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Act Now to Stop Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Written by PETA | February 10, 2014

It’s no secret that the U.S. is lagging behind other countries that have banned cruel and archaic tests on animals for cosmetics and replaced them with more reliable, humane methods. The European UnionIsrael, and India have all embraced modern testing methods and ended all tests on animals for cosmetics and personal-care products. Here at home, PETA has been meeting with legislators, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and numerous corporations for many months to ensure that tests on animals for cosmetics will never be required in the U.S. But a bill currently before a congressional committee threatens to make tests on animals for some cosmetics ingredients mandatory.

Proponents of the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 claim to be acting to protect public health. But the tests on animals that the bill calls for have proved time and time again to be unreliable indicators of how a product will affect humans, because animals’ physiologies are not mirror images of our own. Modern methods include testing chemicals on donated human tissue or skin cultures grown from human cells, and there are dozens of other scientifically advanced techniques. The tests are not only more reliable but also usually less expensive, and they don’t require that animals be poisoned, burned, or blinded. But if the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 passes as it is currently written, a just-published paper reports that as many as 11.5 million animals would be killed in cruel product tests in the first 10 years alone.

And the bill isn’t the only danger that animals used for cosmetics testing are facing. The cosmetics industry trade group, the Personal Care Products Council, has been negotiating for months with the FDA on possible changes to regulatory testing requirements. The most recent draft of the proposed regulations, if accepted, may also open the door to more tests on animals.

We need your help.

The victories for animals in the European Union and India were won after extensive campaigns by PETA and its affiliates that included meetings with government officials, testimony from PETA scientists, protests, ads, and e-mails from tens of thousands of animal advocates. Please follow the link below to let your congressional representatives, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Personal Care Products Council know that you support a full ban on animal tests for cosmetics. We can win a victory for animals in the U.S., too.

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  • Jeanette Shutay says:

    Cosmetics are not a necessity. There is absolutely no reason to torture innocent animals so that humans can smell and look good. There are plenty of alternatives to this madness!

  • Maria Ramirez says:

    This method has prove inefctive, unfair and primitive,
    Stop testing anmals

  • Angela says:

    I do NOT purchase any items that are tested on animals. I cannot understand why in 2014 companies think this cruel and unusual testing is needed. Please spare innocent animals these unnecessary methods.

  • Catherine Ryan says:

    This testing is redundant, misleading and in humane. We need to move forward and use alternative modern tests,not go backwards!

  • Plamen says:


  • Laura says:

    Animal testing is animal cruelty — and BAD SCIENCE!

  • Gail Dean says:

    Just stop this cruel way of testing on animals. There are far more effective ways of testing than using these poor creatures.

  • bkvt says:

    Animal testing has always been wrong and only upholds human abuse and cruelty.

  • Ruth Johnston says:

    End the cruelty of testing on animals. I refuse to buy any product that is guilty of cruelty.

  • Jill Griffith says:

    We have made great strides in finding better safer methods to animal testing. Don’t take us backward on the road to what is right. Animal testing is ineffective, unnecessary and barbaric.

    I will not contribute in any way to companies that continue to participate in this behavior.

    Read more:

  • Lucinda jane says:

    i refuse to buy ant kind of cosmetics tested on animals. Such testing has been proved to be completely worthless and unnecessary,not to mention outdated. There is no justification for such cruelty which must stop in a civilised world

  • Mary Donaghy says:

    Testing on animals is cruel, antiquated and morally wrong in every sense of the word. The conscious world has been trying to eliminate the horrible practice of abuse on these innocent lives – anything opposing that is a terrible disgrace, and a crushing blow to all life on this planet.

  • brenda dudman says:

    Leave the animals alone,,ita inhumane!!!

  • EB says:

    Something to think about… why would anyone want to use these “some cosmetic ingredients” that have to be mandatory tested before human use?? It is crazy to think that someone would want to use harmful to very harmful ingredients in the first place.
    It is time for people to look for and use non-animal tested, proven ingredients. Animal testing does not do anything but HURT!

  • I have been making conscious decisions NOT to buy any products that conduct testing on animals. It is cruel and it is unnecessary! This bill is senseless.

  • Chuck Danielian says:

    “Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called research. If you cannot attain to knowledge without torturing an animal, you must do without the knowledge.”

    ~~George Bernard Shaw~~

  • Sharon Bolton says:

    There is no need for this!
    Please do not make this law…for once listen to your constituents.
    We do not want this law to go into effect.
    It is extremely CRUEL and INHUMANE to the animals as well as being totally ineffective testing.
    Please do the right thing and DO NOT make this LAW!

  • Peg says:

    Animal testing is direct abuse upon animals. It is cruel. If a person did any of these cruel acts to an animal in their home, they would be prosecuted. Why should a company not be subject to the same laws as individuals with in regard to abusing animals? PLEASE, please do not animal testing go on. I refuse to buy any product that uses animal testing as do legions of people these days.

  • Dana Craig says:

    Testing on animals is cruel, inhumane, of little or no value, and so 19th century.

  • Michele says:

    Disgusting. I will not buy any products that test on animals.

  • Starr crabtree says:

    Please stop this.

  • Usha Gordon says:

    No way! What are these people in government positions thinking? These tests are useless and ineffective for human needs. Letting animals suffer is not acceptable.

  • Janet Logue says:

    They just want documents to present in court in case they are sued. Worthless documents, true. But it gives them something to present. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

  • Steve Hatch says:

    We should be leading the world in animal free testing, not following the E.U., India and Israel. Somebody is being bought off and we are sick of it. Vote with your wallet and your ballot, we need real change.

  • I Agree With All Of The Replies. Testing On Those Animals Is Doing A Lot Of Harm, But No Good At All!
    Please Stop This Cruel And Inhumane Behavior. Please Have Mercy On Those Poor Animals.
    They Don’t Deserve To Be Treated That Way!
    And I Thank You All Very Much, In Advance, For Doing This Great Deed Of Ending Testing On Animals For Good!

  • Jennifer Vania says:

    I support a full ban on animal testing for any reason!

  • I will NOT EVER buy any product that uses animals for testing

  • Lisa Perry says:

    If the European Union can outlaw it, so can the U.S.! Why are we so far behind the rest of the world in the treatment of animals? It’s time to wake up, the way a nation treats its animals is very telling!

  • Linda Curtiss says:

    I go out of my way to never buy anything that has been tested on animals. I would have expected our great country to be in the vanguard of progress against cruelty to animals, but as in so many things now, we are lagging behind. PLEASE let us move forward quickly.

  • It is time to stop these atrocities, for a civilised culture we are the least civilised of all the animals.

  • Gail Carol Biddle says:

    Enough lives have been senselessly taken. Animals have suffered and died horrific and painful deaths due to NEEDLESS and INVALID testing. This has to end and end now. We are supposed to be their caretakers, not their executioners. We as humans, do not have the right to do with these innocent beings as we choose, especially if harm, suffering, and death is evident. There is no validity in animal testing. Today we have computer models that are valid. Please put yourself in their place and imagine the horror that these animals go through.

  • Oh my dear God, stop abusing our beautiful animals that we are asked by God to protect on this Earth. It’s been proven ineffective over and over again and these poor animals have no voice… test on humans (as it should be) with people that AGREE to do the testing.

  • Michele Johnson says:

    It is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary to test products on animals. I only buy products that do not test on animals.

  • Tracy Light says:

    Obviously, America’s not the forward thinking country that it likes to portray..If it were, then it would NOT test on animals, and it would be well aware that it is totally outdated and inaccurate, due to the many modern alternative ways of testing. Get into the 21st century, and get humane..!

  • krista dunn says:

    This unnecessary cruelty need to stop now.

  • Shawn says:

    There is no need to use animals to test on them for cosmetic reasons or any reason period…please don’t do this 🙁

  • Why is it that we’ve taken so many steps backward, instead of progressing like a civilized society?

  • Jack says:

    Why do people have to fight for common sense for animals? Is society that sick?

  • Paula says:

    This is a moral regression on our legislation.

  • Martha Bowers says:

    It is deplorable that the US is behind other countries in the STOP ANIMAL TESTING for cosmetics and household products. The US should stop testing on animals since animal testing is not effective and also is cruel to the animals. There are enough products in the market already!!! Stop the cruelty!!! I do not use cosmetics or household products that have been tested on animals!!!

  • terri says:

    All of us should stop buying any products that are tested on animals. That is the only way to stop the greedy companies from continuing the disgusting inhumane treatment of animals.

  • miriam says:


  • To the people who actually touch these animals & do what they do —-HOW CAN YOU!?
    Karma, guys, Karma…….you are living creatures ,too.
    It’ll come back to you : who knows how?…………..

  • Rebeca says:

    This horrible, we have a lot of new scientific methods nowadays, Why the humans wants to continue the torture of another species, and all for the vanity?? We do not own it, they are free!!!

  • Ankita says:

    Every living being deserves respect. If we consider ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet, there is an added responsibility on us of being kind to all other living creatures and not use them for greed for money.

  • Jam says:

    Stop it! Nothing is worth torturing these poor creatures and for what? Those tests have been performed a million times – are the findings any different? NO! This is not and never was necessary. This is just barbaric, we’re moving into more compassion NOT less.

  • Jennifer Shafii says:

    No more animal testing. This is not ethical to do to an animal. And people are not animals therefore we have different chemistry. Please stop the animal testing completely. Europe is ahead of the United States. Even India is stopping the unethical animal testing.

  • anne deutsch says:

    Do we want to live this way? Is that religious behavior, no, it is making money without love.

  • Rosa Arsiaga says:

    This method of testing has been proven ineffective, yet they keep doing it. Stop the nonsense!!
    I will not contribute in any way to companies that continue to participate in this barbaric behavior.

  • Ashie says:

    Please stop testing on animals – it is cruel and I don’t want to buy a product that have been tested on animals…. Please save these animals by banning tests on animals for good!