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Super Cruelty, Courtesy of CareerBuilder

Written by PETA | December 22, 2010

For me, the highlight of the 2010 Super Bowl wasn’t the Saints’ inspiring victory in their first Super Bowl appearance but rather the abundance of animal-friendly commercials that ran between touchdowns. That’s why I was saddened to hear that CareerBuilder is planning to run a commercial featuring real chimpanzees during the 2011 Super Bowl, even though the company was bombarded with thousands of letters from concerned people after airing similar ads in 2005 and 2006. CareerBuilder knows by now that chimpanzees used in the entertainment industry are physically abused, torn away from their mothers when they’re babies, and usually abandoned by the age of 8, but apparently it just doesn’t care.

Anjelica Huston has now joined with the thousands of PETA supporters who have written letters to CareerBuilder urging the company to can this cruel ad. If you haven’t already done so, please remind CareerBuilder that there is nothing funny about cruelty to animals and urge the company to cut the monkey business.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Marie Perkins says:

    I was appalled to see your commercials using chimpanzee’s. These magnificent animals are not here for our amusement or to sell products. They are abused and tortured to get them to perform. I am asking that you stop using live animals in your commercials. There are plenty of people that are out of work who could use a job SEEING THAT YOU ARE A JOB FINDING COMPANY!

  • NatalieLovesAnimals says:

    I dream of a world where animals, who have just as much right to a good life as we do, don’t get exploited for money. People who take advantage of defenseless animals really hurt my heart.

  • LoriLynn says:

    They use shock collars, fear tactics, starvation, etc. to force the chimps to “behave and perform”. Beyond cruel. Company lacks morals, ingenuity and will do anything for a buck. LOSERS!

  • Niamh for Peta says:

    It is heart-breaking to see what these animals go through. If you have a heart, don’t abuse animals. These animals can feel pain, and have feelings, just like us. Also, think of the other animals, from ringling, and other circuses; They are beaten, drowned and even killed. Humans should not do this. It is illegal for us to abuse other people of our kind, so we should not do this to animals.

  • Kitti Virts says:

    CareerBuilder, please do not support or promote the misuse and abuse of monkeys in your commercials. There really is nothing funny about this. Smarten up.

  • Sally Miller says:

    Yes when I see anything on tv with chimps or other beautiful creatures I would never buy their products

  • nancy says:

    There’s no way I’ll use CareerBuilder now that I know that company is sorely lacking in compassion.

  • Barra Cassidy says:

    Fair play to Anjelica and PETA, id like to say leave elephants out of show biz as well.

  • Margaret Cox says:

    Please, do not contribute to the suffering of these wonderful animals. Thank you.

  • Jan Gustavsen says:

    Do not do such thing, please!

  • jason stefanko says:

    Please stop your add featuring chimpanzees. I am appauled that this day in age this is still going on.

  • stephanie says:


  • Eva Schmelzer says:

    You would never take less intelligent humans. But it’s the same. Think of it.