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Stephen Colbert Rips Bullfighting

Written by PETA | June 4, 2010

This week, The Colbert Report aired the shocking video of a tortured bull who gored a matador (or, in Colbert’s words, “tight-assed fancy-pants in a sparkly coat”) moments before the animal was killed. Even if you’ve already seen the gory footage before, you won’t want to miss what Colbert had to say about the gruesome blood sport:


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Written by Karin Bennett

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  • pat says:


  • Suzanne Córdo says:

    I live in Barcelona where it has just been banned. You would never believe the incredible suffering that the animal goes through just so this idiot can show how “superior” he is to the animal. That jerk got what he deserved. You play with fire you get burnt. Ol!

  • Isabella says:

    John J!! Ur right.. Its the chain reaction.. The nature of life… Its also the survival of the fittest.. A balance has to be maintained.. These poor animals are tortured for something called a sport.. What sport is that??? Who is the crueslest.. Animals tortured in the name of sports is something which must be taken seriously.. I dont think you would find it a good sport if someone tortured a loved one of your’s in an arena for a sport..

  • Shelby says:

    Hey John J and no animal deserves to be tortured to death for some sick peoples entertainment!

  • maureen says:

    It is about time an animal WON the war against them.I do not feel any sympathy for this gored matador.This type of pratice has gone on for centuries and is about time to do an about face.In Roman times men were not first executed they were simply put into an arena with starving wild animals and if the men won they got to live another day to fight another animalif they did not win they met their fate by being eaten by the animals they were torturing. I also do not feel any sympathy for the RESEARCHER that was attacked by the monkeynor the person that died at sea world. What do people expect from an animal that is cornered and put on the defensive. We have only heard a few stories but I’ll bet it happens more often than we are told about. I have seen footage of vets and researcherscattle handlers punchingkickingyelling and tormentingthese defenseless creatures and for whatanother useless taletail to make an animal perform the way they want it to. GO BULL. Take a good look at the circus elephants they to are now going on the defensive when will people wake up to the fact wild animals need to be left in the wild and admired from afar.

  • michelle says:

    John J Humans have to die to bring balance to earth. A death of an animal does equate to many human lives. There are more humans than there are animals. If animals all die humans will all die it’s called chain reaction and it’s part of the natural balance. So I sure hope you are not saying that it’s only okay for all animals to die. BTW the bullfighter didn’t die so be more informed next time.

  • John J says:

    No human deserves to die! One death of an animal does not equate to a human life. Stop the antihuman threats it only hurts the animial rights movement.

  • ocean17 says:

    what cowardly minions what childish deficient and “deformed macho” behavior. that poor bull died an horrible tortuous and unnecessary death.

  • JEAN says:


  • CN says:

    Gotta love that sarcasm. What a great description of what the “sport” of bullfighting actually entails.

  • Lois says:

    YAY BULL!!

  • Erin says:

    I hadn’t watched the Colbert Report for a year or so because I didn’t have time but I happened to be watching this episode the other night! I always liked him back on Strangers with Candy especially. He’s great. I like him even more now. D