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Sun Li Wears Wings to Fight Fur

Written by PETA | February 11, 2010

Chinese actor and angelic beauty Sun Li—star of Painted Skin and Iron Road—is storing up treasures in heaven by posing in PETA Asia’s latest anti-fur ad.


Sun Li


Sun Li


“Every piece of fur, even if it’s ‘just a little trim,’ means that an animal suffered horrendously. With all the warm, stylish alternatives available, there’s no excuse for wearing fur,” said Li.

What’s the only way to end cruelty on Chinese fur farms? Shun all fur forever.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Huong Pham says:

    Why the laws in all human societies are the same that means people are not allowed to murder, to kill, to torture, then why do human are allowed to do all of these immoral actions to animal? When it comes to pain and suffering what is the differences between human pains and animals pains? Do these living beings have the same fully nerve systems developed to feel the same pain and suffering? the answer everyone should know is yes. So why human allow to steal fur, to torture to kill, to murder to make these innocent animals suffering to make money, to get benefit based on the expenses of these animals suffering. Why all government’s and all politicians refuse to enforce these laws in all societies to bring justice to trillions of animals on earth ? Do human have hearts, and brains to act humanely? or are we all evils on earth to allow such things happen?

  • Diana says:

    Sun Lin you are amazing! Thanks so much for speaking up for the animals! One day I know things will change into better and there will be no more fur industry. But for now we must create awareness of this issue and if people know what fur really means I’m sure most of them will stop buying it!

  • J L K says:

    Thank you Sun Li! I knew nothing about you before but I am now a fan. Much more needs to be done about this seems to me these poor innocent helpless animals desperately need to be rescued NOW from these Asian Monsters. We need to do a lot more than this ‘

  • Jenny says:

    one of the problem is false marketing by the fashions companies people think they’re buying faux fur because that’s what’s on the label but that may not be the case!

  • Barbara Rea says:

    Its past time we stopped wearing fur Its crule and barbaric Just the thought of takeing innocent animals cats and dogs away from the people who loved them Thowing them in a cage where they sit waiting to be killed Just think about what that must be like waiting to be skinned alive! And after those horrible people are done with you they toss your naked body in a pile where you shiver and die a slow death And your heart beats up to ten minuates This is whats happening in China Right Now And we need to stop it before more innocent animals die in the name of fashion

  • ratking says:

    it’s sublime i just hope that it shall be enlightening china!

  • Elaine Cao says:

    unfortunately many Chinese people and societies are not aware of animal cruelty. Li looks amazing

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Amazing!! Wearing fur is so horrible!

  • Jay says:

    Every woman is more beautiful without fur!!!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Li looks so beautiful. I think she’ll touch the hearts of many people. Great pictures!