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Will You Click Twice to Save Animals?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 19, 2011

If you could wave a magic wand to help stop cruelty to animals, you would do it, right? Well, PETA doesn’t have any magic wands, but we do have a way to help animals that’s just as easy.

Every day this month, our December Action Drive page will feature three new campaigns that need your help. All you have to do is click once to read the letter that PETA has written to an animal abuser on your behalf, type in your name, and click again to send it. It takes even less time than saying “Abracadabra.”

With your help, we’ve achieved many great victories for animals in 2011, such as sparing homeless cats from being used as nurses’ training “tools” at the University of Michigan and convincing Lipton, the world’s largest tea brand, to end animal tests. Let’s finish 2011 on a high note with 250,000 actions taken for animals. The Take Action December Drive site has a counter so that we can track how close we’re getting to that goal.

Ready to get started? Make your first click here.

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