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A Step in the Right Direction for Government Testing

Written by PETA | April 28, 2009
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Well, it’s taken 10 years of pressure and an exposé in The Washington Post based on a PETA report to get there, but it looks like the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM) might just finally start to do its job.

ICCVAM recently signed an international agreement with Europe, Canada, and Japan stating that these countries will work together on the creation of non-animal testing methods. To do this, they will begin sharing scientific recommendations on alternative toxicity testing methods.

It’s about time.

Although ICCVAM was created by Congress specifically to implement modern, reliable, non-animal chemical-testing methods, it has instead proved to be a major obstacle to its very mission. In the 11 years since its inception, ICCVAM has validated just one non-animal test method that originated in the U.S. By contrast, the European Union’s counterpart agency has validated a dozen.

ICCVAM still needs a major overhaul but hopefully, this new agreement will get the wheels turning worldwide and help speed up the process of developing and implementing new non-animal testing methods.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Margarita says:

    This is one of the best news ever.

  • Cooper says:

    Hunting is fine for food but not for game. I also don’t like slaughterhouses. I only buy natural meet from local farmers.

  • Cooper says:

    Animal testing is fine as long as it is not on cosmetics. Would you rather have the world die from aids and other deadly diseases or have mice die finding curs for them. I like that you guys are trying to help animals and I want to take the animal cruelty pledge but animal testing is fine for sin..

  • Sean says:

    How many humans would die if we banned hunting trapping fishing and all meat consumption? We are animals in case you never took a biology class in college….assuming you even went to college. Hmm since you only eat vegetables I assume you grow them yourself and don’t require the use of commercial farming. I am all for stopping farming which is more detrimental to wildlife than meat production ever will be. I would love to watch vegans panic as they try to live off the land.

  • lynda downie says:

    Good work Peta!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Speaking of Japan they still hunt whales and dolphins. So until that stops I won’t be praising them for anything! By the way I hope the fur trimmed jacket I saw Michelle Obama wearing in the newspaper was fake.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Japan??? One of the three countries that repeatedly violated an international agreement not to fish in the waters off Somalia thereby helping to create the piracy situation we are now in??? The other two countries were Spain and North Korea. Do you honestly trust the Japanese government on this???

  • Curtis says:

    Good news. Thanks for reporting. It IS about time.

  • gina says:

    Glow in the dark beagles? The picture of the puppies is incredibly depressing. My heart goes out for those poor dogs.

  • Denise says:

    I’m glad that it seems like the government is going in the direction of nonanimal testing. I hope this actually happens so that millions of animals do not have to suffer.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Ending experiments on animals would be great.Then should ban hunting trapping fishing and slaughterhouses.