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It Takes a Village to Save a Cat Trapped in a Tree

Written by Alisa Mullins | March 12, 2013

Pelusa’s guardian was frantic. The little cat had darted up a tree in Patillas, Puerto Rico, after being frightened by dogs and had been trapped there for nearly a week. Because the young cat was so high up—about 35 feet—her guardian couldn’t get her down on her own. The cat was clearly too scared to come down herself, so her guardian appealed to the local fire-and-rescue department for help—but nothing was happening.

Glen Venezio with Animal Concerns Puerto Rico put pressure on fire-and-rescue officials and persuaded them to act. But by the time that they finally arrived on the scene, a local 17-year-old boy who is an expert climber had scaled the tree and managed to carry Pelusa down by himself after carefully placing her in a sack.

A PETA cruelty caseworker then coordinated with another local activist to arrange for Pelusa to be taken to a veterinarian to get a checkup and, after recovering her strength, an all-important spay surgery. She’s now “fixed” and back at home with her grateful guardian.

Pelusa’s close call serves as a reminder of why cats are always safest indoors—and why you should never give up when an animal is in peril. You might have to make several calls before you obtain results, but don’t give up!

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  • Jay Lynn says:

    Thank you to the brave 17-year old tree climber and Glen Venezio. I’ve had good results with cedar mulch (Pets Pick Company) as cat litter for my indoor cats. The conventional grey litter makes my nose run. The cedar smells nice, looks good, and the plants outdoors really love it. Just be careful to scoop out the #2 into a ‘lunch bag,’ rubber band it, and into the trash bin. Americans should grow more cedar trees and mulch them for cat litter. Cedar trees could probably be nice as mini Christmas trees. Indoor cats need two water bowls, change them twice a day. Vets should get rewarded with tax breaks, etc., for doing spay/neuters. Restaurants should sell chemical free shredded chicken (cage free) for cats. You can’t trust any of the pet food companies any more. Please list recipes for cat food. I noticed my cat loves Amy’s lentil soup, it is a real treat to him! He really purrs while slurping it up.