabbit was not wild nor was the snake. Rather the CIRCUMSTANCES OF THIS RABBIT’S DEATH WAS SET UP ARTIFICIALLY BY A HUMAN BEING. As well I would like to add snakes are capable of eating smallmedium dogs too… yet if this had occurred on the video this teacher would have been fired and convicted of animal cruelty. But I guess according to the allmighty CHRISTIAN RELIGION some animals are more equal than others… right? Is this really WHAT JESUS WOULD DO? I love how the Christian parade all of their “what would Jesus do” key chains and teeshirts around and yet do NOT LIVE BY THEIR OWN MOTTOLINGO. How horrible. This so called teacher should be FIRED!!! And the kids need to learn more the compassionate side of Jesus.

  • Colleen Fox says:

    This is the most appalling act of cruelty by a bunch of callous sadistic lowlife in this so called “Christian” school!! The teacher and all the students who “enjoyed” this horrific “entertainment” are total sickos with no place on this planet!!

  • joeblack38 says:

    You people are being idiotic you know that right. I watched the video and nothing he did was wrong in any way. He is wrong for feeding a snake what it eats? Back in high school the school had a snake about 3 times bigger than this and it was common for our teacher to feed the snake a whole chicken so that the students could learn about how a snake eats. The only reason i see that he held the rabbit to feed it to the snake was that because with all the noise and commotion going on in the classroom the rabbit would have ran and hid somewhere. So which would be more cruel to the rabbit break it’s neck then feed it to the snake or let the snake kill the rabbit the way it’s instincts taught it to you people need to quit being so up in arms about everything and just chill. No laws were broken and nothing moraly unsound was done here you bunch of cry babies.

  • mary drought says:

    Yes snakes eat small animals in nature to survive. However the teacher could have chosen to use a wildlife film for teaching the lesson. Having a snake in a classroom consume a storebought bunny rabbit only teaches children insensitivity to another living creature’s pain and suffering. The rabbit and snake were not in their natural habitats. The rabbit was probably domesticated. What a sad lesson on human compassion and reverence for life…

  • MariaTeresaFaith says:

    Has there been an update to this story? Has the school responded to PETA? I was sickened when I saw this story on our local newscast.

  • pcb says:

    I think alot of valid points have been made however while I agree that it’s the law of nature for animals to eat smallerlesser ones Using needless exploitation and in my opinion bad ethics on animals to promte science and education is wrong and inhumane. Animals that are indigenous to the wild by there very nature get their own prey and should have food literally dangled in front of them. This teacher should be stopped and reported!!!!

  • bob says:

    That stinks! If I was in the class I would of scooped up the snake and run out of the classroom and tell the principal if the principal had a problem I would let the snake go mgo back to class kick the teacher grab the rabbit and take this to the P.T.A. or the school board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

  • Maya says:

    Marci don’t worry I won’t be rude. But you say we shouldn’t impose our opinion on the snake and that we shouldn’t impose on the snake’s nature. Yet keeping snakes as pets is the most unnatural imposing act one could inflict on a snake or other wild animal. There is nothing natural about it. Respectfully.

  • Larry says:

    That son of a bitch deserves to be fired I myself care for rabbits immensley its hard for me to even look at that photo.

  • a says:

    holy shit that stupid motherfucker

  • Kenna says:

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Sylvia says:

    Is this school for real???

  • Angel says:

    Hey how come none of the students felt sorry for the poor bunny?

  • Caroline says:

    How do such heartless people get recruited into schools?They are promoting cruelty corrupting young minds and how come the school authorities are not doing anything or are they okay with this too?

  • Haley says:

    So why isn’t this jerk not thrown in jail? Isn’t this animal abuse???

  • Robin says:

    That’s so messed up.I hope that teacher gets firedand is made sure he never gets to teach again.What did that poor bunny do to him?

  • shana smith says:

    I think this teacher needs to be suspended. Children these days have enough emotional problems to deal with and teaching them to be cruel to animals only makes it worse. As it has been shown those who are cruel to animals at a young age tend to be murders

  • prad says:

    Trinity Christian Academy badly needs education in order to become acceptably humane.

  • Ferno Klump says:

    uuuhhhhh . . . how else is the snake supposed to eat? nobody there really cared . . . that IS how it happens in nature and why do you get to censor all of our comments? is it so you can only post the comments that agree with you?

  • Darren Storey says:

    I have a 5 year old small pet corn snake but in his defence I feed it mice that have had good lives and are killed humanely and painlessly. Also he needs only to eat every two weeks or so. Obvously you’re not even supposed to feed pet snakes live food and I thought it was illegal to bring animals into classrooms? asside from that it is such a bad example for children of that ageand it would inspire violence in them. We’re fighting for the rights of animals and they’re inspiring young people to hurt them.

  • Adam says:

    Ah another crowning achievement in christian values. Maybe he should strangle a prostitute next?? Maybe drown a homosexual? Or maybe he can just go fck himself. Yeah thats the one.

  • jeremy says:

    Bunnies purchased in a pet store are bred for companionship.When this happens in the wild the bunny at least has a shot at escape.These kids are desensitized.

  • Tracy Crofford says:

    My husband and I have a pet snake but we don’t make her feeding routine an entertainment show! Our friends have always asked to “watch” and have never been granted that right. Why a teacher would do this is beyond me but obviously this person is not in a good moral standing to be an example for students.

  • kelly says:

    Did you read this part? “”It might be something uncomfortable for people to watch particularly animal lovers. However this is a natural phenomenon. The way the animal ate is completely normal” said Kristen Key of Jacksonville Animal Care and Control.” Somneone needs to educate this painfully ignorant woman. This is NOT what happens in the natural world. Grown men do not hold and dangle an animal and taunt another animal in “nature.” What other idiocy is going on in Jacksonville Animal Control? What other abuse are they tolerating? And this school has some nerve calling itself “Christian!”

  • Safira says:

    I would never go to that school now that I heard of this.

  • Janet Fitzgerald says:

    I had a biology teacher in High School who did the same thing. I was traumatized by the experience. I cried the entire time. I realized that all those cute bunnies and hamsters at the pet store end up in some reptiles belly. We can’t blame the snake because it’s doing what’s natural to him but the teacher what an insensitive butthole.

  • one more blame says:

    this is not a teacher this is a monster. he has to be removed immediately and be taken by the law! also he exposes students and young people to extreme cruelty to animals. this is not a normal behaviour if it would happen in the wilderness among animals alone it would be normal but like this never he is a heartless beast! by the way an important message for PETA yesterday someone told me that in chinese zoos they are feeding the tigers with living cows and calfs the horror continues goes on and on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammy says:

    Isn’t that what pythons do though? Some animals do kill at eat other species of animals. That’s just how nature is and you can’t change it.

  • Emilee says:

    Oh My Gosh! That guy is… argh… anyone who abuses an animal should have to experience the same horrific thing on themself. I am appauled that it was then uploaded on YouTube. Even I a 13 year old has a kinder heart and more common sense then that teacher.

  • niranjan says:

    Its really horrible! Think of the rabbit it would have cried in fear unable to escape!

  • Quinton says:

    But thats what the snakes eat? Its its food thats what would happen in the wild.

  • Marci says:

    OK I know I’m in for a shitstorm here but… It’s a python. It’s what they do. You can’t impose human opinion on them. I have smaller herps so I feed mealworms and crickets. I don’t keep anything larger because I know that I would having a hard time with feeding mice rats or bunnies. It’s enough that people force vegan chow on dogs. Those big old canine teeth are kind of a hint as to what their diets should be. The food chain exists like it or not. As humans we can rise above. But just as we don’t have the right to pointlessly harm other animals we also don’t have the right to force them to go against their own nature.

  • Traci Christenson says:

    Just the thought that someone could do this makes me sick to my stomach. To know that an innocent animal was hung there dangled like bait. For what purpose? Amusement? It surely wasn’t done for the intention of just feeding the snake why else tape it? Animals don’t have an option to fight back when they are forced down against their will with no where to run. Isn’t the point to teach the kids about animals to be kind and respect them? This teacher and the students involved should be ashamed.

  • Tamara says:

    OMG that is just sick. And at a socalled ‘Christian’ Academy too…Don’t they know that animals are God’s creatures? That poor bunny I will send a prayer to St. Francis for her…

  • Jay says:

    Anacondas only grow to about 7 meters or 22 feet. A real animal lover would know that.

  • Kelley says:

    That’s a really good “Christian” lesson for the kids to learn. This “school” and its administrators completely suck. He deserves to permanently lose his teaching license if he has one to begin with since he is only employed by a “Christian” school. And these religious assholes wonder why the rest of the country laughs at them???

  • Canaduck says:

    Ugh how disgusting. It’s not like we don’t have hours worth of video footage of this sort thing available from nature programs…you know where presumably the prey has a chance.

  • Maya says:

    That is NOT a humane way to have an animal destroyed. Everyone especially PETA should contact the AVMA and humane law enforcement. This is legally animal cruelty. This man belongs in jail. This is illegal period. The school needs to be punished too. Thank you for alerting me to this!

  • Mike says:

    Just when I thought people couldn’t possibly get any stupider… Sure this happens in the wild but at least there the rabbit would have a chance to escape. Too bad the snake didn’t bite him in the cojones. Oh I forgot he doesn’t have any.

  • Court says:

    My other question besides what the hell that teacher was thinking is what the hell are the parents of the kid who brought in the PYTHON thinking?? The story is graphic enough but to know that parents are allowing their kids to bring in like 5 foot snakes at home or in the classroom is just insane. What the F is wrong with these people?

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    I would like to serve that f….. teacher to a 9 meter long anaconda so he could fell how it is. That bastard!

  • doug says:

    all i can say is oh my god!!!!! why would someone do this?