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Stinky Meat

Written by PETA | July 16, 2007

As if I needed another reminder of how disgusting meat is, my pal Joel Bartlett sent me this. It’s called the Stinky Meat Project and basically, this guy puts some raw meat on a plate, puts it out in the sun for a couple of weeks and records the results with a daily photo. Think it sounds disgusting? Well, wait until you see what happens, or more accurately, what doesn’t happen to hot dogs after sitting out in the sun for 18 days.

Joel was so inspired that he is trying to implement a vegan version of this idea, which he is calling the Stinky Feet Project. Joel is looking for someone willing to wear the same pair of socks every day for a month and he will record the results daily with a photo. If you’re interested in participating, you can reach Joel here. I wish I could tell you I was joking . . .

Marketing Manager Joel Bartlett

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  • timm says:

    is this blog a joke? please tell me it is!

  • Maureen says:

    The Stinky Feet Project has already happened and it was more horrifying than you can possibly imagine. Guy wore bags on his feet for like two weeks in an effort to give him the worst case of athlete’s foot. GROSS.

  • yasmine says:

    I just would like to say that this Stinky Meat project should be BANNED from PETA. It has nothing to do with animal rights and is just an immature waste of time. Was the purpose of showing this rotting meat to incline people towards vegitarianism? That is ridiculous because I have found maggots in rotten potatoes and i have even seen a grain of rice become a worm. So the fact that meat eventually rots and becomes a horrific mess of maggots is really not a good way to convince people to stop eating meat…I think the Meet your Meat videos are FAR more effective. Sorry “boys.”

  • joe says:

    God gave us animals for food you vegetarian pussys!!

  • RabidLeroy says:

    Meh for odd readon I appear to have a stomach of steel but yeh… I’ve seen worse things like that too. These are a great idea to show everyone what’s actually going to be on their dinnerplates that is the greatest reason to go vegetarian!

  • Sue says:

    Everything rots not just meat!!

  • Frances says:

    Okay wow.I feel incredibly incredibly queasy. I made it past stinkymeat 1 but stalled half way through stinkymeat 2. I think I’m going to go shower. And possibly vomit. Maybe both.

  • rojo says:

    2 week old sun dried lettuces aren’t that appealing either.

  • Michele says:

    Man I don’t know how that guy could even go near that stuff. I could not go beyond Day 10 just looking at the photos because I felt too nauseous. I can’t even imagine the stench! These would make good photos to show people what crap they have rotting in them… Might get a few people to go veg pretty quickly!

  • leloo says:

    best picture ever.

  • vegan4animals says:

    Can’t even imagine how bad the smell was. How can anyone eat meat after seeing that. it was like watching parts of dead bodies decompose with a few loops thrown in such as the preservatives keeping even ants from eating the hotdogs. The congealed blood on the plate from the steak really looked nasty. It was the gross appearance of meat that was part of the reason i went veg when very young in particular the dangling veins and dripping blood. Oh and the ground beef! Eeeeewwww… Last time i ever had to see it was when my mom frequently had it thawing with blood pooling all over the countertop. Then sometimes it was contaminated and we all ended up barfing on the front lawn. Gee thanks mom. It’s a wonder we’re all not dead. There’s a strain of ecoli you can get from ground beef that will cause your kidneys to shut down. i guess people will have to wise up and realize that the socalled ‘fresh’ meat they eat is already rotting and filled with worm eggs. Most people don’t know that meat they ingest actually begins to rot inside their intestines because it stays in there about 48 hours or more since it has no fiber. Not only that but it’s bacteria count viral contamination quickly flourishes when left out at room temperature even for an hour. Then there’s those nasty parasite eggs such as trichinosis that may be in it. I’m so glad the food i eat is cleanvegan and doesn’t immediately rot when you leave it on the counter. Meat eaters have no clue what it is they are eating. There’s just too many reasons not to eat that stuff.

  • Jack says:

    No prob dude.

  • Joel says:

    Thanks j.