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Tainted Dog Treats

Written by PETA | August 24, 2007

There are a few stories making the rounds about two Chinese brands of dog treats being sold at Wal-Mart that have allegedly led to some severe problems for dogs eating them. Wal-Mart quietly stopped selling Chicken Jerky Strips from Import-Pingyang Pet Product Co. and Chicken Jerky from Shanghai Bestro Trading in July, after customers said the products sickened their pets. But as of now, there has been no official recall. If you happen to have either of these products at home, you can return them to Wal-Mart for a refund. Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up, and remind you that all of our pet food info is here.

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  • name says:

    Perfect work

  • name says:

    Best Wishes!

  • name says:

    I bookmarked this guestbook.

  • rick says:

    wow these people r some effin mean and they treat animals like that not only tainted food jaslugger932 this for u they kill pets they abuse them how do u think mike vick got to jail CUZ OF ANIMLA ABUSE GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLIOUDS and pay more attention to realilty

  • roy says:

    what are the dog treats made from? I thought PETA was against animal products and your precious puppies and kittens are naturally inclined to eat meat you don’t want to go against nature do you? Is it ok to kill one animal so that your pet corgi great dogs by the way can live?

  • observer says:

    marilyn now the sens and reps couldn’t give two shits about what we write to them. they’re not going to stop trade with china ‘cuz america is in debt to china. most of our companies are rooted in china. the american government is supports chinese imports ‘cuz of the no tariff. boycott chinese products!!!!!

  • marilyn now says:

    First we get bad pet food from china and pets die. Then you have to watch what kind of toothpast you buy. Now millions of children are in danger because they are sending toys with led paint. Why aren’t we hearing anything from Washington? I buy natural treats for my dog and my dog food from the vet. Science diet. We need to send a message to Washington first you give our jobs away for cheap labor. But when they harm our pets and children you are silent. Write your senetors and congress and tell them this must stop.

  • Peta kid says:

    I’m Vegan and I feed my dog Natural Balance Vegetarian FormulaVegan and suppliment it with my greatuncles beef from his least I know they’r happy…

  • observer says:

    jaslugger932 wake up!!!! believe it!!!! take off your rose tinted glasses get out of your bubble and become mature. people are this cruel and much much much much much more. haven’t your heard about the thousands of american pets that died ‘cuz the chinese manufacturers intentionally put poisons in pet foods that were exported to the U.S.??? the same putting poisons in people foods toothpaste so on and making unsafe toys for kids???? highly impossible??? watch one half hour of the national and worldwide news and you’ll see how cruel people are!!!! it will blow your mind!!!! murders bombings terrorist doing beheadings child abductions and molestations females cutting out and some trying to cut out unborn babies from their mothers wombs school shootings a male chopping off his wifes arms with a machete hate filled gangs doing execution style murders for fun so on so on so on. a lot of people are backstabbers liars cheats bigots so on so on so on. so now the peta haters will come on with their usual brainless rants asking why peta isn’t doing anything about all of that??? well peta haters if you have the magic answer that will prevent or stop any of that speak up now or forever keep your stupidity to yourselves!!!! and keep in mind that petas only efforts can only include animal issues!!!! so go to another website and vent yourselves to people who are legally capable. start with a government website!!!! better yet get involve in civic affairs like a lot of peta activists do!!!!!

  • Cher says:

    To answer your questions jaslugger932…people are that cruel. Believe me we are living in a time when man is committing a Holocaust against animals. Its very sad.

  • Jennifer says:

    I heard about a recall a few days ago on the news… I buy nutripet organic stuff so I didn’t have to worry about going back. I hope everyone else is okay…

  • kelly says:

    Please everyone DON’T BUY PET FOOD from supermarkets or discount stores. It is cheap worthless junk that breaks down pets’ systems. no matter what all that advertising says! Do a little research and buy quality preferably organic foods. There are places online you can buy the good brands at a discount Here are brands that are quality and DO NOT test on animals httpwww.iamscruelty.comnotTested.asp

  • Craig says:

    Jaslugger932 said i dont believe this stuff i dont want to become a member no offence. this is highly impossible that people are being that cruel. Oh please you can’t possibly be that fucking stupid no offense. When ever possible I won’t buy ANYTHING made in China. As has been demonstrated with numerous recalls China has an abysmal record importing products that are safe and even worse with companion animals. Poisonous food ethylene glycol tainted tooth paste clothes with up to 900 times over the safe level of formaldehyde children’s products with LEAD paint. How many more recalls is it going to take till manufactures decide to pull the plug and find somewhere else to manufacture products.

  • jaslugger932 says:

    i dont believe this stuff i dont want to become a member no offence. this is highly impossible that people are being that cruel.