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Taiwan Bans Steel-Jaw Traps

Written by PETA | July 6, 2011

A new bill making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess steel-jaw traps (a common torture device used to trap animals for their fur) has passed in Taiwan. Pamela Anderson and PETA Asia-Pacific sent a bouquet of flowers to legislator Ting Shou-chung, who proposed the motion and was instrumental in pushing it through.

Thanks to the hard work of Ting Shou-chung, Taiwan has officially joined the 88 nations that have completely banned steel-jaw traps … It warms my heart to know that Taiwan will no longer allow dogs, cats, and wild animals to die slow, painful deaths in these cruel traps.


Animals caught in steel-jaw traps struggle in excruciating pain to get free as the jaws cut into their flesh, often down to the bone. Some animals, especially mothers desperate to return to their babies, will attempt to chew or twist off their trapped limbs. Animals may struggle for hours and even days before they finally succumb to blood loss, exposure, frostbite, or dehydration. All this before they are killed, usually for their fur.

Shockingly, these cruel devices are still legal and in use in the United States. Take a stand against them by signing PETA’s fur-free pledge today.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Sterling light says:

    We all have to do our part here on earth. Do the research of positive companies we want to support. Not supporting companies that cause unnecessary suffering to human or animal. Support causes for signing petitions, donating money and time. Spreading the word to others to live in alignment with non-harm and compassion/empathy. For all else… We pray for. I pray for the nameless faceless people who hurt other life forms with complete disregard. I pray that the are filled with empathy for all life… And the universal understanding one oneness. Blessed be. -sterling

  • Linda says:

    I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU! (This is horrible) Linda

  • maru says:

    i want to use this things on those who prepare,put and instale it,in order to grab animals,may i? u can be jure that they´ll suffer a lot,i dont like people who were fur

  • sandra lenart says:

    Please ban the use of these barbarack traps.

  • Isla Runciman says:

    Just get a friggin grip on life ! STOP THIS NOW !! People are just so ***** greedy and selfish ! Its not all about us ! We are all here for a reason and its sure as **** not to inflict pain on animals !

  • lotta norin says:

    Stop this NOW

  • Pia Wass says:

    Please stop this cruelty. But good one Taiwan!

  • Laila Rosenqvist says:

    We strongly needs animal Welfare NOW for all animals all over the World from birth to death. If you absolutely must hunt these wild beautiful animals – then at least be a skilled hunter with a heart beating for animals welfare and no traps!

  • Stefanie Ramos says:

    No To Animal Killing!!! GO PETA!!!

  • Joy Hall says:

    Go Taiwan!! Now if we can get the barbarians in the U.S. to join in. And a big AMEN to Carol Clay.

  • anil says:

    this has to be finally STOPPED.plz god helps us to help them.

  • Sandra De Hoyos says:

    To allow these traps in the USA is disgusting. This needs to be stopped. How inhumane. We are a better nation than that.

  • jaki lucas says:

    it breaks my heart seeing the terror in that animals eyes where do u find these monsters that make these cruel and evil traps how do they sleep at nite???????

  • Jane says:

    It would be so wonderful if we could pass this in the United States!! Now we MUST INSURE policing and CONSEQUENCES that are more than a minor misdeamor for BREAKING THE NEW LAW!! Thank You.

  • aundrea haygan says:

    This traps are inhuman and these animals don’t deserve to be treated this way..They won’tlike it if it was them caught in the traps..STOP KILLING !!!

  • Laura says:

    We need to stop the use of traps in the US…among other things =( Lets save our animals from pain and suffering!!!

  • Justin Prater says:

    I am glad that Taiwan passed that bill. I hope the U.S.A gets with the program. Does the land of the free apply to animals also?

  • Monika Fisher says:

    If I were a US President worth a ****, I`d make it 10 years without parole for possession – natural `life` for 2d offense. Their is NOTHING in favor of killing other beings, whether cruelly or not !!

  • Florencia Cudicio says:

    there is no way this can continue, and we are the intelligent specie?

  • Margotbean says:

    Last year my sister found one of these things in the woods where she walks her dog. Not in the wilderness, but in a small wooded area next to a skateboard park. I’m shocked to read that these things are legal in the US…

  • Joanne Rohner says:

    In Kansas city they use these jaw traps for Squirrels hanging by the mouth .. I have seen many animals suffer for hours and the blood from the animal falls every where this is a heath violation but still practiced..the company who does this refused to take the trap down outside my door where i had to endure hours of the dying animal screaming and body hitting my door blood was every where only way I got him to take the dead animal down was have my ex husband who is a DR threaten to call heath dept this is to me extremely cruel and damaging to me mentally as well and should be banned in USA.

  • Lavinia Netoi says:

    It’s hearbreaking to imagine the pain they suffer when they are caught in a trap. TRAPS should be BANNED. All sorts of traps.

  • Sev Duffuler says:

    I will never be able to understand how a specie can be so cruel and I will never acccept that it is my own…

  • ameeta bhalla says:

    Punishment for the people who use these devises to trap animals should be given the same treatment. Only then such cruelties will stop.

  • ameeta bhalla says:

    Punishment for the people who use these devises to trap animals should be given the same treatment. Only then such cruelties will stop.

  • holly says:

    now if only the USA would follow suit and stop this horrible and cruel torture for fur

  • Nance Ennis says:

    Go Taiwan!!! I’m proud of you! Let’s go, U.S.!!!

  • amy dove says:

    i would love to see the humans that are performging such cruel acts to be caught up in one of these traps and experience to pain these poor animals are having to endure

  • lisa says:

    The USA have a lot to learn from other countries around the world

  • Maria Weir says:

    The use of these traps is heinously cruel and any civilized country would never legalize them.

  • Kim Green says:

    I don’t understand anyone who would want to wear FUR!!!! Yeah I love fashion but how the **** does one think that dead skin/FUR is fashionable it’s NOT it’s MURDER!!! So STOP stealing these poor Animals FUR!!!

  • Kim Green says:

    I don’t understand anyone who would want to wear FUR!!!! Yeah I love fashion but how the **** does one think that dead skin/FUR is fashionable it’s NOT it’s MURDER!!! So STOP stealing these poor Animals FUR!!!

  • Amanda says:

    Anyone can see the panic and fear on this poor animals face. This is a horrible practice and I give lots of credit to anyone who stands up for these poor creatures who have a long and painful death.

  • shazer says:

    it makes me sick , why cant mankind leave anything alone !!!if it moves they kill it , torture it for fun or eat it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana Grezeckiene says:


  • lisa Valcourt says:

    Has man not evolved,this is torcher from the middle-age…time to respect the animals and set a better example to other countries.

  • Susan Lindores says:

    Cruelty to animals must end. Please stop this!

  • Bev says:

    Stop using these extremely barbaric devises, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in one such as this would you? Animals have feelings, they have emotions, and most of all they have tight bonds to their young. Stop the cruelty now!!

  • Anant Saini says:

    This should be banned in all parts of the world. Please understand that animals also have feelings and responsibilities for their families.

  • Louise Broesky says:

    I think that the people who still use steel traps should have their arm or leg caught in one (just to see what it feels like). I could say a lot more but this but I believe the comments are supposed to be “polite”

  • Gabriele Herbst says:

    This has to STOP

  • carol clay says:

    We shouldn’t be killing animals at all for anything, Even if it’s instant death or not. We need to stop killing period…..

  • neharika sharma says:

    this is totally unfair,how wud humans feel if someone more powerful than them use steel-jaw traps?there is no need for such an inhuman act to take place.they are also living beings,its their world too,there should be a limit.

  • Tania Aquilina says:

    Wholehearted support to the ban of these traps. Cruelty to animals must end.

  • Kelly DelSignore says:

    People who do this are absolutely sick. How can you make a living thing suffer for hours, sometimes days? Disgusting. Make it stop.

  • Maria Ekström says:

    This kind of device belongs in the dark middleage, not in a modern world. Respect the animals!

  • Sylwia says:

    This is a small step to overcome the cruelity that humans inflict on animals, but each step counts greatly. I am very happy to see it happening and I will be more than happy to sign any petition abolishing this and other kinds of cruel actions against the most innocent ones.

  • malena salyers says:


  • Rex's Mom says:

    The US is still in the dark ages when it comes to cruelty to animals. Yes, we do have some great laws protecting animals but we could do better.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    I’m more than happy that this barbaric method has been abolished and thanks from all my heart to Peta, Pam and Ting Shou-Chung for acting once more in a perfect way!