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Stella McCartney Is Totally ACE!

Written by PETA | November 4, 2008
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Stella McCartney

The 12th annual Accessories Council Excellence (ACE) Awards were held on Monday night—and guess what? Stella McCartney is just so awesome that they had to create a whole new category just for her: Green Designer of the Year.

Stella is the first recipient of this new ACE Award—and rightly so! As someone who abstains from fur and leather, which are toxic for the environment, she’s light-years ahead of certain other designers who are around … cough, Donna, cough, Giorgio. Sorry, must’ve had a little phlegm in my throat!

When Stella began her leather-free accessories line in 2006, she told Women’s Wear Daily, “I do want to show that accessories can be made from a more ethical viewpoint—and be sexy and cool. The myth of leather—that every bag and shoe needs to be made from it—needs to be broken down. It’s a bit caveman.” Amen, Stella! Stella is also featured in Ingrid’s newest book, One Can Make a Difference.

So congratulations to Stella on her well-deserved ACE Award. Hopefully, it’ll only be a matter of time before all designers realize that (a) skins aren’t green, and (b) we aren’t cavemen. Are you listening, Donna?

Whoopsie, I meant to disguise that with another fake cough. Oh well.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Diane Smelser says:

    Stella’s commitment reminds me of her mother Linda. The McCartney family has always been far ahead of the pack on health and environmental issues. Linda was the guiding light and turned a lot of people vegetarian with her terrific cooking! Stella is her continuing legacy! Linda would be so proud of you Stella… As I am sure your father continues to be!! You are beautiful smart and good to the core!! Just like your parents.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Compassionate and a trailblazernice combination.

  • SASHA says:


  • Sherry says:

    I think I love her as much as I love her dad!

  • Brian says:

    A powerful example Ms. McCarthy is setting in the fashion industry. No wonder she’s a success. Congratulations on the win Stella!!

  • Jess says:

    Is that phlegm from drinking milk perhaps?