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Tamara Ecclestone Strips to Protest Foie Gras

Written by PETA | November 30, 2009

British socialite Tamara Ecclestone exudes high-class elegance—so it’s no surprise that she despises cruel foie gras. Following PETA U.K.’s recent victory in getting Selfridges to stop selling the “delicacy of despair,” Tamara—the gorgeous Sky Sports TV presenter and daughter of Formula One racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone—has taken it all off in the name of compassion.


 Tamara Ecclestone


To produce foie gras, workers force metal pipes down the throats of ducks and geese and pump up to 4 pounds of grain into their stomachs two or three times a day in order to cause their livers to become engorged. This overfeeding is excruciatingly painful and often causes the animals’ organs to rupture. Foie gras production is so cruel that it has been banned in 16 countries, including the U.K., but inexplicably, retailers and restaurants in England are still allowed to sell it. To help end the suffering of these animals, follow Tamara’s titillating lead and take our “No Foie Gras” pledge today.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Rex says:

    Ok, I am not the biggest fan of PETA, and no one has ever acussed me of being a vegitarian. But wrong is wrong, and the whole process of making and then eating foie gras is wrong. You are what you eat, and if you disrepect the animal like this, well then you disrepect yourself.

  • Carol says:

    Incidentally it’s always worth contacting restaurants that serve foie gras and sending information to them. A very popular restaurant where I live removed it from their menu after I emailed them they told me they would and they did. This was a few years ago and foie gras has remained off their menu since. They are in Auckland New Zealand on the route between the airport and the city. If anyone visits them after reading this please tell them why. They are a mainstream restaurant but always go out of their way to provide veganvegetarian and always have a vegetarian main on the menu. They are One Tree Grill 911 Pah Road Epsom Auckland New Zealand.

  • Carol says:

    This kind of photo grabs people’s attention so well and then they want to know what it’s all about. So many people have no idea of the terrible cruelty in the production of foie gras. Thank you Tamara and PETA for giving us another opportunity to spread the word.

  • Lisa says:

    Until I decided to check out the PeTA website I had NO IDEA this type of farming even existed! First of all the idea alone of consuming the organs of an animal is revolting to me!! Further the the thought of eating a “fattened liver” is even worse! Can you say “heart attack”? What’s even worse yet is the method in which they fatten the birds!! Are people insane!?!? I’d like to shove a pipe down the throats of those who do it so they know what its like! OK well I would never really do that would hate to get into legal trouble over that comment but seriously! C’mon folks! There are much more delicious harmless alternatives. The fancy names they give to the finished product truly disguises a horrific truth.

  • Rainbow Warrior says:

    long life to PETA and her host of beautiful insideout stars you work faster than i can fill my private celebrity animal angels album! continue the great job you have my love and GOD’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!