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The Sweet Smell of ‘Dancing’ Success

Written by PETA | April 12, 2010

Last week, your votes ensured that Pamela Anderson’s wildly entertaining and uniquely activist run on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) would continue. (Her anti-bullfighting paso doble was the first of its kind.) To say thanks, we’re giving away two bottles of Pamela’s new cruelty-free Malibu perfume.




Watch DWTS tonight and vote for Pamela by calling 1-800-868-3411, texting “vote” to 3411 from any AT&T phone, and visiting ABC’s Web site. You can vote by texting and calling up to 30 minutes after the show ends, and you can vote online until 11 a.m. ET tomorrow.

Then enter our contest by posting a comment below to tell us which of her many memorable moments on DWTS has been your favorite.The contest ends on April 16, 2010, and we’ll pick two winners at random on April 19, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • sarah says:

    Pamela is so such a beautiful dancer she absolutely amazing at expressing emotion and character in her dances! I loved the rhumba best. i can’t wait to see next week!

  • kathi says:


  • Maru Vigo says:

    My favorite moment happens every week when I see her dancing! By participating in this contest she also helps to bring awareness to animal rights and that is simply GREAT! GO PAM!

  • Cortezz. says:

    I adore her so much! In fact I’m going to make a video shoutout to her in hopes of one say starting a charity with her!! I absolutely love when she performs she’s so calm but at the same time so wildly gorgeous!! I vote for her from every phone in my house!!

  • ditto says:

    She’s gorgeous sexy and an animal lover. Not to mention that she dances beautifully too. My favorite moment was when she koochie kooed with Charo. It was quite delightful.

  • Michelle Brooks says:

    My favorite DWTS moment this year is Pamela as Marilyn! She was soooo good! I was so impressed!

  • stacy says:

    I love Pamela! I don’t really have a favorite moment because I love everytime she comes on DWTS!

  • Bill Hodder says:

    All women should smell as sexy as Pamela looks!!!

  • RoseAnn Hill says:

    Pamela is awesome… She is beautiful a great mom and best friend to the animals! Her meeting with Charo was so cool!!!

  • kate says:

    I think it is so brave of Pamela to voice her concerns on bullfighting in such a beautiful way! Its important for people to see that animal rights is not purely about marching chanting and picket signs! She reached a broad audience with her dance

  • karen roberts says:

    so far I liked the Marilyn Monroe dance.

  • Batya Seguin says:

    Look what beautiful has done.

  • Robert says:

    I’ve never watched the show until this season! Now I vote 4 times for Pamela and she very well deserves each vote! Keep up the great work Pam and PETA!

  • MA Moore says:

    I loved Pam the first night in the hot pink dress. She can really dance! Now we need to get out and vote! Go Pam Go! Thank you for all you do for our furry friends!

  • Marilyn Sehn says:

    Pam and Brigit Bardot are one!

  • christine gonzales says:

    every moment pamela anderson is on DWTS She lights up the dance floor. So I have to say every moment she is on the dance floor is my favorite!!! She is so beautiful…every inch a woman! DWTS was pretty boring for me until you invited pam to dance now I don’t miss a show…

  • melissa martin says:

    love pam

  • Mari says:

    Pamela A is awesome! She dances sooo smoothly. The best one this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HD says:

    What’s my favorite part of her on DWTS? Anytime she gets out on the dance floor duh!

  • emily farnsworth-brankman says:

    I loved how in awe the judges were by her sexiness in the first episode but was shocked when she was on the bottom of the dancing couples! Vote for Pamela’s hot moves and cruelty free lifestyle!!!

  • Molly Weinand says:

    I loved when Pam was dressed up as Marilyn Monroe!! She totally kept up the part the whole show even after her dancing was done. I thought she played that role wondefully! Pam is just so beautiful from the inside out!

  • Brent B says:

    Pamela Your campaigning with and for PETA has been saintly! You have given so much of your time educating everyone. Thank you so so much! God bless you and your family and keep up the great work. You can’t spell Pamela or PETA without a capital “P”.

  • Liela Hoeschen says:

    Pamela…thanks so muc for caring so much for the animals. More celebraties should take a more active role like you have. THANKS!

  • Virginia says:

    My fave moment of Pamela on DWTS is her first night when she just wowed the judges and everyone with her dancing. She was great and I wish I could dance like her…lol

  • Brent says:

    Go Pamela for PETA. You ROCK!!

  • Kerry Macuska says:

    One of her most memorable moments on DWTS was when she was in the shiny pink dress and was dancing to “Give me all of your loving.” She did great and the crowd loved it!

  • Sara Fuller says:

    Pam I can’t tell you how much I admire your work for animals. You have really opened eyes with your anticruelty campaigns. Bless you and keep up the good work!

  • Amanda P. says:

    Pamela is an inspiration to us all. She really cares about the wellbeing of animals. She’s a top class celebrity. We need more people like her promoting crueltyfree products. Good job Pammy!

  • Lauren Holt says:

    Unfortunately here in the UK DWTS US is not aired. If it is I don’t have Sky so I cannot watch it unfortunately. Pamela is my idol and every time someone in my classes mentions something like “Oh she only cares about her looks or breasts.” I remind them of all the incredible things she does for animals. She is my absolute hero. I love her. I think girls everywhere should aspire to have such an amazing activist achievement nice alliteration huh? P like her. WE LOVE YOU PAM even all the way here in the UK! xxx

  • jacquelyn bradley-peterson says:

    i must say i love pam being on DWTS. she’s so good and will get better to go far. EVERYONE VOTE!!!! hehe i love the marilyn monroe moment…..girl play to character. i can’t wait to see what’s next

  • Javiera Muñ says:

    Pam just rocks! It’s a very nice example to protect animals and agree with her cause. She’s sexy sweet and loves animals… she’s just a super nice example to people of southamerica here we know her a lot…she came to chile some months ago.

  • Mollie Brown says:

    Being a huge predancing with the stars Pamela Anderson fan I’m thrilled to vote for her and encourage my friends to do so as well. I love her passion for animal rights. I didnt know she had a perfume! My fave of her many memorable DWTS moments would be her super sexy chacha never has that dancefloor seen so much sex appeal!

  • Curtis Taylorw says:

    Pamela will be getting all of my votes. And like last week I’ll be getting my mom and friends to vote too. Speaking of my mom her bday is coming up May 7th. So if I win this contest she will definitely be getting Pam’s Malibu perfume to go along w a pink skir I’ve already bought her. Hip hip hooray for Pamela’s speaking out against the bullfight. She should be thanked everyday for being such a beautiful person inside and out!

  • John Carmody says:

    Perfume or no perfume Pamela Anderson will be getting all my votes tonight and i will be encouraging people everywhere to vote for her too i just can’t describe how much i adore her passion for animals it’s got to be said she truly does redefine what a celebrity can do for a cause.