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Steve-O Urges Students to ‘Cut Class, Not Frogs’

Written by PETA | September 30, 2009

New clothes and a new crush may get many students excited about school, but the surest way to make someone dread biology class is to mention that cruel old standby, dissection.

Since Steve-O knows that only a “jackass” would force a kid to cut up an animal and call it “science,” the Wildboyz star was on hand outside Fairfax High School in Los Angeles this afternoon to kick off Cut Out Dissection Month.


Steve O


His new ad aims to empower kids to fight for their rights not to dissect on animals and to pressure educators to provide alternatives to dissection.

Every year, nearly 6 million animals, including frogs, rats, pigs, and cats, are cut open in cruel, outdated dissection exercises that teach students to dismiss concerns about animal suffering. It’s no secret that many violent offenders, including serial killers get their start abusing animals.

Kinder, more effective alternatives to dissection exist and offer students the opportunity to focus on learning instead of cringing through animal cut-ups. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if all schools implemented only humane biology lessons, students would forever remember that this duodenum, not this one, is found in their small intestine.

Written by Karin Bennett

P.S. More pics of Steve-O’s unveiling after the jump.

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  • Paige says:

    I have been told by my scienc teacher that they hvebordered some lamb hearts for eveyone in my grade so we cab disect a lambs heart. I am refusing to disect the lambs heart and I’m writing a letter to my school about the cruelty of the lamb

  • jackie says:

    we had to do this today in school and i rather get an F then contribute to this ! PETA needs to come change my school !half doesnt even know about what goes on with animals !

  • John Carmody says:

    I love PETA you are the most amazing guys when it comes to animal rights from your friends at the Irish based animal rights group ARAN.

  • DMan says:

    Wait.. I thought the frogs that are dissected die of natural causes? At least that’s what I was told during JR high.

  • amber* says:

    In 1972 a teacher tried to force me literally grabbing my hand to cut a frog who was cottonballed with ether. Crying hysterically I pulled my hand back with force and accidentally cut the teacher and was suspended from school. My father who is also an animal lover marched both of us into the principals office and proceeded to tell them that his lawyer was on speed dial for abusing his child causing emotional distress etc. He told Mr. that he taught his children to respect animals and humans alike but also told him that that teacher had no right to touch me nor try to force me to do something that was against what I was taught at home. I was put back into school immediately and taken out of that science class. I always thought my dad was superman and after that day I KNEW he was.. Cudos to cut class not frogs!!!! Love it. amber

  • Rachel says:

    When I was in Jr. High and High school I refused to dissect anything. I was told to go sit in the library until class was finished. Needless to say I flunked almost every science class. Eleven years later I am still happy I made that decision.

  • Gina says:


  • mel says:

    Way to win over parents encourage truancy.

  • kris shulfer says:

    I am a huge fan of SteveO!! he rocks! he has been through so much but in the end he coming out on top using his celebrity and just rocking whatever PETA cause he wants to!! love you for that Steveo!! u still rock!!

  • Heather says:

    Steveo is doing a great thing by standing out against dissection. I had to do it when i was in elementary and middle school and i think it is a cruel thing to kill animals much love to you steveo thanks for knowing whats right!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    When I was in high school we dissected not only frogs but earthworms and mice. I never did see the point of this it was high school not medical school. If I had to do it over again I would cut class and take detention and an “F” in biology. My other grades were good enough to make up for it.

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    When did Steve O become so awesome?

  • ccbloom78 says:

    STEVEO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! He is my hero. Cut class NOT froggies!!! It’s so refreshing to see SteveO is back and doing great things!! Much love to STEVEO and PETA!!!! vegan for life