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Take the Clean Meat Poll!

Written by PETA | May 16, 2008

A lot of people had a lot to say about our recent offer of a million bucks to the first team of scientists who could produce commercially viable meat grown in a laboratory (clean meat). We’re deadly serious about this thing, as it could end the suffering of billions of animals in factory farms if it takes off—but we need to get an idea of the reservations people (both vegetarians and nonvegetarians) might have about eating meat that’s been produced in a lab. So if you have a moment, please take our Clean Meat poll and let us know where you stand. I’m kind of fascinated to see how this thing turns out.


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  • Isobel says:

    I don’t believe “clean meat” is a good idea. There are several reasons I don’t think it’s good. The first is I don’t think meat eaters would make the switch. Meat eaters tend to pride themselves on eating meat. Because meat eaters have ridiculous beliefs like “real men” eat meat. I think meat eaters would view clean meat like they view soy meat. The second is most vegetarians would not eat it. PETA has all this information about how meat makes you fat and can cause heart disease why would anyone want to go back to eating meat even if animals didnt suffer for it. The third reason is that we don’t know the effects it will have on our health in the long run. I try to eat healthy and one of the ways I do that is to not eat bioengeneered foods. I think that bioengenereed foods help a lot of people like in poor countries where people suffer from malnutrition they are able to get more nutrients and stuff from the genetically enhanced food But although it is helpful to some I dont want to put it in my body. Basically I don’t believe that “clean meat” is going to keep animals from suffering. I dont know any meat eater who would switch to eating it. I think that education is the key way to ending animal suffering

  • April says:

    Yes the poll needs more options. I would not eat it bc I enjoy my vegetarian diet and the thought of eating any kind of meat grosses me out now but I think it’s a great crueltyfree option for those that do eat meat. The fact that it’s not natural is a concern though.

  • Jenny says:

    umm last time i checked meat is meat and no matter how u bull shit around how its “clean” i dont trust the industry!

  • Liza says:

    Sooo they are still raising animals just for stem cells instead of slaughter. Or am I not understanding this? I don’t trust any industry to raise animals to be treated humanely.

  • MeL says:

    isn’t it STILL meat? no thanx!

  • Jen says:

    I marked ‘no’… but only because the idea of eating flesh weirds me out. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 3 years old so please don’t take my ‘no’ as a vote of noconfidence in the product. I’m all for ‘clean meat’ as a subin for people who can’t stop eating animals. It’s an incredible alternative.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Going veg may not be an option in the future. With the ballooning human population and diminishing arable land we won’t be able to spare 12 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. Clean meat may be a possible answer. If you’re willing to accept a transplanted liver cloned from your own cells to save your life then you shouldn’t be opposed to clean meat assuming of course you’re even interested in eating meat in the first place.

  • lynda downie says:

    I became a vegan for animals. That’s the sole reason. So yes if I could eat meat that caused no suffering to any animalsI’d eat it.

  • Nathaniel Ed says:

    “I kind of wish there were more questions to the poll because while I personally would not eat “clean meat” myself and thus had to answer no I do think it is a great idea for society in general and would suggest it to the people I know who do eat meat.” Originally posted by Laura Yeah I’m the exact same way. But I feel that I’m giving negative feedback when I actually fully support it.

  • liliana says:

    the mayority of people don’t want to quit eat meat so I think this is a good idea they can eat clean meat like this the animals are going to have a better life and don’t need to be killed for humans pleasure

  • Hannah says:

    this is just a bad idea

  • Mark says:

    It would be wrong NOT to eat it. If we have the opportunity to support and promote something that can spare millions of animals from endless suffering and we don’t do it we are guilty of helping those animals suffer.

  • Andy J says:

    As others have said this poll is seriously flawed vegansvegetarians who find meat unpalatable period have to answer “no” even if they otherwise support the idea.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    This is a great idea by PETA due to how deeply entrenched meateating is in people. I would not eat it but this is an excellent tactic to go for and keep at.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    I understand why AR people advocate for this but don’t agree. Eating meat is not good for the human body and I don’t think this clean meat is going to be any better. What effect are we having on our species long term by not promoting healthier living? Think about all the drugs that parents take whether for cholesterol diabetes whatever. I can’t imagine those drugs won’t affect the children and the species as a whole. I know the clean meat is a short term solution and mine is long term but I think we need to really think about what we are doing to the species. There are so many obese and unhealthy people these days compared to 50 or so years ago when it was not acceptable to be that way. We need to stop letting people think that an unhealthy lifestyle is a personal choice and we need to stop encouraging it.

  • Holly says:

    If this moves meat eaters away from the killing of animals I am all for it… I my self have been vegan for so many years I dont think I would want to eat it. Go Vegan

  • Andrea says:

    I agree with the above who said it’s not fair for people who said no to be clumped together without asking why. I personally would not eat it for a few reasons 1 the thought of eating meat is just gross to me now that I am vegan 2 because even though it wouldn’t be diseased or pumped full of antibiotics there are still health issues involved in meat consumption and 3 It would probably validate the case of nonvegetarians when they say that meat is irresistible and other things like that because even though it is not “cruel” meat if vegetarians all of a sudden start eating clean meat it would still probably send out the same message as if we all started eating regular meat again. While I will admit if I had to choose between eating cruel meat and eating clean meat clean meat would win. However that would be in the case of having no other options. While I am glad that these scientists are trying to do this because it would mean less cruelty in this world and there are so many people who would actually eat it especially those who already eat meat I probably still would not eat it because of the health problems meat in general causes such as cholesterol heart problems etc. But for those who really want to eat meat I am truly thrilled for them and I also like the term ‘clean meat’ because of how gruesome real meat is. Also if it were to replace ‘real meat’ it would help with the issue of worls hunger not only because the meat could be produced without the wasted resources associated with factory farming but the amount of food fed to cows alone in the united states if given to the worlds hungry would end world hunger. I think they are really onto something with the clean meat idea I still probably wouldnt eat clean meat but I would suggest it to everyone I know who wants to eat meat.

  • Janers says:

    I wouldn’t eat Real meat or clean meat I don’t believe in messing with nature isn’t that what people are doing wrong with animals? but what are the long term health effects? What about cholesterol and other nutritional facts? Fat sodium etc… I’m sticking to my soy faux “meats”

  • christina says:

    Its not that I dont think its a good idea though. If it will end the suffering of millions of animals then it sounds good to me. If people want to put it in their bodies awesome. I personally wouldnt buy it or serve it up to my daughter lol but thats just me.

  • amber says:

    the only reason i wouldn’t eat clean meat is i like saying i’m a vegetarian. i will refer it to my meat eating friends and family though!!

  • Eric Silberstein says:

    Christina When it comes to most of the things we have done to this world we have messed with nature and even have gone against it and as a result the ecosystem is out of balance. Although I do agree that messing with Mother Nature is wrong if this creates a humane alternative then I’m all for it. I will say for me I enjoy being a vegetarian and would never go back to eating meat invitro or not. As far as this poll is concerned I would be interested to no what VegetariansVegans would actually eat this meat due to the humane circumstances surrounding it. Maybe there should be a splash page to this poll with two choices One for Meat Eaters and on for VegetariansVegans. This poll might produce more accurate results.

  • Carla says:

    Christina you’re too funny!! And Matt you’re right!! But as for me I don’t think I would eat it. It still would have to come from a cell from an animal and even the word laboratory makes me cringe!! But on a lighter note it may make people think that the blood soaked packages of MEAT they buy in stores maybe really is “unclean”!!

  • Rachel says:

    To my mind this is no less unnatural than the way animals are intensively reared on farms. So it uses new technology and people are afraid of that but surely anything’s better than ingesting faeces and growth hormones and godknowswhat else in “real meat”? Yes it will take a long time to perfect and come up with an economically viable way to produce clean meat. However. For the sake of the environment the animals the starving millions and the state of our physical and moral health as a species I think it’s an absolute necessity and will support it in any way I can.

  • Quwen Qyiz says:

    You really do need more options on that poll. I voted “Yes” only because I’m in support of it but I honestly wouldn’t touch the stuff since it would just be too much like the real stuff for me. If you could have a “No but I would be in support of it” option that would be great. Thanks! Q3

  • Robyn says:

    I agree with Laura. I am supportive of the idea of clean meat for both the animals the environment mostly the animals but meat just grosses me out now…

  • Rebecca says:

    You’re really not going to get clear results from this. You should at least ask people if they are meat eaters or veg and also if they support the production in general.

  • Matt says:

    I think there are some flaws with this poll because it doesn’t differentiate between those who say “No” because they don’t want to eat meat AT ALL and those who say “No” because they want to eat normal meat… so basically the two opposite ends of the spectrum get clumped together under 1 response. Y’all need to hire a statistician over there!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I think it would also be worth noting how much it would cost PETA or whoever made it. The cost to make it even without the safety standard would be outrageous. And it’s worth telling people the truth that there would be no way to know how safe it really is until it’s been “tested” quite a bit either on animals or people.

  • Mark says:

    That’s a brilliant name for it! Let’s try to coin this as the term for “invitro meat.” It makes it sound so much better as it should sound and points out how filthy “real meat” is.

  • Laura says:

    I kind of wish there were more questions to the poll because while I personally would not eat “clean meat” myself and thus had to answer no I do think it is a great idea for society in general and would suggest it to the people I know who do eat meat.

  • Christina says:

    I wouldnt eat it. Its not natural God only knows what the heck is in this stuff or how it is made. Does anyone know the long term effects of eating this stuff? I guess I just dont really agree with messing with nature.