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‘Switched at Birth’ Star Warns of Elephant Danger

Written by PETA | July 13, 2011

Actor and mom Constance Marie has fired off a letter to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido to ask that he put an end to the elephant rides at the Santa Ana Zoo. Constance, who stars in ABC Family’s new show Switched at Birth, was sickened after watching video footage of trainers with Have Trunk Will Travel—who provide the elephants for the rides—as they beat elephants with bullhooks and shocked them with electric prods.

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Says Constance, “Every swing of the trainers’ bullhooks and jab of the electric prods horrified me, and seeing a baby elephant scream in pain each time a sharp bullhook is jabbed into his mouth was simply heartbreaking.”

Please add your voice to Constance Marie’s by asking the mayor of Santa Ana to stop the rides once and for all.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • gerda cohen says:

    instead evolving we humans are degenerating in compassion gerda cohen Dr.B.Vet.Med

  • MsUtelias says:

    Shoud stop to there´s training and all of be cruel for Elephants.

  • Iris says:

    That is so sad! What I don’t understand is how do the parents of these kids even let them on these elephants? I’m sure those kids thought that there was nothing wrong with what they were doing to those elephants. They could actually stay with them until they are older.


    Why cant you understand that animals are not here on this earth for us humans to abuse, please stop this inhumane torture.

  • Peh Sue Ann says:

    Elephants are highly intelligent animals. Getting them to do these silly rides is disturbing.

  • tonileeee says:

    As a great elephant lover, it saddens me that these gentle giants are tortured until their spirits are broken. They are such amazing and intelligent creatures. They live their entire lives in a family unit. Shame on us all to allow this and even more so to support it.

  • Kate says:

    Please put a stop to this it is truly heartbreaking I feel selfish for sitting here crying. Its nothing compaired to how much the baby and adult elephants must feel like crying. There living in hell. Why can’t they live a happy life like the rest of us. They have done nothing wrong. Its so sad. Please put a stop to this now.

  • karen says:

    for shame…..

  • Carole Lalonde says:

    No one has the right to treat animals this way. They deserve respect from humans, they were created to share the world with us, who told those people they could poke those animals like that, what would we say if someone was hurting our babies. I hope someone actually listens to our pleas and organise safe games with the elephants instead of mistreating them.



  • M. Belanger says:

    How can abuse on elephants or on any animal exist? This is heartbreaking and should stop immediately. To the people out there doing this… would you like it if someone did this to you and you had no way of fighting back? I doubt it. Elephants are good luck and beautiful creatures and should be treated with respect.

  • CJ smith says:

    I can’t believe this is still an issue, and cali wonders why people don’t visit the zoo’s any more come on people, these are intelligent animals only peoples impatients cause us to be cruel..take these animals out of the zoo rides now..really,really,

  • Linda says:

    There is no need to abuse these beautiful elephants…this isn’t entertainment, it’s abuse. Why is the abuse allowed to continue? Shameful.

  • Kerri Barry says:

    I urge you to please STOP elephant rides at the Santa Ana zoo! There are millions of creative and non cruel ways to attract the public without the need to offer elephant rides. All I am asking is for you to see the pain and extremely cruel way in which these poor animal are living and do something good, and bring and end to this. You have the power to make a difference and I put all my hope and faith into you to do the right thing. Thanking you kindly, for making this world a better place by helping these animals live a happy life. Maybe look into start up an elephant conservation program, or give people the opportunity to spray and bath the elephant with water from behind a safe enough enclosure. Thank you

  • Kim Smith says:

    This is disgusting! We cant spank our kids but humans can do this to poor defenceless animals? Doesnt sound right to me!

  • S. McIntyre says:

    Elephants should never be abused in this way by anyone in any case. End of story. It’s grotesque.

  • Elizabeth Reichert says:

    Just look at the eyes of the elephant in the picture. That says it all without saying a word. It makes me cry.

  • Janice Henson says:

    My heart bleeds for all the animal suffering and cruelty that seems to be rife in this day and age…what sort of World is this for innocent children?….and how safe will it be for their offspring..these animal abusers often turn their attention to humans eventually and therefore no one is safe…lock them up and throw away the key when they have had the same cruelty that they subjected their victims to…how many would behave so appallingly if there was that consequence was their penance…only those who have a mental compulsion, I think….

  • Cassie Dahl says:

    Please stop the elephant rides! As a mother I know that I would never allow my daughter to ride an elephant or even take her to a circus because of the horrible abuse to the animals not just elephants. Baby elephants need there mothers and adult elephants don’t deserve to be abused. They have feelings to… you? Stop this cruelty!!

  • Tina Rizzo says:

    Unacceptable! Please stop this cruelty and end it forever. They don’t have a voice. We have to speak for them. God help those that would abuse, torture and neglect innocent animals. We need to step up and do the right thing. Please help! Thank You!

  • Lisa M. D'Ambrosio says:

    Simply heartbreaking.

  • Bev Walther says:

    Please stop the circus and animal rides once and for all. Help stop the cruelty to ALL animals by dispanding the circuses with their captive animals that are treated inhumanely, neglectful and abusively.

  • Elaine N Stewart says:

    Please put an end to these elephant rides. This is a cruel practice that needs to be stopped. There is no reason to take these babies away from their Mothers and sujected to these awful training methods for a RIDE for someone. There are horses and ponies that do not need to be punished to be trained. Elephant babies stay with their Mothers for years and this is cruel practice of taking them away from that and breaking their spirits really must stop. Please!

  • Wanda Carpenter says:

    Please stop the cruelty. Animals feel pain too.

  • Happy Place says:

    Plz. Stop the elephant rides at Santa Anna Zoo. Elephant training is extremely cruel and babies who need their mothers are taken away from them way too prematurely. It is a life of pain and misery for captive elephants. Do you think your children would enjoy the rides if they could understand that? How would YOU or your kids like it if YOU received the same treatment??!!?? Why cant you set the example of culture, instead of barbarrick behaviour.

  • pani ghadimi says:

    Plz. Stop the elephant rides at Santa Anna Zoo

  • jesserose says:

    I can not believe in 2011 elephants, beautiful, intelligent and exotic animals, are allowed to be treated this way. The flow of information is too fast and readily available for people in positions of power to ignore these poor animals cries for help. The human race continues to disgust me as it lets helpless animals be tortured every day for economic gain. Please help put an end to this disturbing behavior. Thank you for your time, Jessica – Rose Stopes

  • ABBY says:

    STOP NOW!!! You should be ashamed! I wish you were an elephant!

  • sheila Rawden says:

    stop the torture

  • Evie Wilson says:

    Plz. Stop the elephant rides at Santa Anna Zoo. Elephant training is extremely cruel and babies who need their mothers are taken away from them way too prematurely. It is a life of pain and misery for captive elephants. Do you think your children would enjoy the rides if they could understand that?