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Teacher Abuses a Rabbit for His Students

Written by PETA | May 31, 2007

Python_Bunny.jpgIt’s time for your WTF of the day, this one courtesy of Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville. Evidently, a biology teacher at the school invited students to attend an after-school session in which he fed a live rabbit to a student’s pet python. The teacher dangled the helpless animal in front of the snake and moved her from side to side to encourage the snake to attack. A video of the vicious little act was posted on YouTube, presumably so that other students around the country can be desensitized to animal suffering as well. You can check out some of the press coverage here, and we’ve written a letter to the school asking them to make humane education a priority at Trinity Christian Academy and enclosing a “Kindness Kit” (look, I didn’t come up with the name, OK?) with some handy tips, educational videos, and information on how to teach kids to interact with animals—like not killing bunnies in the frickin’ classroom, for a start. You can read that letter here.

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  • hahaha says:

    “LEAF” , yes it does. rabbits dont dangle themselves infront of snakes and they definitely dont get held and shook infront of a snake. theres nothing natural about this. just because you find it interesting, doesnt make it natural. hey though, whatever it takes for you to rationalise something cruel… knock yourself out. just remember when someone dangles you infront of a tiger , and takes away your ability to use your NATURAL ABILITY to escape, its completely natural.

  • Aimee says:

    I am beyond pissed after seeing that! I would more than love to have that man go through what he put that poor rabbit through. Ugh people just pissed me off when it comes to stupid acts of pure touture when it comes to animals. Thats where it takes people! Next thing you know he will be feeding student to animals!

  • Leaf says:

    Some of the comments here are just unbelievably naive and ignorant. Next time you eat a burger or chicken consider where that meat came from and the process it went through. I promise you those animals DO NOT die a peaceful sweet death. How convenient it is to hypocritically gloss over these facts of life while criticizing an an instinctdriven animal. The instructor made the demonstration OPTIONAL nobody had to see it if they didn’t want. Snakes eat ANIMALS. They do not eat fruit or sandwiches they eat animals. Many snakes only accept live animals. Thats LIFE. Just because the snake is not in its native habitat that is absolutely no reason to deny it food. Just because someone else slaughters the animals YOU eat that does NOT absolve you of their deaths. This is the food chain at work. Consider the double standard denying the python its food will lead to death by starvation… does this mean the life of the rabbit is more valuable than that of the python because the rabbit is cute and eats vegetation? The python deserves to die because it does not conform to HUMAN philosophies of “animal rights”? What would Jesus do? He would feed the rabbit to the snake and the snake to the eagle. When the eagle dies it enriches the soil to provide for vegetation to be eaten by the rabbits. This is nature at work. Just because a human enabled the process that does not inherently make the process unnatural.

  • Linda says:

    DISGUSTING excuse for a human being. You know what does get me excited though? The fact that this so called “instructor” will experience the exact same form of torture someday. It’s just how the universe works! I just wish I could be there to witness his punishment so I could record it and post it on YouTube. It would be an opportunity to teach his students about the circle of life and the inevitability of punishment for our sins especially those that involve the cruel mistreatment of living things that are disabled or unable to defend themselves. Why didn’t he just let himself be the prey for the snake?? There is a chance that if he were in the wild he could be attacked and meet his death. That would be so educational to the students about the food chain!

  • Nancy Pech says:

    this is not natural not necessary not humane and little miss Sarah and the dumb woman who said something about gaia and nature is an idiot. pythons can never 100 be domesticated can and will eat other things besides live prey or rabbits and their decendants and ancestors were wild and forever they have wild imprints they are neither 100domestic or wild they are a combination of both and do not eat bunnies in the rainforest or guniea pigs or chinchilla’s and do not have a human bring them all their meals dummies! so right there it is unatural. I beg people to leave these snakes and their species in the wild and not take them as pets. I call on people to replenish the little that is left of the rainforest with these snake species by not supporting breeders and buying them it is not exotic or cool to see these animals either abandoned and left to die outside because no places and shelters will take them and their upkeep and strict and rigid temperature and humidity needs and diet needs are not for any of us novices to tackle. You do 1 thing wrong with reptiles in diet habitat cleeningtemperature and housing and you will kill them shortly. I call on legislation to limit these animals to conservation projectszoos reptile rescues and sanctuaries and experts with reptiles. They can live 25 years and some species grow 20 feet long people know this and poop allot and your’e house will smell like a reptile house! also for the bunny they are the sweetest most friendliest most intelligent playful beautiful creatures I’ve ever rescued and have adopted and they can be expensive to maintain if they come from anywhere rabbits are pets not snake food and people should know snakes crush bones and organs on live animals when they are still awake and then suffocate them it’s brutal. Rabbits are exotic animals and people read up and do me a favor keep them inside air conditioned and out of heat and drafts they eat kale collards carrots romaine and timothy hay only!!!!!!! there are some health issues you can and will run into with rabbits back issues that need chiropractic otherwise they can get runny poo dehydrate they dehydrate fast and die you have to keep their teeth shaved down they have no vaccines and treat any nasal lung problem coughing sneezing rubbing of nose because they can get a permanent head tilt or pneumonia from this. I had a bunny with this and it is not curable or treatable. i knew what to do and he had great vets so he survived. As for the guy the kids should demand he be fired with no pay arrested and sent to a mental facility for evaluation because he got a sick kick out of torturing that bunny dangling him to his death and in the wild he maybe could have gotten away this way the inhumane peice of crap gave him no chance of escape and that my friends is not natural and would not happen in the wild the predetor has to hunt on it’s own with no human help and the prey may have a chance to escape and the absolute fear anguishand shear terrorthat poor bunny felt until he went to his gruesome death is unforgivable he was beautiful and was like my Bucky who I raced into my burning house 5 times to save and want back still so badly and he looks like Dakota the guy i have now so how dare this sob or anyone take one more innocent life ever or how dare anyone and snakes can be skinned alive by a rabbits incisors or mauled and can die from being impaled to so kids stop this sob now and do not fear to step on anyones toes ever to save any animals! this is inhumane to both animals! I do not and never feared anyone or anything when it comes or came to defending any animal and I stepped on a ton of human toes and everything because I have done allot of animal saving in my lifetime do not be afraid to speak out and go against every grain you can you are their only voice and they need it more now than ever than still even humans do good luck Nancy P

  • Nancy Pech says:

    number one this is the most premeditaded sick unatural act for both prey and predator neither are in a tropical rainforest and where do these idiots get these ideas bigger snakes have to have bunnies to eat otherwise they die Wrong! does a burmese python have domestic rabbits to eat in the rainforest of Burma No! neither does a ball python and snake owners know this do they have humans in the rainforest helping them hunt or getting food for them No! and rabbits are the sweetest most intelligent playful inquisitive pet a human could ever research and learn to take care of yes they are allot of work and have specialized health issues that can lead to expensive exotic pet bills I’ve saved allot of rabbits and rescued allot and am more or less a bunny expert and death by a snake is gruesome and painful and not humane at all and not a death anyone should force on a rabbit especialy or chinchilla or guinea pig or hamster it’s constiction with no breath and the snake crushes bones and organs when the animal is still alive and awake and in the wild the prey has some chance to get away in that situation it is not a fair match at all and absolutely hoorifying and terrifying for the prey and the prey can convey feeling like why doesn’t anyone love me or what did i do that was so bad humans won’t take me home research what i need and my care and give me the love and nutrition and health care I need after I’ve been housed at shelters and dumped here and there this is not how you treat bunnies that are bred that are domestic which means not wild never to be released ever in the wild house pets and as for the snake there is no such thing as 100 domestic burmese or ball python ever yes they still need food brought to them but they belong in the rainforest not bred not in captivity as I have read up on their care and the exotic animal trade needs to get their nuts shot off for breeding them unless they are going to add to their species in the wild and because of the bacteria due to global warming that is killing thousands of these creatures in the wild we need them there and in conservation projects and so do other species! Snakes that are so big or exotic even zoos at times have a hard time keeping them well and alive they do carry certain bacteria need an extensive set up humidifier tubs strict heat and humidity controls where a few degrees off could mean life or death for that snake to and they poop like a horse ball pythons and Burmese pythons and it does smell because they eat meat and can be hard to handle and keep once adults so people think everyone at all ends of this needs to take the blame. Do not support breeders who breed these snakes at all hit them in the pocket book because these snakes are hardwired and do have some natural wild instincts left no matter if they were raised in the wild or not so they are a mixture of human screwup and interferance where humans have contankered with them and mixed up their whole being and unless you can bring a rainforest to your’e home I suggest not it is not cool to see the inhumane cruel brutal torture of a bunny that looks like mine dangle helplessly to his death and torture him kids stop your’e sick bastard ass teacher and have him arrested for animal abuse call peta call the anticruelty society call anyone do not let him get away from this and it’s inhumane to raise snakes with improper snake care in cativity for show neither animal is a fucking toy but I call on you kids to put an end and put down your’e foots as I have done allot in the past and say No More! to any of this animal brutality sickness and cruelty and put your’e so called teacher in a mental hospital because he is truly truly sick and this is not a joke or help send him to prison and he won’t subject any more animals to this and won’t have kids look at his sick mental problem so go to it and stop him! I’ve stepped on allot of toes in defense of animals and even risked my life for some! they are 100 worth it and he has no right to do this to animals or you guys the kids make his ass toast demand he be fired obviously good luck and go for it!

  • Earth Mother says:

    Everyone this isn’t animal cruelty. If you think it is you are out of tune with the rhythm of Mother Gaia and her wild children. This is how the great circle of life continues.

  • stephanie miller says:

    how can some one do something like this i bet they wouldnt like if something like this would happen to them “Every vertebrate animal with a back bone have the same nerves as a human” news flash the feel PAIN !!!!

  • Jack says:

    Hmm ran across this article while looking for information on Raising Rabbits go figure. All of you having issues with this which is seems like most of you seriously have some personal issues that you need to address. Namely common sense about animals specifically predators and their natural behaviors. Never ceases to amaze me the things so called animal lovers PETA will say. Before any of you go saying that it isn’t natural for a human to dangle the rabbit in front of the snake I ask this how would it be any different for the teacher to have taken it from a cage which it must have been in and pre killed it? In nature snakes will lie there and wait while their prey walks helplessly to their death we’re merely talking semantics. With that said I feed my boa pre killed though a previous one I owned I fed it live but not because it’s cruel rather because it keeps the snake more docile and fortunately he is willing to take the pre killed prey. I would start feeding it live immediately if it started refusing to eat pre killed.

  • daniel says:

    Well I suppose that I am an animal lover. I volunteer at a reptile rescue center. A small charity set up on old farm land in the 80’s. people have a lot of misconceptions here. we take rescues from the RSPCA and so on everything from iguanas to Burmese pythons. we have a cayman croc and until recently an alligator. firstly ‘this is not natural’ well yes it is. Snakes don’t naturally eat things other than meat. they are carnivorous. the guy couldn’t feed it lets say brussel sprouts. secondly ‘this is cruel’ that rabbit I’ve seen the video would have died very quickly. the power of the snake’s constriction likely broke its spine in seconds then asphyxiated it in around a minute. so it didn’t feel any pain either. further confirmed by movements of the animal ‘it would have had a chance of escape in the wild’ not really snakes are awesome predators. when it strikes or stalks an animal it will get it. furthermore the students were given the choice to leave. and yes the teacher could have use d footage but you can’t see it as well as you can like that. another misconception here is that ‘your only meant to feed domestic snakes dead food’ wrong! many ‘domestic’ snakes particularly large pythons like this will only eat stuff they kill as per instinct. here’s the thing. where i volunteer with these animals we have to do this. fact of life. snake eat small animal. but should we not feed it? let the snake die? isn’t that the point of rescuing it in the first place. people here seem to need to grow up. its nature a snake eating. nothing more. its kills it more efficently than you could with your bare hands if you had to. just because its fluffy and cute doesn’t mean it isn’t a part of the food chain. odds are it was time for the snake to eat anyway the owner brought it in and it was used as part of a relevent lesson. this live demonstation teaches people well. its shocking to some. but at the end of the day maybe some of you should go and protest to snakes in wild.

  • maKENNA says:

    me and my friend think this is so discusting. That teacher should have a dose of his own medicine. the people who thought this is cool are so cruel and mean. I would kill that teacher if i was in that class. I would also have told the principle before that idiot teacher killed that poor inosent rabbit. I would like to know were that teacher lives. I would go to his house and show him my own medicine.

  • Anonymous says:

    o mygosh i hate that teacher.

  • Mike says:

    I think we should kill all the predators out there in the petshops and only keep pets that don’t eat meat… my lands you bunch of bleeding hearts.

  • Belcher says:

    Um… Are animals not allowed to eat animals too now?

  • Andria says:

    For everyone saying “what kind of Christian school would do that”… Duh. The Good Lord made the animals for us to eat. He also made them for other animals to eat. Yeah the rabbit may have a chance to get away but eventually the snake will eat a rabbit or a chicken because THAT’S IT’S DIET. Misa I have a pet snake and I feed it live mice sometimes it’s perfectly normal. There was nothing wrong with this. Instead of watching it on a T.V like I did today in class having live animals in class would be so much more interesting and i’m sure the kids in the class would get much more out of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    PETA is no good a snakes have to eat. I feed my snakes mice and it’s no problem.

  • Raych says:

    My 7th grade teacher made us watch his python eat a rat.. i understand that bunnies are cute and everything… but some snakes eat them.. why does peta deny nature? why do we have canine teeth and peta thinks we should not eat meat? How the heck does peta expect the world to not be overpopulated with certain animals deer for exampleif we don’t manage them? I used to be naive.. I used to deny the truth.. Sometimes killing some animals is for the best.. I know this doesn’t have much to do with this article.. I’m just venting about peta people… Don’t get me wrong… I love animals with all of my heart.

  • cristina says:

    Pore rabbit. Does that teacher have a heart?

  • josh says:

    oh come on people my brother had a snake and fed it live mice its very interesting to see that cause it shows how a snake kill its prey and thats pretty cool but peta got da damn thang goin on $$$

  • Sakura says:

    I just want to make a correction on my first post. It was not meant for Mary Drought it was meant for joeblack38’s idiotic comment. I didn’t realize the names were at the bottom of the posts instead of the top. So apologies to Mary and piss off Joe. Get used to the fact that there are people in this world who actually have a heart.

  • Misa says:

    Sara I can’t believe how ignorant you are for thinking this is natural? How is it natural to feed a DOMESTICATED bunny to a DOMESTICATED snake? You aren’t even suppose to feed domesticated snakes live prey. I don’t even own a snake and I know that obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. In the wild the bunny would have a chance to escape and probably would due to how quick they can run and their sensitive hearing which warns them beforehand. In this case the poor little animal was baited by being held down by a human hand. Not only that but the room was full of jeering monsters who actually enjoyed seeing this horrible act and made a party out of it. This was clearly animal cruelty and whoever thinks it’s ok to hand feed live bunny rabbits to snakes are completely and utterly ignorant not to mention heartless. This was an innocent baby bunny! It’s alarming that there are people? who actually approve. It wasn’t the least bit educational it only taught future generations how to celebrate the torture and murder of animals which is something people with a soul are trying to stop. If you want to watch helpless little animals being devoured by other creatures then go rent a nature video where it’s filmed in the wild where it’s suppose to happen! But then again your opinion doesn’t count anyway. Anyone who uses the word “retarded” has some serious growing up to do. How immature ignorant and arrogant you are. If you are so uneducated that you have no idea of what is natural and what is not then don’t post your opinion here. All you did was make yourself look even more stupid especially with that “retarded” comment you used. Grow up and get educated. I’m happy to see that most people who commented here sympathise with the poor bunny and are not heartless monsters like Sara. As long as people who think? like her exist animals will not get the rights they should have.

  • Sara says:

    Anyone mad about this is retarded. I think this was a great experience for everyone who saw. And it was definately NOT abuse is any way shape or form. I can’t stress enough how ignorant you would have to be to think this is abuse.

  • Sakura says:

    To Christine Who cares? We do obviously! Would you care if you were the one who was about to be eaten by that snake? If your child or someone close to you was eaten by one would you still say it’s only natural? Snakes may eat rabbits but they’re capable of eating humans too same with lions and other carnivores. So if you’re ok with a bunny being eaten then you should have no problem with volunteering yourself for the snake’s next meal. At least you would have the choice unlike this innocent little bunny. By the way most people would rather gather around the poor innocent dead bunny than a cruel disgusting btch like you.

  • Sakura says:

    To Mary Drought you have the nerve to say we’re being idiotic? Haven’t you read any of the comments? This was unnatural and extremely cruel to the rabbit involved. To answer your question yes it would have been more humane if the rabbit was killed first. The fact is in the wild that bunny would have had a chance to escape. So don’t bother people with YOUR idiotic uneducated immature comments. Animal lovers will be upset about this cruel and unnatural act so stop whining and deal with it.

  • Haley says:

    I do have a heart and I obviously am part of the human race. And I am mad that you’re comparing what this teacher did to the actions of Nazis. How is nature any more kind? I’ve seen and you have too wild animals tear their prey limb from limb and then eat them. The python was doing what it naturally does. You can’t turn a snake into a vegan duh!