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Steel-Jaw Traps Are Alive and Mutilating

Written by PETA | March 10, 2011

If you think cruel steel-jaw traps used to snare animals are a thing of the past, think again. Animal protection group Born Free USA just released the results of its undercover investigation of professional and recreational wildlife trapping in the U.S. The horrific video footage shows how animals trapped for their fur suffer, sometimes for days, before dying.

A bobcat is caught in a leghold trap in New Mexico.
© Born Free USA / Respect for Animals


The trapper kills the red fox by crushing the fox’s chest and lungs with his foot in Pennsylvania in January 2011. The fox is restrained by a catch pole. © Born Free USA / Respect for Animals


Collateral damage: A non-targeted skunk’s front leg is caught in a leghold trap in New Mexico.
© Born Free USA / Respect for Animals

The widely used steel-jaw traps crush animals’ limbs and are so painful that animals sometimes mutilate their own bodies in an attempt to free themselves. Another trap, the Conibear, crushes animals’ necks and chests, taking three to eight minutes to suffocate them. Animals caught in traps that are set underwater take up to nine agonizing minutes to drown. And the target animals aren’t the only ones who get caught in these traps. Born Free USA estimates that one in three victims are other animals, including many homeless or lost dogs and cats.

Born Free’s executive vice president, Adam Roberts, says, “Commercial fur trapping dates back to the 1600s and has hardly changed. It remains barbaric and most people are not even aware that this is going on in most of the U.S.” Even though more than 80 countries and some U.S. states have banned steel-jaw traps, they are still legal in most of the country. What are we waiting for?

The only way not to support the fur-trapping industry is to refuse to buy any item containing fur. Please sign PETA’s Pledge to Be Fur-Free today. And if you’ve ever even considered wearing animal fur, this video is for you.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jennifer Willoughby says:

    we should trap them the same way.

  • brigitte says:

    the people who do this have no souls and are going straight to hell. i swear if i ever saw someone killing an innocent animal i would kill them and make it 10x’s worse for them. i wouldnt mind going to jail if it meant i could stop 1 person from killing more animals without cause

  • Bridge says:

    Thats it! I’ve had it we need to call everyone, the government, CNN, The White House, NAACP, CRIME WATCHERS, EVERYBODY!!! We gotta end this now before they kill an entire population of innocent animals!

  • keeeeelllly says:

    This made me cry! But what about animals killed for meat? Dont they suffer just as much? I look at what is being done to us by those in ‘power’ and i can see the reflection glaring back at me in how we let animals be treated.

  • Rachel Davidson says:

    Looking at the poor bobcat is just heartbreaking. =(

  • Janine Parker says:

    I hate these evil men and their callous weapons they use on defenceless animals. I pray that they suffer an equally painful and agonising death preferably being watched by someone that could help but just laughs and spits in their face. Mother Nature will take her revenge on ALL animal abusers.

  • Monika Kotwica says:

    Please stop this cruelty whoever you are you are not god

  • bélinda says:

    I hate them so hard!

  • Lucinne says:

    It makes me so sick to know that people can be so cruel and without any respect for these animal’s lives. They should be tortured the same way they torture the poor animals! Animals rule and it sad to say that most people suck. I want to help!

  • Pilar Pineda says:

    Senseless people…Bastards, they have no love for anything in their heart. These people should be pushished the same way they punish the defenseless animal.

  • Ingrid Martin says:

    That is awful, the guy who did that should be in that trap

  • Deepa Mathur says:

    Bin watching various videos of animal torture off late. The world is full of vicious monsters. It looks impossible to save the millions of animals undergoing torture around the world. People have become selfish and cruel beyond a limit.

  • G says:

    believe it or not i may or may not agree with some of these things but sometimes this is necessary. Bobcats are vicious and can be a prob to people who have chickens and other animals on their farms. and i know foxes are awesome but sometimes people need to kill those to for whatever reason weather its survival or a nuisance. and also theres population control of animals.

  • Ernest says:

    This makes me have irrational violent thoughts. Anyway I would like to deal with the perpetrators personally. If they were not such COWARDS they would divulge their addresses.

  • L Brindley says:

    Utterly horrific and disgusting trouble is these “people” are aloud to get away with hurting innocent animals

  • prakhar says:

    i think rules should be more tightned like d crime against humane being. Animals should be treated like humane being, then some good will happen. else rules of jungle is going on here, but not in d jungle.

  • toni says:

    Every time I see someone wearing fur I wish I had a picture like the ones above to give to them, so they could see the horror of the fur industry.

  • 1simba says:

    we need to find these redneck ignorant POS’ and do this to them…. i will volunteer to step on them with my foot.

  • Judi C says:

    Why do we not NAME AND SHAME these prepetrators of cruelty. Why are the faces of these unhumane beings blocked out? They should be seen for all to see what these ###########s do the innocent defenseless creatures. We all have to STOP these barbarians

  • nofurgirl says:

    OMG, that’s disgusting what retarded people do to innocent animals, PETA you do such a well job at the stopping this!xoxo…we should put the trappers in their own traps

  • Erika says:

    There is enough death around us! Why make an innocent animal suffer and die for it’s fur? Do these “types” of people of get tired of killing animals? How do they wash the blood of their hands and sleep at night?

  • aparello says:

    This saddens me to no end. Man needs to stay way from innocent animals and stop being so cruel! I hate humans who have no regards, compassion, or respect to animals.

  • Barbara says:

    Horrible! I don’t know how anybody could do this, but evidently they don’t have a conscience. Those of us who do must try our best to stop this.