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Act Now to Stop Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Written by PETA | February 10, 2014

It’s no secret that the U.S. is lagging behind other countries that have banned cruel and archaic tests on animals for cosmetics and replaced them with more reliable, humane methods. The European UnionIsrael, and India have all embraced modern testing methods and ended all tests on animals for cosmetics and personal-care products. Here at home, PETA has been meeting with legislators, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and numerous corporations for many months to ensure that tests on animals for cosmetics will never be required in the U.S. But a bill currently before a congressional committee threatens to make tests on animals for some cosmetics ingredients mandatory.

Proponents of the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 claim to be acting to protect public health. But the tests on animals that the bill calls for have proved time and time again to be unreliable indicators of how a product will affect humans, because animals’ physiologies are not mirror images of our own. Modern methods include testing chemicals on donated human tissue or skin cultures grown from human cells, and there are dozens of other scientifically advanced techniques. The tests are not only more reliable but also usually less expensive, and they don’t require that animals be poisoned, burned, or blinded. But if the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 passes as it is currently written, a just-published paper reports that as many as 11.5 million animals would be killed in cruel product tests in the first 10 years alone.

And the bill isn’t the only danger that animals used for cosmetics testing are facing. The cosmetics industry trade group, the Personal Care Products Council, has been negotiating for months with the FDA on possible changes to regulatory testing requirements. The most recent draft of the proposed regulations, if accepted, may also open the door to more tests on animals.

We need your help.

The victories for animals in the European Union and India were won after extensive campaigns by PETA and its affiliates that included meetings with government officials, testimony from PETA scientists, protests, ads, and e-mails from tens of thousands of animal advocates. Please follow the link below to let your congressional representatives, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Personal Care Products Council know that you support a full ban on animal tests for cosmetics. We can win a victory for animals in the U.S., too.

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  • Ксения says:

    Stop this cruel practise and suffering animals in cosmetic tests. Animals don’t deserve life in pain(((

  • Debra Warburton says:

    ugly and so cruel, thank goodness for Peta, to help to protect these precious animals

  • EK says:

    Disgusting abuse of innocent lives. Please stop this massacre.

  • let them live a free life!

  • Jackie says:

    This disgusts me. I never support any company that conducts animal testing. I adore animals. Anyone who harms a helpless animal is the lowest form of life.

  • Animal testing needs to stop. Let us walk in compassion and love and treat animals and humans with respect. Go as organic as possible. When we walk a walk that is close to mother earth, then we respect all life.

  • Christine says:

    Testing cosmetics on animals is cruel and unnecessary and nobody should buy a product that has been. When are cosmetic makers going to wake up? Consumers don’t want animals used for testing. All women want to look beautiful and makeup is important, but I’d go without it for the rest of my days if it would save even 1 animal from suffering and dying in a testing facility. Why test on animals anyway? They aren’t human and they certainly don’t wear or buy makeup. End all animal testing forever. NO MORE ANIMALS NEED TO DIE FOR BEAUTY.

  • Elenor Plumer says:

    Shame to every company and human who harms the helpless animals of this world.

  • Pamela White says:


  • Penny says:

    There is no excuse for testing cosmetics on animals. The only animal that wears them are humans, so if they want someone to test on, pay a human. That’s real simple. Humans can say yes or no. Animals have no voice to defend themselves, so we must do it for them. They are God’s precious creatures.TREAT THEM AS SUCH!

  • kathie says:

    My sister in law used to get paid $1.00 per patch for testing. It seems to me that if you want the product that badly, you’ll get it tested on yourself.

  • kathie says:

    Please post this on your Facebook page or send your message through Twitter or any of the other message boards. Getting the message out to a few who pass it on will get the message out to the world. Tell your lawmakers that you will not vote for them and will do everything in your power to make sure they will not win if they support a bill like this. I would like to know what kind of a “human” can do this type of testing. The same ingredients are found time and time again. Why do they have to be tested? Also, please remember the Chinese government insists on testing and has a horrible record where animal and human rights are concerned. Think about that the next time you purchase any product made in that country.

  • Meghan says:

    In this day in age with all of our scientific advancements, there is absolutely NO need to test on animals. Stop this barbaric and antiquated practice!

  • Cindy says:

    This disgusting practice must STOP NOW!!!

  • Carol Langley says:

    What goes around comes around. Don’t Buy anything..household products as well as cosmetics that test on animals. Don’t be part of the torture.

  • Barbara Mathews says:

    This barbaric practice must end now.

  • Linda Schiffer says:

    Unfortunately, not enough people ever join a boycott to make any financial impact on mega corporations. L’Oreal is not even an American Company – it belongs to Lancome.
    What is needed is every person sitting in congress today to get a dose of American Dislike for what they are doing. They need to hear fro every person who has ever had a pet, taken care of an animal for someone else, or just someone who believes that cruelty to any living thing is heartless and BRAINLESS.

  • Edward Brannigan says:

    Out of date and a waste of public money.

  • DANI says:


  • Carol Sears says:

    We must be better stewards of God’s creatures.

  • Warren M says:

    Totally senseless. A waste of time and money for tests that are unnecessary and bring needless suffering to innocent animals. As a matter of conscience I will not buy any product that has been tested on animals.

  • margaret adam says:

    It is simply cruel to test on animals. It is also absurd, given that the results may not apply to humans. I will buy no product that is tested on animals.

  • Diana says:

    Animal testing is barbaric and unnecessary. The only reason people want to continue this is to secure pathetic jobs for themselves. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  • Joanna Moore says:

    I boycott any product that has been tested on an animal. Please use a humane method to test products.

  • Melissa Ebbing says:

    animal testing is sick and terrible!

  • Ana says:

    I support companies that DO NOT test on animals. I’ve used products not tested on animals for years, and I have never experienced adverse results, never! You can look your best without causing pain and suffering to others, specially those that cannot defend themselves.

  • Natalie Mades says:

    Not only is this cruel and inhumane, but it is not necessary

  • Jennifer Spelios says:

    Animal testing is so very wrong, and I’ve always made sure any cosmetic product I’ve purchased says “no animal testing”, but the thought of the government passing a bill requiring animal testing is repulsive and sickening! First, I wonder what kind of person it takes to even perform these tests. Obviously, it takes someone who is heartless, enjoys inflicting pain on living creatures, and enjoys seeing something helpless suffer. I wonder if those people should even be walking the streets! Second, it’s completely unnecessary, as has been proven over and over. There are better methods that do not require torturing innocent animals! And third, most cosmetics are a big waste of money that don’t deliver the results advertised. How many different mascaras do we need??? They all clump and flake off, anyway! And I’ve yet to try anything that makes wrinkles go away, or anything else promised! DO AWAY WITH COSMETICS BEFORE ALLOWING THIS BILL TO PASS!

  • Lana says:

    I refuse to buy products that are tested on animals. This is cruel and unnecessary.

  • Leanah Bouvier says:

    I won’t buy any products that are tested on animals! I always buy from companies that refuse to engage in these cruel practices.

  • Maria says:

    Please don’t be responsible for contributing towards the cruelty to animals. Open your heart. These creatures feel pain just like any body else.

  • Barbara Thompson says:

    Please do not move forward on a bill that will cost many animals suffering and pain. There is no reason for animal testing on products. I will only buy products that are verified as cruelty free and do not text on animals!

  • Cynthia Stout says:

    Our family does not purchase or use any products that have been “tested” on animals. There are many cruelty free companies to purchase our cosmetics from. This abhorrent practice needs to end now!

  • Rajini says:

    When other countries can do without animal testing, am sure a country that calls itself a super power can follow and set an example for other countries to do the same by banning animal testing. Please, adopt and permanently stop animal testing. We do not need to put the suffering on them for any reason.

  • Mac McCready says:

    The mere fact that the cosmetic companies (and other industries) want to test their products on animals to see if they are safe for humans tells you that they are starting off on the wrong path to begin with. How about producing natural products and leave the animals alone? I do not buy products that have been tested on animals and more and more people I talk to are doing the same. Wake up Companies and do the right thing now or be left behind.

  • I will never buy any product tested on animals also my sisters and my my daughter and my mom

  • Patrice P. says:

    Why is the U.S. still carrying out this cruelty? It is completely unnecessary and heartless. I will not buy any products that are tested on animals and I know many people who feel the same way.

  • Donna Milbourne says:

    Animal testing for any reason is an exercise in futility. Utilizing torture devices and chemicals to ensure medical or cosmetic safety for humans, proves nothing. Medical journals are riddled with articles of failed animal models. Animal testing simply makes money for all involved in the application of these hideous tests. It’s BIG business, based on inhumane and unsound practices. Scientific advances using a variety or non invasive testing methods should be employed, but established, out dated patterns are difficult to break.

  • MATHIEU Christine says:

    Je pensais que vous aviez compris qu’il était inutile de faire souffrir les animaux dans les laboratoires cosmétiques ou médicaux (organismes différents de ceux de l’être humain, et ne nécessitant pas les mêmes traitements et thérapies). Qu’en est-il de la taxicogénomie (étude des cellules souches ?)

    Quant aux tests cosmétiques, il vous suffit de conserver toutes vos formules (déjà testées sur l’animal et sur l’homme) et de les réutiliser pour fabriquer d’autres produits, nouveaux ou non sur le marché.

    Que vous faut-il pour comprendre ???

  • Kimberly Ennis says:

    Test on animals are not necessary. Many other countries across the globe have moved away from animal testing to better, more humane, and more cost effective methods such as invitro. It is inhumane & barbaric STOP all forms of animal testing now.

  • Susan Gorleski says:

    I check every product to make sure it has not been tested on animals and if is has I don’t buy it. If my husband makes a mistaken when purchasing products, I gently remind him and let him know that I will return it to the store for him and select an appropriate option. He doesn’t mind and I get to make my point when I’m asked “is there a problem with this item”?

  • This is not necessary, we have alternatives that work better than animals.

  • Why would people test on animals, when they are not the ones to use the product if you want actual test that would help the consumer to know then test on humans

  • Bev says:

    Surely more testing on animals is going backwards?! And completely unnecessary.

  • Karina Villegas says:

    For decades it has been proven that there are cosmetics and products not tested on animals that work perfectly fine on humans. End this silly unnecessary and expensive practice!! We’re not savages

  • ROSHA says:

    its time to END THIS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Niklas says:

    I’m absolutely disgusted that the US still continues to do cosmetic testing on animals. After all these years of testing on animals they should know the components that are safe and those that are not.These poor little animals are inhumanely treated and suffer greatly. There should be no animal testing in the US as other countries are now on board and have abandoned these cruel tests. Appearently other countries are further ahead than we are which is a surprise considering we are the greatest country in the world !!! We are not so humane in the treatment of animals, Our government drags their feet when it comes to the safety and treatment of animals which makes to wonder why. Do not buy cosmetics that are tested on animals.

  • wendy says:

    I thought this kind of testing was in the past. Please do not hurt rabbits and other snall
    animals for casmetics it is a cruel thing to do. We have been doing fine with cruelty free
    products. There are other mor modern ways of testing a product.

  • How evil can you be to inflick such horror on these animals,their are plenty of vollenters for these experiments,AND you are supposed to be testing for HUMNE use.