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Stella McCartney Show Owns Fashion Week

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 7, 2013

PETA pal Stella McCartney never kills animals for her designs, but she certainly killed it at Paris Fashion Week with her animal-friendly collection. The star-studded front row raved about her fur- and leather-free autumn/winter 2013 ready-to-wear collection. An impressed Bono astutely observed to PETA Veep Dan Mathews, “Stella is PETA’s number one ally in the fashion world.” Jessica Alba said, “Her clothes are just as elegant as any line that uses animals.” And Stella’s proud pop, Paul McCartney, noted, “I thought it was beautiful. Very clean, very strong.”


Stella’s comfortable yet stylish designs are universally appealing to everyone from A-listers to young professionals like me, who make a beeline for the Stella rack at Last Call Neiman Marcus. They’re comfortable pieces, yes, but there’s also comfort in knowing that no animals died for my fashion statement. And there’s comfort in knowing that my money is going to a design house that will continue blazing the path into a brave new fashion world where creativity reaches compassionate new heights.