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Taraji P. Henson Bares for Hares

Written by PETA | February 10, 2011

We think the “P” stands for “pretty.” And we’re not just talking about how beautiful Taraji P. Henson is. (Breathtaking, right?) In her striking PETA ad, she shows that she’s also pretty committed to exposing the cruelty of the fur industry.

The Oscar-nominated actor used to wear fur, but then she saw a video showing how animals are killed for their skin. Now Taraji wants to remind people that even a little fur means a lot of suffering. “We’re not just even talking about a full-length fur coat,” Taraji says. “I’m talking about just, like, fur on your gloves or on your jacket or—what goes into making that little piece of fur ripped my heart out.”

You can check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from Taraji’s photo shoot to learn more about why this beauty refuses to look ugly by wearing fur.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • I saw a video of the rabbit fur being ripped off while it’s alive I couldn’t even watch it! What’s being done!! Where are they doing this, it’s horrible!

  • Bozak says:

    Animals, as fellow beings, should be treated as we treat each other and, as we would treat ourselves. When Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin introduced his capital punishment device in 1789, it was widely agreed to be the quickest and most merciful way of meting out death. Indeed, this form of execution remained the only one available in France and other civilized countries until this ultimate penalty was discontinued in 1981. Since ’81, the least cruel way of sacrificing laboratory animals has been pithing for frogs and other reptiles, and increased levels of CO (carbon monoxide) for others. The virtue of treating all living things with thanks, and a plea for their forgiveness in the taking of their lives, has been ignored by those who treat animals in a way in which they themselves would not wish to be treated. This is the element of cruelty, ignorance, and disregard we observe in the destruction of life on a mass-marketing scale. Were such trade creatures skinned instantly by machine, their ensuing demise would be as rapid as decapitation; sudden, fast and painless. The sacrificial methods mentioned above are not practiced in the video available here and result in the painful and lingering death-by-damage that so assaults our dignity. Were the aforementioned methods utilized in the field instead of brutal methods of convenience, the agony of such field slayings would go the way of indoor smoking in public places. May these ways of dispatching the prey of humans be more widely known and used during the harvest of our fellow Earthly inhabitants.

  • KHIDD TARAJI says:

    hey taraji nice my mom stop buying me reel fur cause of u brilliant job i love u i love what u did, say and all types u just teach me the right things to do and u take me to the right path u are my # 1 idol your wondering where did the khidd taraji come from its because of u my life is going well and this is coming from the heart

  • ddsharper says:

    I want a body like that. damn. someone send me her personal trainers name. If I lose 200 pounds and start working out 5 times weekly, maybe I’ll get there. Lemme get a doughnut and then, start tomorrow.

  • Anna says:

    Tears are in my eyes as I type this. I never knew of the cruelty. I thank Taraji for the awareness

  • sha says:

    I think its awesome that little by little we are getting ppl to stand up for what is right! Loved her from jump she is amazing!!

  • Belinda says:

    WOW!!! I’m just sadden and sicken from seeing the video, to each it’s own however not only am I’m against wearing real fur I don’t want to wear fake fur just because of what it represents and the suffing and horrible treatment of these animals before their death. If having wealth means to cause and take part of this type of suffering to another being I would rather remain poor but rich heart. Thanks Taraji!!!

  • QUINCY says:


  • Judith Rella says:

    I agree with PETA that animals should be treated with love. Animals in circuses, the fur trade, puppy mills truly sicken me. Please stop this ridiculus practices and treat all animals as they should be treated, with love. Thank you Judith Rella New Jersey

  • Cindy says:

    Dostoyevski said that “beauty will save the world”, but actually i think “vegan beauties will save the world”.