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Steve-O: I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur

Written by PETA | October 16, 2007

I know. I know. Steve-O would rather go naked than do just about anything. But it’s still cool that wearing fur makes that very long list. In fact, Steve-O feels so strongly that killing animals for their fur is just plain wrong that he jumped—literally—at the chance to star in these new ads.


While Steve-O is famous for putting himself in all sorts of painful situations, he’s totally clear about what he thinks of hurting animals. “Abuse yourself all you want,” he says, “just leave animals out of it. Don’t wear fur.” Check out what else Steve-O had to say in this video from the photo shoot.

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  • Victoria L says:

    I’m glad Steveo did this add along with all the other stars. I see a lot of myself in Steveo including drug addiction. I hope he stays on track keeps being an inspiration to me. He really is a good person his story has touched me deeply.

  • MelonD says:

    I lol’ed

  • Erica Harris says:

    i think this is so awsome of stevo to do and i totaly agree that people should not skin animals for their fur DONT WEAR FUR!!!!

  • Tom says:

    haha i like to care about animals an life and the earth but for christ sakes stfu animals live and some get tortured has it ever stricken you that happens to people aswell?! its natural to have pain with life. we are animals too the only slight difference is our consciousness of ourselves and whats around us. steveo is pretty sweet he’s into the hard drugs but what ever its his lifestyle choice and if more people did certain drugs they would lose there fucking hyped up im better then everyone ego! have you ever considered that?! im guessing not. another thing is have you ever considered how many animalsspecies are on this earth? almost Too many! we need to get rid of some for the world to prosper and be balanced besides if its natural for a lion and many other of the animals to survive by eating other animals its as natural as breathing! and i sure as hell am not going to get my daily nutrition proteins and the essentials of what i need to live on by sucking it from a bean or some vegetable like i said you need a balance in this case a balance of meat and vegetables. yes i know some of you are vegetarianvegan good for you but i cannot live my life like that there are billions of people and they all view the world in a different way some are very similar like your views some are like mine and otheres are completely opposite its something we have to live with and there is no way around it unless you want to be a new Adolph hitler… life is about your experience and what you make of your opinion in it im not trying to up anyones opinion down im just giving mine. i dont agree with some of your opinions visa versa im just one small canadian hippy surrounded by tones of people that dont see the world for what it truly beholds i dont know what time it is for you but im hella tired and gunna pass out. peacce all you animal lovers

  • Bella says:


  • marlenne says:

    hola a todos! soy de argentina y sinceramente todo esto q pasa con los animales no puedo creerlo me llena de odioindignacion y mucha rabia contra todos estos desgraciados q no pueden hacer otra cosa mejor q maltratar animales se merecen el infierno y nada mas leve q eso porq infierno es poco para todos estos imbeciles y tambien para todos aquellos q promocionan este delito q es realmenta cruel y terrible! los q compran estas pieles tanto mayoristas como minoristas todos absolutamente todos deberian podrirse y retorserse de dolor! estoy indignada y no puedo mas!por favor a todos aquellosq puedan seguir aportando comentarios enviando informacion a sus amigos a todos … HAGAN ALGO NO SE QUEDEN DE BRAZOS CRUZADOS!!

  • Steve-O says:


  • ?????????? says:

    Hey buddy. Nice ass.

  • Ian says:

    Steve O is your number 1 guy. I just went to his show last night in Penticton Canada and he plugged Peta and went on about not wearing furs stop abusing animals and to take care of mother earth. Then he lite himself on fire and stapled his balls to his leg. AAAHH what a night.

  • Rach says:

    I cant actually believe here what i am reading!! Real ar activists slagging other people off because they may or may not be a true ar actvists. I think that anyone who is making a change no matter how small is better than nothing. People should be sticking together around this issue not just judging each other who can get to the top of the ar list!! pathetic is all i say! And i agree with Elyse all Steveo mentioned was that he didnt wear fur!! Which is what the advertisement was for. I know for one i am doing my best to get away from animal tested produce all my cats food are organic and test free i dont wear fur I will never have anything to do with animal in circus but i do still eat meat little meat but i still do eat meat. Does that make me no better off than someone who does the oposite. I think not!! If everyone changed just one or two things for a start it would be better than sitting there doing nothing. I think anyone who is willing to go out of their way to support a cause no matter how big or small the contribution is should be looked upon as progress.

  • Elyse says:

    hey y’all i just wasn’t sure if i missed something. steveo was antifur thats all i heard him say.. what he does outside of notwearingfur didn’t come up at all during the video.

  • Jimmy says:

    I like how people piss and moan about this. He’s trying to send a message. He loves animals and treats them well. He lets the animals hurt him not the other way around. Think of it as some sort of animal revenge. XD And you can’t say shit about him and be taken seriously if you’ve never seen his show. This man quit Barnam and Bailey’s Circus because of animal mistreatment. He’s fighting for our cause. At least give him that much.

  • Jazzy says:

    J You Are Sooooo Damn Mean Show A Little Respect Matee

  • ZAch says:

    steveO is awsome so great he does this

  • T says:

    Hey guy’s… My name is Tue and i’m from Denmark. this is for all of you who is using this site for an excuse too fight verbally Quit the essay’s. I can’t belive you missed the whole point here. I’m not a vegan sorry rojo but I do like animals. And if SteveO would like too jump around naked… that’s his dessision. As long as he helps animals. Don’t bust me for the spelling English isn’t my favourite subject. Thank you and good night.

  • Nadine says:

    i just want to say… doesn’t matter what he did in the past or for any person of that matter. as long as there are supporters that is what matters. who are we to judge. rock on SteveO

  • Kelly says:

    This is to rojo About your comment on October 20th you say that no one should even wear wool. Are you opposed to wool clothes if people shear their own sheep ? Because I am very good friends with people who raise their own sheep in a very decent manner and every summer they are REQUIRED to shear them or the sheep will get extremely overheated and have a heat stroke. So naturally it would be a waste to just throw out the wool so they spin it into yarn and make clothes to sell which I think is a lot more humane and ecofriendly than buying synthetic clothes which are made at polluting factories. So basically I’m saying that you shouldn’t automatically condemn ALL animal products just the mass produced type.

  • Camilla says:

    If you ask me SteveO has grown up since the first series of Jackass. The first movie was animal friendly and having watched the second one a while back I can’t remember any stunt that was downright abusive to animals. Plus he Chris and WeeMan starred in WildBoyz which brought a lot of attention to animals across the world and stressed how important it was to treat animals as equal. So me likey this ad

  • Robyn says:

    Hopefully SteveO doesn’t let animals bite him anymore.. How cruel!! Those of you who are always trying to find “hipocracy” you should learn that people change and anything done in a more positive direction is usually GOOD. Quit trying to look for an argument. It’s pathetic and a waste of time.

  • alex payne says:

    STEVE a shining star and example for the small bad steve! this is a realy great thing about him lots of people love him and look up to him and as they her what he has done they will check out the page and then they will reilze what the fuck there doing to animals…so i hope he keeps up the good work XX3 I LOVE ALL ANIMALS

  • NCurtis says:

    Lame…you guys need some better supporters…come on guys! oh yea and a fucking porn star…what has this org. come too?

  • davenb says:

    WOW! he swallowed a goldfish

  • Steve O says:

    Great Steve O!

  • Brandi says:

    Hes so hott with nothing on his body why dont he turn arond and lets see the front

  • Brandi says:

    Wow I cant belive it this is something new!! well he is hott he has a nice body and that butt wow!! you guyz i would love to see is whole body and that is no lie that thing is so fine there is no other way to explain it!!! i can only dream of seeing his whole body wow that is great! well if he can go without wereing cloths and support the animals I can to!!

  • Danielle says:

    Some of the comments on here are absolutely hysterical. Accusing others of “not being REAL ar activists” as if you’re some sort of cult is just silly. People who freak out constantly on one another cannot accomplish anything and all you’re doing is cementing the image of “Crazy tree huggers” that most people have of PETA. Stand together in what you believe in and realize that not all battles are worth fighting. If SteveO doing this ad stops people from wearing fur what does it hurt? Hypocrisy or no the point is to help the animals.

  • Jen Pen says:

    Well I named one of my cats Stevo. He was a stray that had been knocked over which resulted in a broken leg. We took him home and decided he was doing something risky like Stevo would have done hence his name. Now my cats name sake is taking a stand against cruelty to cats and animals. My cats are proud! Thank you for being a voice for the animals that don’t have one.

  • rojo says:

    Mr Chief within ariels belief system she is quite entitled to think that just as kimberly thinks meateaters will go to hell and ana thinks it is ok to release feral cats. But it’s all based on belief and I tend to reason based on fact and logic. That doesn’t make me right either I might add.

  • UnderMySkinner says:

    Nice ad and it’s nice of Steve to do it as he is a man. But Steve is anti animal abuse? Did I miss something? Does PETA not watch the stuff he does on TV and movie screens? If he’s changed his ways then fine if not then not only is he making a fool of himself but he’s making a fool of what PETA stands for as well as anyone who knows what being a true PETA member means and follows it as well as provides supports.

  • Victoria Lovell says:

    It is GREAT steveo has taken a stand against Fur but in his show called ‘wild boys’ Animals were laughed at and shown as beings purely for ‘entertainment’. Not once was it said in that show about preservingprotectingnot wearingnot eating Animals. Also in steveo’s he eats roadkill. He consumes all types of Animals that have been killed on the road. It is a bit hypocritical of him to preach atall about caring for Animals. I Love PETA and really respect anybody who takes s stand against Fur but maybe you should reconsider steveo as a ‘face’ of PETA. The people that laugh at Animal Rights supporters and organisations like PETA will just use this as another way to say our points are invalid etc.

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Rojo Ariel is an extremist who thinks that being an omnivore makes you a bad person.

  • jreneeb says:

    The whole world needs to quit expecting everyone to agree with 100 of what they say. AR is not an all or nothing proposition. I eat meat I know it’s bad I know that I am lazy for not making the sacrifice. I hope to one day make that pledge but I’m pretty dmn busy trying to go green support our troops get rid of the political criminals in our country and a zillion other things. So just because I have not went all the way doesn’t mean that I don’t support PETA’s various missions. Thank goodness PETA recognizes and appreciates the support the rest of us half$$e$ provide. I bet if you polled all of PETA’s financial contributors you’d find only a very small percentage who go the 100committed route.

  • Sara Beara says:

    I think its beautifulI mean yea the male human body and how much controversy this starts. Humans are controdicting and crule all of us. I mean I am sure all of us have steped on a insect or consumed one in our sleep or on a peice of fruit. Like it or not we are all part of this crule food And we all make our decisions whether they last or not regardless of our past or not. I am a vegatarian I don’t buy products that have animal products. But I am not going to judge this crazy manamle for being human. Nore am I going to get mad at a dog for cleaning its butt life is messy not always plesent take it with a grain of salt and take a stand where you can in your own life. Yea its ok to get mad at people and companies for harming the harmless. But when people change or take a stand or suport something good suport the positive!!Incourage it!! Love your fellow humans Not just their bodies lol Or every perfect thing they did Love the fact that people care on their own terms and incourage that beautiful change.

  • rojo says:

    ariel thank you for… well it seems the usual nothing. You of course call me an anti so you must have a different idea of label. perhaps you could provide some proof of how wrong I’ve been and maybe even acknowledge my apologies when I have been wrong. Unfortunately I can’t bury my head in the sand like yourself because I’m actually making statements not congratulating my friends or assuming other readers of this blog couldn’t figure out contrary argument for themselves. It’s easy for you because animal rights are “not debatable” and you didn’t wish to speak to anti’s directly . Effectively you’ve done nothing. The best you can do is correct my spellingthanks. “attentionseeking loser” well those words would hurt coming from someone I respected. Other posters put their alternate view or proof of my error on the blog for all to see. Only the ones that don’t have a counterargument try on the idiot mentally illincompassionateloser defence. I don’t always get it right but I only post information that I believe to be truthful. Obviously we all view information differently so I try and be logical about it.

  • Cal williams says:

    My name is Cal I live in the UK. Fur is generally taboo here mainly seen being sported on the street by tourists. It’s not absent by moral agenda so much as taste. I’m not an activist but I find the SteveO campaign vacuous. For a start here in the UK this person is almost unknown and his inane behind the scenes interview would not convince anyone thinking above the level of body candy that this was anything other than self promotion. On the matter of ‘abuse yourself but keep the animals out of it’ concept very well but has anyone thought of the chain of events being put forward here?. Countries mainly responsible for the supply of drugs which this idiot is so obviously touting have some of the worst animal rights records on the planet. So yeah this is a well considered arguement from an obviously self centered individual. Please PETA spare us anymore of this cynical celebrity self promotion and give us valid and reasoned arguement preferrably performed above the waistline.

  • Leisa says:

    Ariel I posted on here simply to protest the SteveO campaign cos as an animal liberationist of 19 years I feel it is hollow and potentially damaging to the animal rights cause. If there are people on here who are against animal rights their words will expose them but everyone has the right to express a view and if it happens to differ from your own then you have a platorm from which to share information. All that needs to be attacked is any misinformation they might be trying to disseminate. As you did in your October 18 2007 0651 PM post. By the way I’m aware that the response to that by rojo was sarcastic. Animal rights activists and liberationists aren’t “gifted with strong moral virtues and attributes” but just doing what is right according to their education about animal rights. It would be an injustice if a genuine compassionate person was considering hopping on board did not because they felt they didn’t “measure up”.

  • cathy nelson says:

    After watching SteveO on howard stern I became a vegan! Happily not eating animals for 4 months. SteveO went to clown school was horrified when he saw elephant torture. Way to go steve!

  • steve says:

    ariel… please put it to rest as you are as boring as you are arrogant….. and my dear ariel… since you have such a fine memory for past posts can you please point out just one time that i was crude and vulgar…

  • Morgan says:

    I’m always happy to see another star take on the cause especially people like SteveO who I never would have imagined would BUT I’m a little upset about the second ad… Why promote “Ink not mink” when animal products are used in 99 of tattoo ink? I’m sure many people don’t know this about tattoo ink but I think based on principle it’s an odd route to have taken. I’m pretty sure there are more clever ways to advertise SteveO as an animal rights activist than by his tattoos which in my opinion are just as bad as fur.

  • Leisa says:

    Michele I absolutely agree with you that the ignorance and arrogance of humankind is responsible for the daily atrocities committed against animals and the depletion of our earth. Education is the key fighting arrogance with arrogance doesn’t work. I was raised on a cattle farm in a farming community. When I go home people ‘tolerate’ some discussion on animal rights from me. Yes their taking a superior attitude yes it is arrogant but if I were to go in with an equally arrogant rant I would close off those channels of education for good. Education by example is also powerful which is why the SteveO ad is so lacking in credibility.