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Supermodel Petra Nemcova Goes Vegan

Written by PETA | July 23, 2007

Is it me or does Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova look more beautiful than ever lately? Well, I think I know why. I just came across this story about how she recently went vegan to make a statement and to save fish, so there ya go.

OK, I guess maybe her perfect genes could have a little something to do with it, but still . . . Seriously though, I can’t think of a better spokesperson for veganism than Petra. You go girl.

AskMen/Creative Commons

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  • Sanders says:

    I wanna know a veg girl. Down here in SouthAm everybody eats dead bodies!!!

  • Carmella says:

    I’m guessing that if Allen Stick thinks Milk does a body good he also thinks that being fat is attractive. I enjoy being 5 foot 9 and 115 pounds so I’ll stick to soy milk and veggies.

  • EVE says:

    im happy to hear that more and more people start thinking obout getting vegans i have always been a vegatarian and now a vegan i have to say that i feel much better more healthier and younger. after watching “earthlings” i was so shocked about the pictures given in the documentation i have throuwn all my leather boots and shoes away! here in europe its still weird to be a vegan but as i said im happy that people stark thinkng.

  • taem says:

    she eats?

  • krishna dasi says:

    to allen stick then you should take the milk from a hare krishna farm where cows are never slaughtered!

  • A says:

    Rojo are you a ugly disgusting person that cannot read..bitter a tad. And Allen Stick soy milk does a body good!

  • Bill says:

    Either before I went veggie or since I have never encountered a dish as mouthwatering as her. DAMN! I repeat DAMN! Welcome to the good guys’ side Petra.

  • Mike says:

    Allen Why are we the only species that insists on drinking milk past the age of weaning? And why do we drink the milk of a different species? Surely we’d do better to stick with human breast milk at least in our first few years of life?

  • Gabriella says:

    Milk makes you fat gives you extra cellulite and extra pimples! Completely proven. Try it anytime.

  • Allen Stick says:

    How unfortunate that we have to witness her beautiful body wither away! Milk does a body good. Don’t give it up Petra!

  • Michael says:

    We’ll either fish till there ain’t no more or people will give fish up voluntarily if they become any more contaminated with mercury dioxins and throw some PCB’s in there for good measure. Canadian wildlife painter Robert Bateman was found to have 44 chemical possible carcinogens in his blood. And this is a guy who eats organic and lives in Supernatural as B.C.’s tourist ads used to say British Columbia.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Well that’s very good news!

  • highland says:

    petra nemcova is the sweetest model on earth and a bright shining beautiful star in my heart for ever!!!

  • rojo says:

    Would anyone other than a supermodel give up dairy to save the fish?