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Step Away From the Tentacles

Written by PETA | June 19, 2008

You know, very few things will bother vegetarians like assuming that we eat fish. Um, so, like, what plant is it exactly that you think fish grow on?

By saying “you,” I don’t mean you, of course. After all, you already understand that fishing hurts, and you’re totally down with lobster liberation, right? And you’ve made it clear to your friends and family where you stand. But they still guilt you into going along to that seafood place they like, saying, “OK, you don’t eat fish or lobster, but why can’t you have the calamari?”

First of all, “calamari” is one of those nice-sounding words that restaurants use to sell something not so nice—in this case, chopped-up and baby squid. But it can be hard for people to feel a lot of affection for a squid. They live way down underwater, and even baby squid—unlike, say, chicks or piglets—aren’t all that cute, to put it mildly. But what they lack in looks is more than compensated for in fascinating ways. If you don’t believe me, check out this video:

Anyone who has ever tried to chat up someone in a bar has to stand in awe of the squid’s smooth seduction technique, which simultaneously warns rivals to stay away. Not to mention the deep-sea light shows and color-changing camo effects of the jellyfish, octopuses, and cuttlefish that put Industrial Light & Magic to shame. In fact, this stuff is so amazing that you can easily get your friends and family to watch it just for its entertainment value—and then remind them of it the next time you join them for dinner as you explain why you’ll all be going to your favorite restaurant instead.

—JeffPosted by Jeff Mackey

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  • lynda downie says:

    The octopus’s camouflage and the male squid hiding his aggressive side from the femaleAmazing animals.

  • Holly says:

    Thanks Maya… Go vegan….

  • Maria says:

    So if PETA violently opposes cockroaches being squished at six flags wouldn’t they care about the millions of innocent mosquitos killed every year? I mean they’re just trying to stay alive…they need blood. And also I wonder why fish are so sensitive? Wouldn’t it cause them unbearable pain to swim in water or brush against seaweed or other fish?

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Maria Hi I hope you and Holly don’t mind if I chime in. Regarding mosquitoes there is a HUGE HUGE difference between them and fish. Let’s put it this way if fish acted like mosquitoes the story would be totally different. If a 50 of fish were swaming me AND they were biting me AND they could infect me with possibly fatal encephilitis AND I had already tried bug spray AND I could kill them with one swat then I’m sure even PETA would not object to killing them! But it’s not like that is it? Fish do not swarm us and bite us from the air when we are walking. If anything it us who attack them cause them pain and pollute the oceans and kill off entire species of fish. As for the eyeball issue if you’re interested I posted comment on the lobster post a few posts down that applies. Thanks for listening.

  • Carla says:

    Maria are you for real??

  • Ryan says:

    Vegetarian? What plants do eggs and milk grow on? This is what bothers me about PETA’s continuous use of the terms “vegetarian” and “veg” when they mean as an allegedly animal RIGHTS rather than merely welfare organization “vegan.” It confuses people. It makes people think that exploiting animals is OK as long as you don’t eat them directly. PETA has whole websites devoted to exposing the horrific treatment inflicted on dairy cows and laying hens even “freerange” and “cagefree” ones so why in the world can’t they bring themselves to just say the simple word “vegan” big and proud on the front page of their site on their banners on their pamphlets on their stickers? Why on Earth does PETA have something called a “vegetarian” starter kit instead of a vegan one if animals are not ours to use? Don’t tell people to “go vegetarian” and don’t use weasel words like “veg” just say “go vegan” and be consistent.

  • Maria says:

    Holly The eyeball thing? I’d like to see the evidence to back that up. So PETA seems to care about all animals which is great. But…does that mean that if I swat at a mosquito I’m cruel? Or if I use bug spray to protect my child I am a heartless criminal? Or if I touch a fish while swimming I’m an awful bitch?

  • Mr. Truth says:

    Jesus ate fish. Jesus caused fish to go into the net of His disciples. Jesus publicly healed and did miracles and said He is the only way to the Father. Burning in the lake of fire for eternity also hurts. It is still God’s way for the majority of people. Do I want people to be tortured in Hell? No. Do I want animals to suffer? No. But I am not God. God created pain for His reasons and He said we can eat meat.

  • bet says:

    I figure that if you can ‘bleed’ then you can feel pain.. I was at a wet market where huge live fishes were urhm.. decapitated.. and their solitary heads continued to gulp and gasp for minutes on thereafter.. and the amoutn of blood everywhere!.. fish can and do bleed profusely as would any other land animal cut open.. it kind of put me off the notion of buying fish ever again.. and even now.. it’s very rare or seldom when I do buy fish.. yes.. fish.. can. .and DO hurt!

  • Holly says:

    FISH DO FEEL PAIN Increased heart rate increased breathing rate adrenaline rush writhing gasping fish display similar signs to humans when under stress and faced with dangerous situations. Fish feel pain out of biological necessity just as all mammals do. They possess a brain central nervous system and pain receptors all over their bodies. Without the ability to feel pain they would not survive. They also produce enkephalins and endorphins chemicals known to counter pain in humans. Scientific reports from around the world substantiate these basic realities and thereby underscore the cruelty and suffering inherent in the catching and killing of fish. From The Fish Business Animal Aid UK

  • Holly says:

    I remember many years ago my mother told me that when you touch a fish’s body the fish feels the same thing as you touching your eye ball thats how sensitive they are. Also these poor fish are suffocated to death by dying out of water so people can eat them. Fish are Wonderful! What a wonderful world we live in. Lets take good care of our earth our animal friends and each other. Go Vegan…

  • Carla says:

    Amazing video!! Simply beautiful!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    JEFF Thank you thank you thank you many hugs!! I am huge on lobster liberation and I think squid seriously lack in attention. I never thought PETA would bring it up though. I’m so happy. Squid are amazingly intelligent and facinating creatures. I shall furnish proof of that momentarily.

  • Jaclyn says:

    The video is great. These animals are amazing!