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Taking It to the AKC

Written by PETA | December 4, 2007

The vile American Kennel Club held its championship dog show at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, and PETA members were out in force to let attendees know that “breeders kill shelter dogs’ chances.” As you might expect from the breeders, who congregate at these events like flies around a cesspool, their comments to our activists made it clearer than we ever could that they’re willing to blame the suffering of animals in shelters on just about everybody except themselves. Here’s a selection of comments these people made when they saw our signs:

“But this makes me happy!”
“We take care of our own.”
And, my personal favorite: “The only dogs they are putting to sleep in shelters are mixed breeds.”

As PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch points out, “Not only does the AKC promote breeding as a ‘sport,’ it also opposes spay/neuter laws that would save hundreds of thousands of animals’ lives in California alone. Countless animals across the country are being destroyed, and it’s time that the AKC is held accountable for its role in the crisis.” Here’s a picture from the event, and you can learn more about our campaign against breeders here.



And on a completely different topic, I’d like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to a regular commenter on this blog: Mars has been a frequent contributor to posts on the blog, and I had initially hoped that increased interaction with people who care about animals might encourage him to start thinking about animals as living beings who are capable of suffering, but it’s become increasingly clear that his posts have no other purpose than to antagonize good people who are trying to make the world a better place. Furthermore, his professed “hobby” of trapping animals is both sadistic and reprehensible. So, goodbye Mars, and good riddance. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  • Sockmonkey says:

    I need some help. Our German Shepard Dutchess whom we had gotten right outside petsmart before the woman could register as their adopt a pet and no the woman was not a breeder just an elderly woman who was going to a home has recently passed away. Her death has hit my entire family pretty hard especially my mother. She and Dutchess had had a special bound. Now that she has been gone for a while y mother wants anouther Shepard even if it comes froma breeder. I have explained to her what it would mean to get a puppy from a mill but she is still determined. What can I say to her to stop this? How else can I explain to her that it is not ethically right to buy from a pet mill? My mother is not a monsterous person please do not think this. She is helping me so much as I make the swtich to veganism even helping me perchuse animal friendly foods last minute On the brighter side I have been vegan for two days! kind of a sad number but I like telling everyone about it cause I am really proud of my commitment Thanks for the article and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

  • b says:

    americathe land of FREEDOM.

  • rose says:

    how the hell does the akc promote abuse? lets not forget that at the dog shows PeTa will let show dogs out of their crates so they end up in shelters or animal testing! isnt that what you idiots fight to prevent? mandatory spay neuter laws are unconstitutional and infringes on our much as you blame people who are innocent you still fail to realize that the numbers of animal shelters have gone down.if all dogs are fixed where will be in 2030 years? petless? how do you claim to be for animals? and how is the akc vile? oh yeah because they dont agree with you and everyone who doesnt it stupid or wrong no matter what. my beagle is from a breeder and i show him yet have never abused him or seen any abuse at a dog show.please people understand that youre not always right.

  • Terri says:

    Shelters give people the illusion that there’s a humane alternative and some sort of a placement service when the owner turns them in. I’d like ALL shelters to charge a $50 fee per dog for owner turnins owener verification via veternary records and a photo ID which will be photocopied and kept on record. I’d like for them to euthanize the dog at the front desk then hand the body back to the owner for their disposal. Let’s have a law that makes walking away “littering” and subject to criminal prosecution. This already applies to animals illegally dumped at the pound. Their vets can direct them to creamation and disposal services if they can’t bury their dog. I’d like to see a $500 annual license for each unspayed breeder bitch to discourage our USDAAKCUKCCKC approved puppymills. It should be illegal to sell or own an unaltered dog without proof of a current breeder license with that dog’s microchip registration on it. People kick and scream about rescue’s rehoming fees usually $150 for spayall shotsmicrochippingall vettingand say that poor people shouldn’t be denied animal ownership. I disagree. If you can’t responsibly care for your property just like licensing your car and maintaining it safely it should be illegal.

  • Caboose says:

    Ariel you seem to only comment on the more boring posts rather than the more amusing and practical ones

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Maya Thanks for the advice but I warn you sticking up for me will bring you no good tidings. All the best.

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    Jack good job getting rid of Mars truly offensive in many ways. Censorship is sometimes necessary. I must emphasize that I’m offended by CERTAIN people’s insults towards certain other people. Dr. Cochran has been quite respectful and does not deserve abusive language. If you toss out Mars you must at least give a warning to those who are too infantile to keep their disgusting worthless language to themselves. And Dr. Cochran I hope that you can take just a bit of time to consider the shelter issue. It would take volumes to explain but please trust me when I say the pet world does not need a population boost. There is NOTHING inherently wrong with responsible breeding assuming there are no unwanted animals. But there are hundreds of purebreds who are adopted to people only to be brought to fill up shelters. It’s freaking disgusting. I realize you are probably a fine pet owner but just consider that there may be a breed rescue group they are often run by families at people’s homes where you can get just the purebred border collie you want or whatever breed you like. Breed rescue groups take in hundreds of unwanted purebreds because breeding groups do not screen people properly. I grew up on a farm so I know what kind of rustic breeders you mean but please consider asking the animal shelters to accomidate you next time you want a pet so you can at least give it a try.. Peace!! have a great holiday!

  • Marmo says:

    Owner Responsibility is the greatest contributor to the cats and dogs in shelters in my opinion. The fact that a new pet owner gets their companion from a shelter or a breeder doesn’t matter if they are ill equipped to care for the animal. An irresponsible pet owner could easily save a dog from a shelter then turn it in elsewhere or let it go. I think reaching out to the AKC regarding sterilization is a good start. Take baby steps. It’s easier to make many small changes over time then to expect everything to suddenly change over night.

  • Marie says:

    Sorry Michele I see now that it wasn’t you that posted about “blood money” paying for shows. Now Kelly…what experience do you have that proves that the AKC themselves pay for shows? You are WRONG about that. You said “The reason the AKC feels it has to increase the number of AKC puppy mill registrations is that “events” are not paying for themselves. With rare exception these “events” are dog shows. The net loss due to “events” is now $10 million a year.” Now where did that quote come from? Was it some kind of lie published by you peta people? That is all you are about…lies no matter what the expense. Joanna you will never see peta working with AKC or anyone else because it is their way or the highway. One extreme or the other. You can not find a happy medium when it comes to peta. THEY ARE FOR PUTTING AN END TO ALL DOMESTICATED ANIMALS!!!!!!!! Plain and simple that is their goal! Isn’t that clear to everyone yet?!?!?!

  • christine Ødeg says:

    My mom worked at an spca and i worked at a huge vet hospital in nj for 9 yrs. my mom and i showed and trained dogs in obedience.We are both familiar with breeders and animal rights. I have to agree that “backyard breeders who breed dogs for profit are terrible. However I have seen many show breeders who dont even break even on littersafter the high fees of ultrasound. they have their dog’s hipshearteyes x rayed ultrasounded and checked to make sure there dogs are healthy enough to even consider breeding. they do this because they feel their dog will improve the breed. Most of the time good breeders only breed when they have enough people interested in a puppy from their dog before it was even conceived. If the puppies aren’t up to show standards they make the pet home owner agree to spay or neuter. usually there are only 23 show quality puppies in a litter anywayso that means the larger number are spayed and neutered. I worked at a large vet clinic that sees around 100 thousand animals a year and i can tell you the real problem are ignorant people who don’t spay and neuter pets and the puppy mills. puppy mills crank out poor quality puppies from caged sick dogs. they sell puppies to shops for 2550 dollars a piecewhere they are then marked up to 1500. when the puppies die they are quickly replaced with new ones. the average person doesn’t know what they are buyingand they spend double what they paid for the puppy in vet bills to save the puppy. I have seen this particular scenerio hundreds no thousands of times. I don’t think it’s fare to lump all show breeders together as villains. These people feed their dogs the best food pamper there dogsprovide better health care then most humans get and many are heavily involved in rescuing whatever breed they are affiliated with from shelters. I know a lot of show people who have 3 dogs topsand the dogs are there lives. they hardly breed either if at all.My mom and I once waited 3 years for a puppy out of a litter from a particular breeder.the breeder only slectivly bred their dogand was waiting to have enough homes for each puppy. showing is simply a hobbienot a profit making buisness for most of these people. the dogs who enjoy showing compete the others become pets. my advice is to work hard to eliminate puppy mills and educate ignorant people who backyard breed.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mark Are you volunteering to accept an animal?

  • Ana says:

    Judith Thanks!!! Feeling a little better. You certainly get to cocky!!! Ariel Hello again!!! I loved your above post and comments about mars and its nonsensense. Let’s keep fighting the good fight!!!!

  • animalfriend says:

    christopher cochran i have to accept your right of speaking and you speak nicely! i understand that you make a difference between socalled ‘good’ hunters and ‘bad’ hunters! as far as i’m concerned here in france they are just trophy hunters! during summer they feed and approach the animals to make them feel confidence and in winter it’s more easy to kill them because they are not anymore afraid! this is coward and mean and shows a lowlife character and no civilized person could approve this the countryside in france is not civilized! in switzerland we got the two examples of hunters the socalled ‘goodones’ as you call them this means that a veterinary is charged with the killing of ill animals! but i lived also really horror where people go out for hunting on one weekend and for the next one to ‘finish the animal’! this i would call CRIMINAL! i think that we agree here! we have to take much care not to get astray in palaeoliticum because i saw that this is your preferred playground! anyhow i understand Judith and i’m with her because she is one of the most courageous posters on this blog and i never would like to miss her presence! please try to understand this! thanks!

  • tom says:

    are you going to stop the scummy people from breeding. You knoe the ones im talking about the 10 kids so i can get food stamps and live off of my tax money instead of it going to fire and police. we need to take care of our own kind first before we worry about animals ps meat sucks humans compasion should take priority over who we bad math when we ourselves are guilty of turning our back to someone who reaches out for help. we say hes a person he can take care of himself but we need to take care of animals. If he could take care of himself he wouldnt ask for help so lets step it up people and work on human compasion because some people turn to this site for help and when you have everyone on here reffiering to things that hey do not agree with and the people that are doing these they turn and walk away thinking “why shouldi be a part of a group that picks on someone for being different im 35 and out of high school” we should work more on education and not picking on someone for being different. you will get more people following and showing how they feel instead of walking away wondering where the compassion is! ps sorry about the grammar i just woke up and im running late

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Animalfriend I beg your pardon for this digression but I find Judith a puzzling Buddhist. I can find fewer people on this blog with more hatred and vitriol. I get the feeling she would revel in my death. She doesn’t seem to practice what she preaches if she is a Buddhist that is. Regarding your early life experiences I extend nothing but respect. I have lived in a rural area save for education. I have seen many animals live and die and I have seen compassionate and cruel people. I have tried to blend the compassion with practical applications. I don’t enjoy killing to kill but I do enjoy harvesting nature’s plant and animal bounty for the good of my family and my own health andas it turns out my dog’s as well which sometimes involves killing wild animals. I give back much more than I take I promise. Many hunters do not present a very good front. Nothing galls me more than trophy hunting and people who drive down the road with a deer head on the roof of their SUV. I get up every morning and go to bed every night dreaming of creating a natural paradise here in the Ozarks. I am getting close. When I began posting here my goal was to present the views of a meat eating hunting fishing animal lover and to try and show that people like me are not oxymorons.there’s some ammo for ya judith I do not have much success but that’s ok. The original article here that got my attention was about hunters and small penises. Whah? I don’t get paid by the meat industry. I am just a doctor in a small town who wants to leave the planet better than he found it. In heaven there are old scotches old bird dogs on point comfortable boots and frosty calm mornings interrupted by the din of beating quail wings on a covey rise. All the best.

  • Joanna says:

    Posters here say all pure bred breeders and the AKC and puppy mills are all bad bad bad and all too blame for the 3 million animals a year that die in the shelters. I do not hear anything critical about the ‘breeders’ of the mixed breed dogs. Somebody does breed mixed breed dogs…they don’t just come from ‘nature’. The REAL problem is there are too many dogs and cats and this causes suffering becuase there are not enough loving homes. Why not focus on population control for every type of dog and cat regardless of breeding. Your dialog seems to be alot about hurting people and very little about how to make progress on the animal over population problem. Blaming and name calling the breed community is not going to save any mixed breed dogs. Why aren’t you serious AR folks blaming and name calling all those people that produced mixed breed dogs that are on death row right now? If PETA wants to be effective stop tossing out insults and work with the AKC and the breed clubs to develop population goals for all the prue breds by regulating the number is registrations a breeder can have each year. If AKC and Breed clubs were working with the breeders of the pure bred dogs to control the population of pure bred dogs then groups like PETA could work towards education of the general public to increase spay and neuter rates and decrease puppies and kittens from back yards. And please don’t just go off on how breeders are all about the money….I know alot of ‘breeders’ people and it is sure as hell not about the money…It is believe it or not….about people and animals. Puppy mills and pet stores in my opinion are unetchical for the animals in them and should be abolished. And wow just get over the rightous blogging about mixed breed versus pure breed it is just not productive to say…my pure bred dog is sick and your mixed breed shelter dogs is great over and over. THEY ARE ALL GREAT! They all deserve to be loved!!!!! No animal should have to suffer…it should be about population control not my dog is better than your dog. I show dogs and see cruelty in the shows as well as value. It depends totally on the individuals partipating as to how the animals are treated. Generalizations regarding dog shows are not really accurate as there are so many individuals and different levels of participation. My breed club was irate when they heard that AKC was signing up mill puppies for registation and helped stop the AKC from doing this. Our club raises money and tries to buy out millers and close them down. My club identifies millers of our breed and prevents sales of breeding to stock to them by every means possible mostly by CAREFULLY selecting for homes and networking with each other. The AR people do not EVEN know what’s going on. Your comments make you look really one sided and uninformed…It will take all the efforts of responsible breed clubs and the AR groups to stop puppy milling and reckless back yard breeding. together the AR groups and the breed clubs could possibly push AKC to adopt anti puppy mill polices. Coooperation with AKC to work on population control is going to prevent alot more suffering than throwing rotten comments at them and yes I am an AKC member so go ahead and toss your verbal tomatoes if you have to but really why not just get on with a solution to the over population problem and respect the fact that we are all different.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Welcome back Ariel! Welcome back Ana! So glad to have you back. I hope you are feeling better Ana. Thank you AnimalFriend its so great that you are here. I stand by my post.

  • Mark says:

    Maybe instead of yelling at people for not adopting pets PETA should find homes for all the pets it puts to death annually. With the millions of dollars PETA has they should be able to find these pets homes and the animals they deam to be violent could be trained not to be. Again for people who love animals so much I find it crazy they kill them. Instead of standing outside of KFC and Burberry you should take your millions buy less animal costumes for protests and find the pets you kill homes.

  • kelly says:

    “There breeding healthy active puppys for those people who do want a pure breed ” Jessi even the “show dog breeders” are producing genetic nightmares riddled with defects and diseases. That’s what inbreeding gets you and all purebred breeding is inbreeding. And the “spay neuter contracts” that these halfwit breeders sell their dogs with are not legally enforceable. Worthless. The buyers often set up a homegrown puppy mill with their “AKC puppy” from a “show dog breeder.” The breeders don’t want to cut into profits by altering the dog or puppy before sale.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Brett Thanks for the advice but as I said IF I were to get a dog simply as a pet. Lot’s of us get our dogs not only as pets but also for practical uses. No one can guarantee a dog will herd sheep or cows or point and retrieve birds but if you know the parents wereare really good at it there is a much better chance these traits will pass on. These dogs are also members of our families just like your pound pups are. We don’t buy from puppy mills or even breeders for that matter. Most of us buy them from other shepherdsranchers or hunters. I am sure that is not something you have considered or even want to consider for that matter. I for one do not allow my dog to breed indiscriminately though I can not vouch for him 100 of the time…just 99.44.

  • Ariel says:

    12707 Hi EVERYONE! I haven’t been on this blog site for quite a while or read it because like everyone else we must tend to serious personal matters. But also because of going around and around with ad nauseum “arguments” particularly with the same people. Much to my great surprise I was VERY GRACIOUSLY informed by another source that Mars has taken hisher? leave! Being the extreme skeptic that I am I don’t know how this came to be for sure OR for how long BUT this is IMPORTANT news for the sake of the animals for the sake of progress for the ar’s movement and for the sake of people who are seriously interested in learning about ar’s. Opposing views are good to a point but as I often wrote about Mars heshe? made false claims twisted our words etc. etc.and that is NOT good VERY confusing and a turnoff for newcomers who would not be able to discern what is going on here. I totally agree with Jack who wrote about Mars “…only purpose was to antagonize good people…” I must address one commenter who thought that it was still ok for Mars to submit but for us not to respond. Well it can’t work that way with Mars because then we would be allowing newcomers to be confused with hisher? twisting as well as we would be ignoring our message. Posting anti opinions is one thing but anyone abusing a blog site just to be constantly and purposely antagonistic daily for months is wrong harmful and basically just entertaining attentionseekers stupid and not constructive. DOWN with the AKC! And ALL breeders like my neighbor who breeds for extra $$$$ currently breeding rotties and greyhounds. The same neighbor can’t understand why I take in feral cats at my own $ expense.

  • Kurt K says:

    If a person wants to buy an AKC purebreed dog it is their perogative and their right. They can’t help the fact that many people abandon dogs that end up in shelters. Only adopting shelter dogs is not the answer to the problem. The problem is that to many people buy or adopt dogs then find out that they no longer want the responsibiltiy to care for the dog. when a person buys an AKC registered dog they probably spend good money on that dog therefore it is an investment of time and resourses. The chance of that person abadoning that dogs is significantly less. If everybody adopted a dog with no investment letting go of the animal would be much easier. I love pure breeds. When I am ready I intend on buying a boxer and perhaps a dobberman. Can you fault a person for wanting a specific type of dog. That is why we live in America! The freedom to choose what we want.

  • Tamara says:

    Steven Stuck… How many children that are in orphanges or in foster homes have a time clock ticking over their head? How many of those children that you speak of are going to be killed in a matter of days or weeks because there is no room to take care of any more of them??? I don’t know of any. If you know of any situations like that please let us all know. Expanding your argument to include children is ludicris.

  • animalfriend says:

    sorry christopher cochran but i think that you don’t understand judith! i lived for many years in buddhist circles and as a fellowbuddhist i have to admit that our top urgent endeavour is avoiding every kind of violence towards every living being! your lifestyle is of course different from hers because as i understand from your statement you are integrating animal elevation for meat consumption into your daily life! this is legal as millions of people are doing unfortunately! but it is not a buddhists style of life! so here i enter into my personal discussion with you and i have to tell you that this helpless feeling i got since i was a child when i heard my neighbours pig crying for half an hour before it was cilent has entered deeply into my brains and heart and i feel a deep aversion against this type of lifestyle because i think that in our modern times there are other possibilities than just the killing of other living beings like for example christmas why we have to kill a tree and animals this is the celebration of life not of death for me this is really completely perverted! isn’t it?

  • kelly says:

    YES puppy mill dollars DO pay for the dog shows among other things and the AKC voted to go into business with Petland the infamous puppy mill puppy pet stores because the shows cost so much they needed more cash. It got shot down for now but the AKC is still trying to do that deal. They have raised entry fees etc at the shows but they still need more puppy mill dollars so expect to see some kind of deal with Petland happening. “The reason the AKC feels it has to increase the number of AKC puppy mill registrations is that “events” are not paying for themselves. With rare exception these “events” are dog shows. The net loss due to “events” is now $10 million a year.”

  • kelly says:

    Steve you don’t get it. The AKC supports and enables PUPPY MILLS and dog abuse. They profit from it and support it. And promote it. They lobby AGAINST anticruelty laws. They lobby FOR the puppy mills and other animal abusers. This is not just about buying dogs as opposed to adopting dogs. The AKC supports and enables dog abuse in many ways.

  • The Minstrel says:

    Trapper Mars the PETAbanned he is a true addicted! The wanker is again at hand but this time just restricted! He needs his daily PETATrip his real drug is this! I see him sink with all his ship! Mars we shall him never miss! But one last word he whispers yet this poor forsaken creeper! The word is ‘PETA’ he never will forget! He’s sinking deep and deeper…

  • Susan Davis says:

    First a quick thank you to Kelley for her comment above “Love does not come with papers.” Very well saidI couln’t agree more! And in reponse to Tony Andrews’ comment “Saying that breeders shouldn’t breed the cream of the crop dogs is like saying that smart humans shouldn’t reproduce.” Mr. Andrews the “less intelligent” human beings out there are not in danger of being put to death. By contrast the unwanted mixedbreed dogs and stray cats at shelters who are perhaps not the “cream of the crop” most certainly face a death sentence. Go spend an afternoon at your local shelter the next time they are euthanizing unwanted cats and dogs. Look into the eyes of the unwanted shepherdmix who is “next in line” and tell him “Sorry you’re not the cream of the crop.” Shame on anyone who breeds animals when 34 million cats and dogs are put to death in the U.S. every year. Shame.

  • Steve Stuck says:

    I see everyones point but tend to side with Jessi….there are many other issues to protest and be opposed to than the AKC. I understand many of Peta’s complaints but using this logic people should only adopt children rather than having their own because there are many children out there without homes that will have terrible lives. Right?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I absolutely refuse to cave in to the notion that I am completely dependent on the “grocery store” for my ability to eat and thrive. Remember that when the “barbarians” sacked Rome Western civilization completely forgot plumbing medicine concrete et al for over a thousand years. There is no reason that something like that couldn’t happen again. I feel very fortunate that I am able to grow and harvest my own food to a great degree. I also am proud to teach my children these skills hunting gathering gardening fishing. Besides the practical uses and the security of bequeathing knowledge to the next generation my girls also realize that tomatoes and cows don’t grow in “grocery stores.” Of course we still use the market but If there were no market for whatever reason my family would survive. I am not trying to sound like some survivalist wacko but to understand history is to understand where you’ve been and where might be headed. Certainly there are skills that need to die female genital mutilation for instance but some need to be preserved for a number of reasons. Judith is Mars’ evil sister except she screams her insults from a different mountaintop. I don’t mean to cast stones because I am not the nicest guy in the world but holy crow I wonder if she is like this in her day to day life. How could she function so ineffectively? In retrospect I have allowed myself to be bated into this ridiculous banter mea culpa. I pledge not to fall into that trap again.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Mike I am sure going to give it a try. See no evil Hear no evil. But it is strange that MAR’S came back as a woman. Judith All beings tremble before violence All fear death All love life Thae Buddha

  • Brett C says:

    To Christopher Cochran MD You could always make it a family trip if you are wanting to get a dog. There is still no excuse for breeding animals.

  • Emily says:

    The AKC is a disgusting organization in my opinion. Every time I see an AKC dog show come on telivision I look over at my wonderful 65 lb. MIXED BREED DOG who I adopted last year while volunteering at a shelter and think how I would rather have her any day rather than a ‘purebred’ poof. What I dont underdstand is whats so great about purebred?? Just because my dog looks like every other dog of its breed doesnt make me special and it definately doesnt make my dog unique D. it just makes me an idiot who is so superficial that I would chose to boy a dog rather than SAVE A LIFE!!! I would never buy a purebred dog. it is in my opinion idiotic when there are so many homeless dogs out there who’s lives depend on being adopted. I have nothing against someone who buys a purebred dog although I do lose a bit of respect for them some of my freinds have bought from breeders. I just think they couldve made a much better decision that would save a life. Shelter dogs are so wonderful and greatful that I would always adopt a shelter dog over buying a purebred one. It is my preference and it is the right thing to do. I am repulsed by the AKC. Dog shows are superficial and they promote selective breeding. Their view on spaying and neutering is repulsive as well. There is no reason for them to be against something that could save so many lives. DONT BREED OR BUY WHILE HOMELESS PETS DIE.

  • Lyndsay says:

    The problem does not lie with dog breeders themselves. When you buy a dog from a breeder you must get that animal spayedneutered. As for shelter dogs I’m all for saving animals who have been abandoned. But don’t you think you should push a little more of the blame towards those people who abandon the animals rather than those who are keeping their own controlled populations?

  • Caboose says:

    Thank t you Michele see how I am a half anti?

  • Tamara says:

    Susannah Sthe same thing is happening to birds. THey are being overbred. The little guys parakeets were affected years ago. I remember my first parakeethold your breath30 years ago. The breeder 30 yrs ago we didn’t know better told me way back THEN that the birds usually develop tumors around 5 years old. Sure enough right on time my Poncho developed a tumor on his wing around the age of 5. We lost him shortly thereafter. Every parakeet I have had since then has developed either a tumor or hernia and despite the best care available at the time or lately the advent of avian surgery has died. The oldest lived to be almost 8 years old. This is a bird that is supposed to live 1015 years and has been known to live longer. I think I have heard up to 20 years. I am not sure about the larger breeds of birds how they are affected. But I’m sure with the advent of bird mills they will be. If it hasnt already started happening. In God’s name WHAT are we doing to His creatures???

  • Tamara says:

    Steven Stuck I understand your point completely. But you can’t worry about those dogs. I mean I am a little more concerned about the ones in cages that are on death row and are going to be killed in a manner of days or weeks to make room for the next batch to come in. The dogs in shelters have immediate needs. They are going to be killed. There is a timeframe here. Even if you get a dog from a purebreed rescue that opens TWO spots. Another dog can go to the rescue. And another one can fill that dogs place in the shelter. That means one more in the shelter will not be killed. I cannot worry about the budgies in the chain pet stores. At least when it comes time for me to add to my flock if I choose to do so. To buy from the store or breeder in your case just keeps the storebreeder in business selling animals. And the suffering continues. Like I said I choose to worry about the ones with a time clock ticking on their life.