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Sweden Burns Bunnies to Generate Electricity–and Outrage

Written by PETA | October 15, 2009

Little known fact about Stockholm: Thousands of rabbits are shot and killed in the city’s Kungsholmen neighborhood every year. To up the gross quotient, the city has taken to freezing the bunnies’ bodies and shipping them off to a power plant, where they are burned to generate electricity. Eww … it gives a new, vomit-worthy meaning to the term “green,” that’s for sure.

And if that’s not nauseating enough, Stockholm assassins authorities say that many of the rabbits are tame bunnies who were turned loose by people who no longer wanted them. Folks, let this serve as a reminder to never, ever set a domesticated animal loose. Don’t even think about it.

I used to have trouble imagining that people could be so irresponsible until my mom discovered two domesticated bunnies, Eddie and Lewie, hopping around in a neighbor’s yard. They narrowly escaped becoming a hawk’s dinner after chewing their way out of their dilapidated hutches on the next street over. Their owner had no interest in retrieving them, so they rule the roost at Mom’s house now. (Shameless plug: Lewie is Mr. April in PETA’s 2010 calendar.)


Photo © Chris Garcia


If you’re not the kind of scum who would turn a helpless animal loose to fend for him or herself, then step up and be a hero to the animals who have had the misfortune to fall out of someone’s hands. Whenever you encounter strays, for heaven’s sake, take them to a reputable animal shelter or bring them into your home where they will be safe until you are able to locate their guardian or find them a new home. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same if, heaven forbid, your angel were to accidentally slip out the door?

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • bryan bruening says:

    So what do you suggest they do with all of the rabbits? Let them eat gardens? I don’t like that they have to be shot but if they are shot and treated like any other pest eventually they will get to a point in their population where they wont need to be hunted to control the population. I congratulate Sweden on what they are doing. The are being as you say “green” because they are utilizing the energy available to them. Its better to burn biomass fuels rather than fossil fuels because the carbon that is stored in the ground by millions of years stays stored. There is no net carbon released in burning bunnies.

  • WASR says:

    Sweden could use the biomass for fuel the rabbits are invasive in Sweden afterall. It’s better than just killing them and letting them rot if they’re going to control the invasives. I’m suprised this wasn’t compared to a Concentration Camp however.

  • Viveca says:

    You have got to be kidding! What is it that leads someone to look at a cute fuzszy bunny and say “Looks like good fire starter” Sickos!

  • Roberta says:

    Whoever is burning those poor animals will end up the same! Burnt and killed!

  • Bluebell says:

    I seem to be forever encountering animals in need of a home. I already have a dog and due to the size of my flat it wouldn’t be fair to have any more pets. I can envisage myself in later years owning a large property that will become a homeless shelter for animals. It always amazes and disgusts me the number of irresponsible people who abandon animals when they can no longer be bothered to care for them if they ever really did. Perhaps Sweden should invest in educating people about looking after animals properly in the first place instead of taking the easy option.

  • vegancoin says:

    i feel very sick. only insensible brutes would do such a thing.

  • cailean says:

    wow interesting way to get rid of rabbits

  • Kimberly S Lewis says:

    Shouldn’t we be evolving by now and devolving. Hopefully enough people will hear of this tragedy and be able to stand up and do something about it. God help us!

  • elise botes says:

    It is absolutely disgusting. God put us humans here 2 take care of His creationsnot destroy it.

  • carla says:

    See you later Ikea… crap furniture anyway! And screw you Swedes….. banning your country along with many of my other Animal Lovers. Your now on my s….t list with Canada Japan and China and many others. Discusting!

  • Salogma says:

    Never release a domesticated animal into the wild! Abandoning your rabbit doesn’t make her free it makes her food! However boycotting Sweden Especially since only Stockholm is doing this and their products is a little ridiculous. China does far far worse to people and animals but nobody boycotts products from China as if you could Almost everything is made in China now. Still this is a very barbaric thing. I wish people would treat their animals with respect.

  • Bobbie says:

    Omg! I expected this out of china or some country like that but Sweden!? They seemed so civilized..but animals depend on us bc we breed them that way and we have made the world that way. They are not made to exist in our world. Our world has shunned everything natural paved over everything God created or whatever you believe in.

  • Sheyrl Morris says:

    Disgusting! And I have Swedish roots I am ashamed!

  • oh hi says:

    Oh please they’re all already dead. Go read about this story some where else before you start calling it animal cruelty.

  • bobby says:

    I used to live in Stockholm and my step family are from Norway.They have a different view on animals than us.Every creature is edibleand if not edible then body parts are used.Whaling and seal culling is deep rooted in the cultureas is hunting and trapping.I’m seen as an oddity when I visit as vegetarians are rare in scandanavia.To the person who saved the catcongratulations for being a decent human being!

  • NK says:

    Actually how the story goes is someone over here had a bunch of rabbits as pets in the 70’s. That someone died and the pet rabbits managed to find their way out of the apartment before the owners body was recovered. Then time went by and the rabbits did what rabbits do and here we are with tons and TONS of rabbits everywhere in the city. Not that I mind the bunnies but according to the authorities their population started to grow out of control and they had to do something about it. So that’s why they have to kill some of them off every year. It’s not like they kill the bunnies cause they need electricity like some people propose…

  • Cray says:

    Stop the Sweden bashing why is it you people hate a country all of the sudden for one thing that goes on. I have been to Sweden and I know that most Swedes would not like the idea and most swedes do not even know of this. So stop blaming the sins of a few on the majority.

  • Jennifer says:

    Bunny Nazis! Thats what the Nazis did killed ppl by the masses burned the bodies.Horrific esp bc ive always had pet rabbits.

  • Brian says:

    Great story Emma! Always nice to hear a sweet story to remind people the duty we have to our four legged friends. Peace.

  • Michael Dolan says:

    Simply barbaric. Imagine that most of this electricity goes into producing products for Ikea. Luckily Ireland only has one!

  • AAG says:

    I feel sick!

  • david mcfarland says:


  • 4mula1 says:

    boycott everything from this UNcivilised heartless country

  • deitrix666 says:

    Boo Sweden…how uncivilized!!!

  • Karen says:

    When I first heard of the story I thought they were burning carcasses that were consumption waste. Not that I condone eating rabbits but “recycling” the waste seemed positive. If they’re just shooting rabbits because of nuisance overpopulation and then burning the corpses then they really need to take a look at what’s causing the overpopulation. Can you TNR bunnies?

  • Mehdi says:

    That is just pure evil…..I will stop buying swedish products and definitely no longer travel there…..and sweden claims to have the high moral ground?

  • Soheil says:

    This is disgusting . Sweden is supposedly a “modern” and “developed” country right?!

  • Christina says:

    I myself have a stray rabbit who I found hopping around our colleges soccer field one day. He hopped right to me and I brought him home to love. It’s sad to see how people can just let animals go like that… and even worse when they turn to inhumane things like that!

  • Alexandra says:

    I am really shocked…I have a bunny at home actually but it is not only because of this fact. I cannot believe that such country like Sweden is not able to find some more civilised solution for this problem!

  • BunnyLover says:

    We had a stray rabbit named Frank hopping around our neighborhood for some time. Luckily for Frank he was captured in a humane trap and is now the pampered pet of a caring 12 year old girl.

  • Anne Compagnon says:

    Sweedenthe most civilized Country in the world…..I thought. Please people stop this cruelty with burning the rabbits. Butterfly

  • emma says:

    Just recently i was on my way out and i saw a cat lying on the pavement when i went over to her she stood up took one step then fell back down i noticed her back leg was up and her paw was swinging about she tried walking but after a few steps she kept falling down. i picked her up took her to my local vets and they told me it looked like she had been hit by a car and it was a week old injury the poor girl had been trying to walk like that for a week what angered me was the fact that someone must have seen her like that if it was a week old injury and no one sorted her out. she was on the street and no one stopped to pick her up im surprised a dog didnt get her or something anyway the rspca rang me to give me an update and shes with a lovely home. she had to have her leg amputated but she happy and loved but if i didnt see her it could have been a different story animals are like children they rely on us to help them and look after them so please if u see an animal no matter how big or small help them its so important.

  • roxanne says:

    shame on Sweden quite coldhearted