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Staying Upwind of Stephen Harper

Written by PETA | June 18, 2009
businessreport / CC

In an effort to clean up its act before the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, the city of Victoria is building four new waste-treatment plants to handle the tens of millions of gallons of raw sewage that are currently being pumped into Puget Sound every day.

Processing sewage isn’t the only thing that Canada needs to do in order to clean up its act before the Games. That’s why we’re suggesting that until Canada’s prime minister finally washes the blood of baby seals from his hands, one of the new sewage plants be named the “Stephen Harper ‘Something’s Rotten’ Sewage Treatment Plant” in his honor.

That’s just our little way of reminding him that allowing hundreds of thousands of seals to be shot and beaten to death each year is a load of crap.

If Stephen Harper really wants his country to look good in time for the 2010 Olympics, he needs to act now to make sure that there won’t be another seal massacre in 2010.

Otherwise, Harper may well find himself in deep doo-doo.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • carla says:

    Mr. Harper is a noclass pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Danika Thanks for your comment. We will be responding to it via email shortly.

  • Courtney says:

    Harper has been on everyone’s radar for a long time. Not just for his lack of compassion when it comes to the seal hunt but in a lot of area’s in his political regime. Just because he’s our PM does NOT mean WE put him there…he plays like Bush…scare the people to get the vote.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Mr. Harper is a heartless and vile carnivore who is destroying his part of the planet.