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Stomach This: ‘Why I Don’t Eat Chicken’

Written by PETA | December 1, 2010

Why I don’t eat chicken—let me count the reasons: There’s cruelty and callousness, blood and pus, pain and suffering, and sickness and death, not to mention feces, vomit, parasites, pollution, plaque build-up, and other disturbing and disgusting things that I just can’t stomach. PETA has created a compelling 30-second clip called “Why I Don’t Eat Chicken” that features some of the most unappetizing footage from our chicken factory farm investigations. Check it out, and share it with everyone you know. If they can’t stomach the video, then they shouldn’t stomach chicken flesh.

Written by Heather Moore

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  • Natasja says:

    Speechless, how can people do this I really don’t get it. Ans when I wanne show video’s of Peta everyone is looking away and won’t look. Nobody want’s to know the truth about ther food.

  • marked1 says:

    oh god…..this is really cruel..kaycee m with you…….frm today i will not eat non vegetarian….

  • mr. vegan says:

    @BOURDIN (translation):I can not understand the cruelty of men, they must be sick in the head, I do not understand pourquoiils like to hurt animals, they have no respect for life.

  • jaydee says:

    I agree with ACerny i think that it takes a sick minded person to do a job like that i mean really it is scary to think that if they can do that stuff to animals whats to stop them from doing it to a human also hmmm?????????

  • vincenzo says:

    shame man ,SHAME Vincenzo italia

  • Patrice says:

    Thank you for you link, Dimas, but I disagree. There is no humane way to slaughter an animal. Here’s aanother link you should check out – and tell me this is humane –

  • Veronica says:

    A few years ago I was in a grocery store, in the deli section, standing in front of half a dozen steel pans full of fried chicken.  I looked up at all the chicken parts, and I said to the lady in the back of the counter: “Doesn’t all this look like a cemetery for chickens?”  She answered that she often had that very same thought, as she worked there selling all the dead chicken parts.  We take these displays for granted, but it’s nothing but a grisly graveyard, disguised as food.

  • tiziana says:

    non ho parole! Tiziana

  • silvia says:

    Non ci sono parole davanti a tanta crudeltà Silvia bioli

  • Arelt says:

    this is absolutely horrifying, to think that animals are treated this way, when they give so much. It makes me sick!

  • PETA says:

    Re: Shade. PETA believes that Jesus would be appalled by the degree of suffering that we inflict on animals just to satisfy our taste for their flesh. Jesus’ message is one of love and compassion for all God’s creation—qualities that are notoriously absent from factory farms and slaughterhouses. God created every animal with the capacity to suffer. Every time we sit down to eat, we need to remember that all animals—including those on factory farms—feel pain and fear just as we do, because every meal that we eat represents a choice: We can either choose to add to the level of violence, suffering, and death in the world, or we can choose to respect God’s creation and work for peace. In Jesus’ time, animal sacrifice was largely an excuse for humans to eat animals’ flesh, and Jesus challenged the practice at every turn. He drove the merchants selling animals for sacrifice and consumption from the temple, instituted baptism in place of animal sacrifice, explained that God “requires mercy, not sacrifice,” and rejected both animal flesh and sacrifice at the Last Supper—a vegetarian Passover meal. To find out more, please visit

  • AndreaD says:

    @ Shade:

    There are many jobs out there… sling coffee.. mop floors… at least that’s honest work. If you feel the allmighty dollar is worth being the bringer of violent death/violence/torture to innocent animals who’ve had no real/natural/healthy/happy lives then I feel bad for you. Your values/morals are in the wrong place. With reference to ‘god’s good book’; it’s also said he parted the red sea… that he made a blind man see… you get my point? That book is nothing more than a good story to help people get the basic morals and values that they require… such as treat others as you wish to be treated.

    So rationalise your ways however you like…but deep down inside; you know it’s wrong.

  • lauren37 says:

    I have decided after doing a research project for a class i am taking to never eat meat again!!!!

  • Lindsey says:

    That is beyond repulsive. I actually just gagged. I think I can manage without chicken in my diet. Seeing them clucking around, mingling with each other is no where close to making me nauseas as this video was. Blech!

  • local farmer 22 says:

    People shouldn’t comment about how animals weren’t put here for us to kill and eat. Yes I do agree that it is inhumane, but god put animals here for us to eat. Not for them to over run us. Thank you for listening to a local farmer who needs to sell animal meat for a living. People should have a broader spectrum for not only CHICKENS but HUMAN BEINGS.

  • Sue says:

    Words fail me as to why so called human beings can treat defenceless animals in this way – they are still alive when hung up. I would dearly love to do the same to them. This has to stop.

  • sandra leszczynska says:

    stop it

  • Tereza Havlová says:

    I’m vegetarian and I’d like to be a vegan. This is cruel 🙁 I can’t stand it. I love animals ♥

  • Lillian Ingria says:


  • shade says:

    Actually there isn’t that many jobs out there and I am at the point of looking to them for a job. And isn’t it said in God’s good book that all plants and ANIMALS were put on this earth for our use?

  • chibcha says:

    cruelty and suffering is ugly as hell ! 🙁

  • Masha says:

    I absolutely, positively will never eat chicken again. What a horrible death for those poor animals. Thank you for that most informative (and necessarily heartbreaking) video.

  • Kaycee says:

    EW gross that just makes me want to track them ppl down and beat them up till they die and see how they like it! OMG that makes me mad!

  • Dimas Adi Nugroho says:

    I agree with you, it is very bad, that’s why we Muslims call it haraam or forbidden. We Muslims, are allowed to eat chicken but we have our own way to slaughter animals, the Islamic way, a more humane and the animals do not feel the pain. I have great respect for PETA and vegans of course, and supports the “do not wear fur” as well as Islam teaches not to hurt animals in any way or form. and Islam is also against the following: battery cage (factory farming), fox hunting, bull fighting, *** fighting, dog fighting, using the animals for targets, culling seals, killing frogs, caging the animal, most vivisection. the abuse of drugs in animals and the interference with their organs sexuality [castration, sterility etc.(reproduction)] You can see the following article about the Islamic way of slaughtering animals and what we should eat and etc. I hope this information can be an additional perspective and not offend any party.…/zakir.htm…/halal5.html

  • LWalker says:

    It isn’t even the sick that gets to me, its the fact that the human race thinks animals are put here for us. To eat and abuse for our own pleasure, the human race makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Camellia90 says:

    This is horrible and ridiculous. I am shocked that there is a real job like that out there. I agree, it’s just SICK!

  • SavannahWaddle says:

    Ugh humanity is a sick, sick, race. Poor chickens!

  • BOURDIN says:

    Je n’arrive pas a comprendre la cruaute des hommes,ils doivent etre malades de la tête,je ne comprend pas pourquoiils aiment faire du mal aux animaux, ils n’ont aucun respect de la vie.

  • ACerney says:

    Only people who are seriously very sick in the head would enjoy working at a place like this. They cant use excuses like “i couldnt find a job anywhere else” because there are plenty more jobs out there. That is just SICK.

  • JFRASE says:

    that was sick.