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Sweltering in August … in Fur

Written by PETA | August 31, 2011

Imagine how it must feel to have to wear a heavy coat outside in August! PETA members in Lansing, Michigan, no longer have to wonder after sitting in cages on a hot sidewalk in order to illustrate the misery of animals on fur farms during hot weather, when they have no escape from the heat.

Summer brings extra hardships for animals who are already suffering physical and psychological distress from constant confinement in a small wire cage. And there is no peaceful end to their suffering. Animals killed for their fur endure some of the most gruesome deaths imaginable, including death by neck-breaking, bludgeoning, poisoning, anal and genital electrocution, and being skinned alive.

“We may be hot, but it’s worth it to raise awareness about the suffering of minks, raccoons, and other animals and—their babies—when they are left in feces- and urine-covered cages in the searing heat.”

There is never a good season to wear real fur. Send a message to the fur industry by adding your name to PETA’s growing list of people who have pledged to be fur-free forever.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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