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The Story of Mike Ness’ Animal-Friendly Life

Written by PETA | April 22, 2009

It seems like anywhere Mike Ness goes, he leaves his mark. As the frontman for Social Distortion, he’s one of the most influential men in punk rock. As a solo artist, he’s blazing a trail on the alterna-country scene. However, while Mike has made a huge impact on the music world, his impact on good ol’ Mother Earth is smaller than most people’s. That’s because Mike knows that meat’s not green and that by keeping animals off his plate he’s doing the single most effective thing anyone can do to reduce his or her carbon footprint.

Mike Ness is the most recent celebrity to sit down with PETA for a “Meat’s Not Green” photo shoot, and he even took the time to answer a few questions about why he’s doing his part to make the world a better place. Check out his video below and then head over and check out the ad.


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Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Michelle says:

    Nicest guy ever! I see him and his family every year for VEGAN Thanksgiving. So rad!

  • Lydia Theiss says:

    Finally someone who will publicly say that he thinks hunting is for sissy’s!!! Great! To say the leastI agree!

  • Luciana says:

    He is amazing the best punk rocker ever and vegetarian….could he be more perfect? i dont think so

  • Michelle says:

    I love Mike Ness I knew he was a vegetarian for a while special features on the Live in Orange County DVD. And I think it’s great PETA did a video with him. I think Mike is awesome and Social D is awesome… they got me through some hard times and I will be forever thankful to them for the beautiful music they’ve created. By the way farmers who have a business in biological vegetables aren’t hunters per se… hunting and growing crops are two completely different things.. get your facts straight Bricks.

  • kady scarlett ness:) says:

    MIKE NESS IS PRETTY MUCH AMAZING. IF YOU DISAGREE THEN UR LOSS. thank you Mr. Ness for all that you’ve done. you and Joe Strummer are my favorite ppl EVER.

  • Bricks says:

    Mike BIG FAN after all is said and done you will look back at this video and your belief that meat is murder and hunting is for sissies and say ” I was wrong”. Every cabbagecarrot and apple we eat is raised by farmers who kill deerrabbits or rodents that would eat them out of business if left unchecked. So vegetarians shouldn’t feel morally superior to hunters.

  • Jadey Alex says:

    As usually I’m glad to see more people from ”alternative” cultures making a move to make this world a better place and show that ”alternative” poeple are not just selfish weirdos… and when these moves include making the world a better place for animals it just makes me 10 times happier!

  • jeff constan says:

    Not only is Mike Ness one of todays finest rockers he is also one of todays finest people

  • Kathryn says:

    My son’s in college and he turned me on to the music of Social Distortion on a trip back to his school. Love the music! I didn’t know Mike Ness was vegetarian but it makes sense. Now I’ll go buy all of his CDs!

  • Audrey Ashmore says:

    I have always loved their singing and I am a senior citizen. Now I love the man behind the music. The way to go green! Love our Animals

  • kitten delux says:

    Yup I knew Mike was cool but I had no idea he was this cool!!! This made my day week month year…you get the picture. WAY TO GO DADDYO!!!!

  • weffie says:


  • viviana says:

    grazie mike!

  • Karen Mamont says:

    Ive always loved Mike Ness! Now I also know how intelligent he is !!! I wish people would notice NOW that they may get Swine flu that factory farms are evil cruel filthy and if you didn’t care before maybe now that it is effecting YOU in a blatent way youll see it poeple!

  • debbie crail says:

    just when i thought Mike Ness couldn’t possibly get any cooler…

  • Janet Gingras says:

    This made my day month and year! I am so happy that Mike Ness is aware he is amazing!!!

  • andi says:

    Wise words of wisdom and compassion from the talented Mike Ness! Thanks Mike for spreading the message and walking the walk!

  • Punkerdad says:

    I always thought I was the coolest guy ever. Now I see that no I’m not. Mike Ness is.

  • Always Adopt says:

    Oh I heart him! Thanks for making this video Mike and for the amazing poster!