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Strongest Man’s Thanksgiving Message

Written by Melinda McKee | November 27, 2013

Patrik Baboumian Open Letter

In a Facebook post, strongman Patrik Baboumian is asking for one thing this holiday season:

Dear friends in the US,

In a few days you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving and if I may ask you for your attention I would like to make a suggestion this year.

Why don’t use the opportunity and thank someone that has done labour for the whole human race for thousands of years.

Someone that has helped us as a species to come to where we are today.
Someone whose labour, tears, sweat and blood has been the price for our development as a society.

I’m not talking about Jesus Christ. I’m not even talking about a person.

I’m talking about the animals that we have used as our pets, as food, as our slaves on farms, as the victims of our scientific experimentation in laboratories, as clothing and even as subjects for our mere entertainment even if entertainment means just to kill them for sport for thousands of years.

Without the suffering of all those animals, we would not be where we are now.

So isn’t it time to give something back? I really think it is!

If you agree please consider giving the whole animal kingdom a holiday from slavery just for one month.

Go vegan for a month and give something back to those who we owe so much to.

Because animals do not have a voice to speak for themselves I’m asking you on their behalf.

Sincerely yours,

Patrik Baboumian

Are you ready to try vegan?

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  • Barbara Stangalini says:

    A choice in our life…caring about our animals..caring with our animals….people can decide…! There’ s a beautiful practice called pet therapy: people suffering ’cause of an illness or ancient persons and a cat..a rabbit or another pet,
    ..a caress and some tendress that make them still smile..a hope of life for their days..someone near to them. In my days no meat on my table..a choice of life. Animals are part of our lives…we can be on the right side.
    A little sweetness in this Thanksgiving day. And so many hugs.

  • christine says:

    “without the suffering of all those animals, we would not be where we are now” dead wrong buddy…we are where we are today because of the general low mentality and low consciousness of the human race and the animals have always been the ones to suffer for is high time for aggressive divine intervention and an end to the gross misuse of free will that human have so badly abused on this planet..animals were not put here for people to use and abuse to make our lives better..we were all placed here to coexist in harmony and peace

  • mariam willis says:

    Thank you to all those who are contributing to better our world

  • Andrew says:

    OK Pat. I will give it a try. Any advice welcome about understanding the differences so one gets good nutrition. Sorry for my ignorance and not looking hard enough at this before.

  • BAN, TAX & penalize Capitalist animal-child torture industries (meat dairy eggs fur, etc.)

  • Sarkis Mambreian says:

    Ayyoo!! Go Pat!