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UPDATE: Burned Steer Saved From Slaughter

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 16, 2014

Update: Good news! Panda has been saved from slaughter by a woman who was touched by his story. The aptly named Marcy Christmas gave Panda the gift of life by buying him for $8,000 and arranging for him to be sent to the Animal Place sanctuary in Northern California. The rest of us can take a cue from Ms. Christmas and save countless steers just like Panda, but for a lot less money—by refusing to eat them.

Posted June 25, 2014:

Will there be a happy ending for Panda, a black and white steer who survived being set on fire? Despite all that Panda has already endured, his owner still plans to sell him for slaughter.

Panda’s owner, Dylan Wilkinson, is a member of the Future Farmers of America at his high school in Paso Robles, California. Panda was staying in a barn at the school when someone broke in, poured flammable liquid on him, and set him on fire. Police arrested a suspect whose DNA linked him to the scene, and Panda miraculously recovered. But his ordeal had just begun.

Wilkinson said that selling the steer at auction was his “original plan” and that this incident “wasn’t going to change anything.”

Several animal advocates offered to buy Panda and retire him to a reputable sanctuary, and some of the offers were sizable. But Wilkinson said that his decision wasn’t based on money but on his dedication to the farming club. It appears as though our “future farmers” are being taught early on not to make decisions in the best interests of animals and to overlook even extreme suffering.

There may be little we can do to help Panda. But we can save other steers from a painful slaughter. Please, try vegan today.

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  • Niki Cutts says:

    That’s a terrible crime!

  • Dixie Lee Howe says:

    Animal cruelty of any kind is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! It is widely known that animal cruelty can reflect deeper, more serious psychological problems and should be taken very seriously. Many animal abusers have ended up murdering people in their future lives! Thank God this was brought to the public’s attention!!

  • jonathan says:

    their is some cruel people in the world theses days anybody who hurts a innocent animal is just a downright sick person

  • Amy says:

    Dylan Wilkinson is a heartless monster!

  • Alma Chapman says:

    The person who set him on fire is a sick human being and for the owner of Panda, take the money and donate to school , let Panda be happy…. You are a fool!!!

  • Alexandria Lara says:

    It’s so unfortunate that this animal will die at the hands of an individual who has a voice and the ability to do something positive and kind, but refuses.

  • misanthrope says:

    So this nasty little punk would rather stay loyal to his idiotic farming club than agreeing to give this poor animal who has already been through hell to a nice sanctuary that is even willing to pay him? This kid makes me sick, and I wish PETA would steal Panda from this him. This story is just another example of how disgusting humans really are.

  • Asha says:

    Just because some things are traditional doesn’t mean they’re right. Slavery, human sacrifice, watching people be eaten by lions for sport or lighting christians on fire to serve as lamps for your big toga party all grand traditions in their time.

  • Saralynn says:

    Boo Dylan Wilkinson!! You could have earned $10,000 for yourself and FFA AND sent Panda to a sanctuary to live out his life in peace. Where is your heart??!

  • Martha says:

    Wrong example for the young future farmers of America! I am over 60 and grew up on a farm, cows are gentle creatures, and should be treated with love and kindness. They were given to us to take care of, not to just take from.

  • Lynda says:

    What kind of “dedication” to the farming community is this student proud of. This is a terrible example for any future in the farming industry….he is just being arrogant not accepting payment for more than he would get for the steer at slaughter…is the only reason he is in this club to kill? Can’t anyone try to get him to reverse his decison? Where are his parrents?

  • Francesco Chesi says:

    Even when our efforts to help animals and nature are not successful, speaking up for them may be an occasion for animals’ enemies to reflect on what is just toward the other creatures. Changes sometimes take a lot to take place in our mind.