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State of the Union Undress: 2008!

Written by PETA | January 28, 2008

For the second year in a row, an extremely brave PETA member has bared all for our State of the Union Undress. The result is nothing short of stunning, and I can’t say enough about how amazing this young lady has been in helping us put the video together as a way of reaching a wide audience with a message of compassion for animals. I don’t know what to expect from Bush’s speech tonight, but I feel extremely confident in guaranteeing that our State of the Union is going to be a whole hell of a lot sexier.


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  • Michele says:

    Ana I seem to recall CC comparing you to some Birkenstockwearing hippie a couple of months ago actually I am pretty sure the comment was even more critical than that but I am not going to try and search for it to get the exact quote. And on several occasions he has gotten huffy and called Kelly “bigoted” WTF?. Then there are the times where I can almost see him climbing up on that pedestal to preach to all of us dummies who don’t pay as many taxes as he does and who will simply never know as much as he does about anything! I think he needs to get back on his meds because clearly he cannot recall how nasty he has been to many of the people on this site. I would never counsel anyone that he is someone worth talking to. He is simply too arrogant and quite twofaced when he is notsosubtly attempting to ingratiate himself to Jack so that he does not get booted off the PETAfiles.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Maya Like I said boring. First thing you know somebody freaks out over calling it a propaganda video. I would love to have discussions about wildlife and habitat and other meaningful subjects but I always seem to get baited into these wacky side roads where English isn’t spoken and no one walks on dirt.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hey again Ana! My email address is The URL line here does not fill my website address automatically and I’m too lazy to type the whole thing LOL. But you may have to sign up for Vox just to get in touch with me so it may be easier to use but of course I would love to speak to you on Vox too! I apologize for using Alf’s name I have not really researched them instead I should have just said that I beleive that arson is deadly wrong and anyone who does not beleive me should volunteer at a burn center for a week. I don’t mean to be nasty to PETA I’m just terribly opinionated and I think that I have a somewhat inside perspective. But it goes without saying it’s just my opinion and nothing else. I would LOOOOOOOOVVVVE to see declawing banned here. I hope we can exchange ideas. Peace and love my friend.

  • Ana says:

    Hello Maya! I do not recall where you left your email address but I can always go to your website kitties! and write to you there. Declawing is very important to me because so many catskittens suffer very serious consequences because of it. You and I both know that declawing does not promise a permanent home. Too many other nations ban declawing legally medically and the USA needs to get with the program. Of course capitalism has a lot to do with it. To find declawed cats in the streets is heartbreaking. The felines are utterly helpless! To find all paws declawed is criminal. No vet should be allowed to perform this amputation on 2 paws let alone 4 paws. I originally wanted to be a vet but having a small child and going to vet school proved to be too much of a challenge. Luckily I had the grades to go into any field and I ultimately decided history. Thanks for the compliment but I honestly do not think I can influence CC. His denigrating me has taken on the life of a pasttime for him. Otherwise I have no problem trying to educate influence and convince others to become more aware of the animal suffering caused by human behavior and in encouraging compassionate choices regarding animals. I speak to people with kindness when doing so it benefits the animals when I do. The capacity to be compassionate is in people not all people certainly but there are those that are reachable. Peace!

  • Ana says:

    Coch Also I dislike vulgarity so no using your name in a fashion that would attempt to conjure anything vulgar is distasteful to me. You really are attacking the wrong person in reference to your name. Try someone else. I have way too much class for that. Justice for Animals!

  • Ana says:

    Coch I don’t hate you that would be a waste of time. Being arrogant you think I would waste any type of emotion on you….get a grip. What I hate is injustice. As far as dumbing down I am far too intelligent for that. But of course your arrogance thinks I would for the likes of you. Again you are arrogant even about your name. I simply wrote the first 4 letters because it was easier for me. I write constantly because of my discipline and I get tired and I simply shorten nameswords for my benefit. It wasn’t an attempt on my part to insult insulting others is your specialty. You barely are civil in anything you write to me and it irks you that I am very intelligent and can argue with the best of them. I can respect a difference of opinion but I don’t appreciate the constant juvenile put downs that you so much enjoy. Ironically if you knew me personally you would both appreciate my intelligence as well as my looks. I have always been described as personable. So stop being so arrogant I have no desire to play with your name or anyone else’s. It didn’t cross my mind about your name until you wrote of it. Ridiculing others be it because of a name or appearance is for dumb insecure juveniles. BTW the things that you write can also be construed as propaganda as well. If you want to continue to insult me well go ahead and enjoy yourself. I refuse to sling any of your vile directed at me back to you. Very counterproductive and hostile. I would rather have a written dialogue with someone both respectful and civil. But you are cocky!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Elphaba! I REALLY like the phrase “agree to disagree” because once people get past hurling insults then they can actually solve problems and get results. You’re welcome to call me out any time it keeps me on my toes LOL. And I enjoy discussing such issues no matter if people agree with me or not. I must confess that since Jack posted PETA’s good work on exposing pet stores I’ve been tempted to donate to their cause but when things get “offensive” again I tend to back away. Blessings Elphaba! ps Rocking the cleavage is a great thing. Ana thank you for the link!! I will definetly check it out. And you should email me some time I have been gathering cutting edge information on declawing and even know of some possible studies I’d like to join you in that cause it’s one I feel incredibly passionate about. I’m certainly not defending Chris but communicating on the Internet is very challenging I think that with no tone of voice or body language it’s hard to know if someone is truly attacking you or just being defensive. I’d suggest either ignoring him altogether or asking for him to speak to you with more respect. He’s worth talking to after all you’re very well educated and can teach him to treat animals better with some work. I think it may be worth the sacrifice. Just MHO.

  • K says:

    Oh God! Stop already with the nonsense. This is not porn PETA is not exploiting women. This brave woman chose on her own free will unlike the animals which have no choice to do this and last time I checked there’s nothing wrong with the naked body. This attracts attention and vistors to PETA’s website so maybe they will be curious and click around and read up on some new info about animals rights while they’re here. And it’s not like PETA just videotaped a naked woman and posted it on their website. Notice besides there no being a fastforward button the act is followed by Meet Your Meat. And I agree with some others PETA next year we can have a guy too.. any takers Jack? p

  • Ana says:

    Hello Maya Describing the nudity as porn is a little harsh and extreme. I understand you may be offended by it but by no means is it porn. Models in women’s mags pose in the nude as well but I don’t view it as porn. Denigrating ALF is harsh on your part as well. ALF has enlightened many as to what really is going on in many of the fur farms factory farms and labs. The labs in the universities I have studied at performed some very painful and unethical procedures on animals. Most people are not privy to these activities. It was difficult for me to attend while knowing all of this. You mention arson and destruction of property by the ALF. Both British and American feminists did the same. They set buildings on fire broke windows to government buildings as well as to private businesses. Many were arrested yet again they continued with their urgency. today these women are heroines. The ALF destroys property for 2 reasons to cause financial hardship to animal usershaterskillers and to destroy that which contributed to the oppression of animals read pain and deaths. Having researched many social movements I have a different perspective on the participants. The ALF members adhere to a peaceful philosophy but governements and enterprises that make their money off of the backs of animals have a violent and capitalist one. Money is the vital interest not compassion to any animal. On the other hand the government has proven itself violent to those who oppose these enterprises. Advocates have died and have been severely injured by the legal authorities. Abusive legislation has been enacted to severely punish animal advocates and basically to eradicate their civil rights. The ALF has killed no one it certainly would have been reported otherwise. People have sacrificed in the name of justice and so do animal advocates for animals. Your harsh synopsis of both PETA and the ALF is unwarranted in my opinion. I don’t support violence but destroying weapons of destructionoppression is a different issue. I try to be objective when I view all of this. If you can be kind to Cochran who is an avid hunter and goes out of his way to list the animals he hunts and wherewhen he hunts them on this blog please try to be more openminded about PETA and the people that rescue animals from unspeakable pain and horror found in labs on fur farms and factory farms. You rescue animals so I know you have kindnessgoodness in your heart. Maya people also criticize feline rescuers in their mind only humans deserve help and some refer to the cats as vermine. People love to blame PETA for everything but that’s logical because PETA is inyourface and considered radical. HSUS is soft and appeases the masses. If I were a cat in a lab or fox on a fur farm or cow or chicken in a factory farm I would want an abolitionist willing to make sacrifices to liberate me from the hands of my cruel oppressor. Peace and joy to you!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike I totally agree I speak English and in the English language propaganda is material usually biased that is presented to sway or prove a point. If it is to sway to a bad cause or if it uses untruth then it’s bad propaganda but there is nothing wrong the video being called propaganda. The video in question is a very effective propaganda video that was my point. Ana let me help you out on some of those surname insults Cockroach my all time fav Cockranoff cockhead cockface cocky etc. I learned most of these in elementary school. Now you don’t have to work so hard to think up new name insults. Oh and all those things you said aren’t propaganda can all be easily used as propaganda but hey ok!. Don’t let your hatred for me dumb you down. I know I won’t but then again I don’t hate you.

  • Ana says:

    Hi Maya! Take a look and read some of the wonderful writings from various learned people. The journal the Ark is a wonderful compilation of stories and information. It also includes both beautiful and sad photos of animals in various conditions. I am both a life member and the Sec’y for its USA counterpart CCA originated in the UK. Ironic that such a wondeful Catholic org originated in a predominantly Protestant country at the commencement of this org. As usual coch continues with his sarcasm and venomous insults directed at me. Another indication of low intelligence and frustration. Your buddy coch does a good job of killing the wildlife you are busy in earnest to save just as I am. But coch didn’t come here to learn only to insult animal advocates especially women. Educated women are his specialty. Maya I do a lot of work trying to educate others about the horrors of declawing. Sometimes I am very successful. Peace and joy to you!

  • elphaba says:

    Maya I must say I have not had the same experiences as you have even in the south. People are always nice to me when I talk about PETA I’ve had one negative remark made ever and he came around too. Maybe there is something to be said for TnA and they’re only nice to me because I rock the cleavage. Who knows? It might seem like I call you out a lot probably because I do but it’s awfully refreshing to do so and receive an honest thoughtful response rather than an angry deflection. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to agree to disagree on PETA stunts but before I give up I’d just like to point out one thing Every time PETA does something outrageous whether it’s a naked protest or buying a headstone in a cemetery it gets TV and printed news coverage for that local area and frequently makes a national paper or two. In those news stories you’ll find phrases entire paragraphs discussing the treatment of animals by whomever is being protested. In detailgraphic details the media would not otherwise be willing to discuss because they are too depressing. So yes the stunts may be silly may be offensive to some but they serve their purpose very effectively. The public may not be ready to hear it if they were the media would be discussing the issues without the benefit of PETA stunts but the animals need their stories to be told.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher Sure it’s propaganda but then so to is the message promulgated by any other special interest groupsuch as the National Dairy Council.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Ana I would expect someone as educated as yourself to know the definition of propaganda. By labeling the video as propaganda I am not labeling it as untrue. Lighten up Francis!!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Ana! I really liked hearing about your organization. I think that’s wonderful especially the fact that all are invited. I think church groups are so devoted to their communities and really important. Just so you don’t think I’m a big hypocrite I do donate hundreds of dollars to local rescues wildlife rehabbers and of course we’ve spent thousands on vet bills for our AIDS infected strays in the neighborhood to give them good homes. I also belong to the NRDC who save whales polar bears and the Earth. They are really good. I agree completely that PETA is wonderful but as a shelter worker and vet nurse I had a different perspective. Try telling clients not to declaw cats or to stop buying from pet stores and they just think I’m a violent crazy person. Make no mistake about it that’s the fault of PETA. People say “I don’t go for that PETA stuff.” They use it as a curse word. I’m not a psychologist but you have to understand the public needs to TRUST before they can believe. Shoving porn in people’s faces is a form of aggression and it makes people nervous. People don’t trust PETA. Being on this blog is very deceptive. It looks as if PETA has tons of supproters but seriously walk ANYWHERE and ask the average stranger what they think of PETA. Try it. We need to understand what changes people’s behavior. PETA gets it right maybe 90 percent of the time great literature WONDERFUL celebrity endorsements clever campaigns very very cool videos. Then they go and ruin it all with stunts that get the most publicity the offensive aggressive stunts that scare people away. It’s a real shame. As an animal professional I’ve seen it not only affect PETA but every animal profession. And it’s ironic what you said about propoganda. Did you notice what I asked Chris? He said the video got his attention but that it was propoganda. Bingo. Ask any “anti” if they will change their habits because of T and A. I doubt it. But I still love PETA and I will continue letter writing for them and I would love to hear more about your organization so I would love a link!! Namaste my dear!

  • Ana says:

    The animals were being beaten or forced into being part of cruel lab experiments. That does not constitute propaganda. Hitler’s speeches and Nazi posters are examples of propaganda. Photos of the victims of the Nazi regime is not propaganda. Videos of cruelty committed against nonhuman animals is not propaganda. It is an attempt to educate the uninformed and perhaps elicit sympathy kindness and compassion. Of course not all people are capable of feeling nor demonstrating such tender feelings. Hello Maya! The feminist philosophy is not entirely a bowl of cherries. Some of it is very harsh and tends to lay blame on others. I still support PETA even if I disagree with some of its stances and demos. Maya there is no perfect group but of all of them PETA has accomplished the most for animals. It also has this blog for us that allows us to be privy to the latest effort on behalf of animals which no other org does. I really am surprized that you do not support PETA monetarily and are so critical of it. There is no perfect org there is no utopia of animal orgs. I am Catholic and although I do not agree with the Catechism and other things about the church I have not abandoned my faith. Instead I make attempts to remedy wrongs and voice my concerns in the hope that changes can be made. I even am the Sec’y of Catholic Concern For Animals USA a vegan animal rights Catholic org organized by Catholics both lay and religious are inviolved. Just hope you can ponder over what I have I written and maybe get a different pov. Peace to you!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Elphaba in all seriousness I agree with you and I apologize. I really am speaking only for myself. Like I said before I’m not opposed to all of PETA’s “naked” tactics just the obnoxious in your face overdoing of it. I like a pretty naked girl as much as anyone I’m straight honest! LOL but sometimes here it gets to the level of porn. Again ew! Mike good points. Again I’m not against all of it just some of it. And really it’s this porn stuff COMBINED with the disrespect shown sometimes like with the cemetery stunt PLUS the whole Alf thing where PETA refuses to condem things like arson assault etc and at the very least throwing pies in someone’s face is extremely immature. I can totally understand someone breaking down a door of a lab or whatever to rescue animals in danger I get that. But arson assault porn etc just makes them look like criminals and it makes me very uneasy.

  • Peace to You says:

    Advertisers recognize the power that sexual imagery and suggestion have on consumers. According to Neil E. Harrison a writer for Canadian Business and Current Affairs advertisers recognize that ”sex sells” because it attracts attention Harrison. Attentiongetting techniques have always been the cornerstone of advertising even if it makes a consumer look in disgust the point is that the consumer looked and if the imagery is pushing the envelope or shocking or borderline offensive it becomes more memorable.

  • Susannah S says:

    Yasmin “sometimes nakedness expresses purity.” Yes sometimes it does just not in this ad. This is clearly for the purpose of attracting attention but the animals won’t get the attention from this one. Sarah “By insulting her choices you are being a complete hypocrite etc.” I don’t know I wasn’t insulting her choicesmyself but I do question the constant use of naked women on the part of PETA. And I think it’s particularly obscene when right after a strip tease you show the cruelly treated animals. But I guess that’s just me and a few other of hypocritical feminists here. I am not particularly feministby the way. While I will always defend the rights of women I want to see rights for all beings upheld those of men women AND animals. To me the cruelty perpetuated against animals is a serious business and I want to see it stopped. I DON’T want to see it juxtaposed against a titsandass come on. But as I said that’s just my opinion.

  • Ellen says:

    I am wishy washy about the whole thing. I think PETA stands strong without nudity. To say that this is a wonderful piece because it leads up to the Free Me video something people might not see otherwise…..excuse me but what people would that be???? What ethical person interested in the humane treatment of animals is going to choose nudity over animal rights????? I just can’t wrap my head around the reasoning behind this sorry.

  • elphaba says:

    Now Maya please don’t speak for all the women on this blog. If sex brings attention to the cause and it does I’m not offended at all. I’m proud to be part of an organization that gets results.

  • Sara says:

    I agree she is sexy and if she were on a site like Suicide Girls it would make sense and I’m sure tons of people would watch it! Its that PETA is using sex to sell veganism that I find off putting. As Peace to You said sex will always be in advertising but you don’t see the Red Cross showing bare breasts and crotches in their ads. No one is doing a strip tease while telling you how important vaccinations are. Sex just doesn’t work as a sales pitch for everything. I’m glad the hoverroundmobility chair company hasn’t started using naked girls yet and I hope they never do.

  • Ronie says:

    I don’t think anyone is debating whether or not this young lady is attractive or not. And to the posters above of course feminism encourages everyone to decide what they want to do with their own bodies. I don’t think that anyone here is arguing that she or anyone else shouldn’t be stripping if she wants to. I think the question is do stunts like this actually help influence people to become more compassionate or do they alienate potential animal advocates who believe PETA has lost any shred of legitimacy. I have confidence that PETA will come up with some more intelligent campaign ideas!

  • kathleen wissenz says:

    Awesome video. Anytime you need someone to do another one let me know!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Maya I think it’s the old bait and switch. First you get the guys all gaga and receptive effectively putting their minds in neutral or a trance state and then you bodyslam them with the truth about animal exploitation. It might work…oui? The young lady certainly delivered her lines with tongueincheek campiness. But you’re rightsex works best in measured amounts. I find the naked Barcelona fur protest incredibly moving but there is a zero sex component there even though they’re naked.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Maya I didn’t change any of my habits but I WAS compelled watch the propaganda video.

  • Miss Jackson says:

    We all have to admit it this PETAspecial is moving more than one questionmarked guy on these blogs! and for sure also out there!

  • Kurt K says:

    Love PETA or hate it! You have to admit that young lady is pretty sexy! I don’t know if it will change my mind about anything but it is a good way to get more people talking about PETA. Have a great hump day everybody!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Mike right on did you convince Jack to get Ami stripping yet? LOL JUST KIDDING! I agree with many here that this is just lighthearted fun and attention getting and of course it’s her choice. If this were the only sexual PETA thing this month or week even! it would be one thing but gooey sex is just all over the blog. It’s kind of in your face. And it’s a bit offensive to women who visit the site to see animal compassion and get a big ol’ eyeful of booby every five minutes. It’s just too crass sorry. And here’s the clincher I’d challenge Chris hi Chris! wink and others to HONESTLY tell me that they would really consider changing a lifetime of eating meat over this ad. C’mon get real.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Theresa Sex is not the only tool but it is one of the most deeply moving. I don’t blame the gals for being unmoved here but the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach especially if you are feeding him tofu.

  • Mylie says:

    People can choose to use their own minds bodies and voices to make social statements. Animals who are slaughtered for food and fashion tortured in labs left to die at the end of chains and those who are beaten to perform in circuses are unable to make any decisions on their own. I applaud the efforts of creative and compassionate people who are able to bring attention to animal suffering and give a voice to those who have none.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Gawdalmighty it’s not like it’s a porn film or anything. It segues very nicely into some footage that a lot of people might not otherwise watchfootage that literally has changed people’s life. These could be people that PETA’s never reached before as one male poster detailed. I believe though I could be wrong that there are more women into animal rights and vegetarianism so this might interest more males. Sex sells on occasion everything else so why not animal rights? And there have been some famous strippers throughout history that were every bit as feministic as any one today. Ami James got a warm welcome from the females so to be fair maybe next year’s address should feature a guy universal gagging motion.

  • Sarah says:

    I think this is so amazing. Can you imagine how dedicated she had to be to do this? I give mad props to this girl PETA and to everyone who had anything to do with this. To the feminists out there complaining about this…keep in mind this is a choice that this young lady made not forced upon her. Don’t you think if you are insulting her choices you are being a total and complete hypocrite? I could have sworn women making their own decisions is exactly what being a feminist really is about maybe Im wrong? Are the feminists of the world just controlling and as dictating as the rest of the world? Again PETAState of the Union Chick…..awesome job totally kick ass!

  • Peace to You says:

    The use of sex will ebb and flow but it will never disappear. University of Marylands advertising instructor Eric Zanot said There is always going to be sex in advertising for the simple reason that its just one of our basic strong emotions. And advertisers are always looking for basic emotions to attach to products in order to sell them.

  • Yasmin Jameer says:

    This is a beautiful ‘stunt’! as a woman i’m deeply touched because it shows something that the human being has in common with the animals vulnerability! When we are naked we are the most vulnerable! and for this reason i think that PETA should continue to make such ads! PETA Germany did one some time ago with a naked pregnant woman actress Andrea Sawatzky and i called them to felicitate them because that was really great sometimes nakedness expresses purity and this is a special capacity of PETA’s artistic knowledge! Of course a man is touched in a different way than a woman but i think every kind of impression matters here because last but not least it’s all for the animals!

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Hello everybody i just looked the video and it is WONDERFUL! Perfect clean stuff beautiful young woman in a super healthy body and with a super healthy soul and mind! i just would encourage also young men in doing such a nice video in order to be balanced you know! nevertheless i stopped it at the point when the poor abused animals are shown because at that time i become very angry again and i just can say i’m only happy over one thing that my mother died before she could see all these criminal misdeeds committed by human beings towards all these innocent creatures! there are no words to express my misanthropic feelings towards such human creepers! fortunately we got people like this beautiful young woman for to make up at least a little bit my troubled mind! GREAT WORK PETA I COULD NOT MISS YOU ANYMORE!

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    Naked works! And the animals need PETA to do whatever it takes to make people think about THEM.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I’m with my feminist friends above and this is one of the reasons why I won’t donate to PETA even though I think they are doing great work. Porn compassion for animals. Sex toys animals. Hot breasts animals. Is anyone besides me grossed out yet?

  • Susannah S says:

    I can’t help but notice that the positive reponses here are mostly by men. The end does NOT necessarily justify the means. I am glad PETA gets attention for the cause but I do question the ethics of using women as objects to get it done. Sorry PETA I think it is “time for a change.”

  • Josh says:

    While she is very attractive and this seems to be getting national press maybe international too it makes me rethink my support of PETA. If we want to be taken seriously we shouldn’t reduce ourselves to the lowest common denominator. Our message is too important to get lost in debates over sexual morals. PETA has had so many great campaigns this year the ABC teen sex talk commercial was brilliant for example. Continue with the creative ideas that focus on our cause animal liberationin case you forgot and lets leave the strip tease to the professionals. Degradation of morals is a slippery slope.

  • Dana says:

    Good work You finally got Christopher Cochran to say I vegetarian in the same sentence…this is ground breaking!!!!!

  • AnimalFriendinTN says:

    I love what PETA stands for but as someone who considers herself a feminist I would prefer it find a way other than using women’s bodies to get the point across especially when only women are being portrayed in this way. I like to think of PETA as a site for animal lovers not for porn enthusiasts. Though I am not a prude I think the horrible facts about animal abuse and cruelty speak for themselves. Make the facts more widely known and folks will respond. I know I and my family and friends have. Unfortunately though I do let my kids roam most animal rights sites freely I do not feel I can let them peruse the PETA site without supervision and they are both as passionate and more persuasive than I am when talking to others about the importance of fighting animal cruelty. You don’t need to fight the fight in this way. If it is the only way men will respond then shame on ’em.

  • Theresa says:

    Gosh guys…is sex the only tool we have to sell Americans on the ideas of such a great organization as PETA? I realize the guys are really into this campaign but as a woman I find it a step back in time. Do we really have to show our tits and ass to get men to listen to our ideas? And don’t you think every American male under the age of 18 will click that little button to see a naked woman. Really is this the image we want for women? Boys stop beating your meat and eat your vegetables!

  • Vegancakes says:

    As a female as well I must say that even my eyes couldn’t leave the screen. In order to catch people’s attention you’ve gotta do something like this. I love this video and call to action and as always the “Free Me” vid brought a tear to my eye… Great job with this video!

  • Peace to You says:

    I knew somthing some one said or did would get your attention Christopher! Way to go Peta!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    This is the closest I have ever come to becoming a vegetarian.

  • Jay says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually going to have to listen to a PETA speech when I get home and am not on my work computer. You guys should use that face in a national campaign instead of Pink or sending letters to prisons asking them to change the diet of a guy who ate his girlfriend. You’d get a lot more public support. Hot girls can get guys to do anything. If that girl showed up at my house and asked me not to eat meat I’d at least cut it out for a month.

  • David says:

    Okay a buddy of mine sent me over here to look at this and one of my coworkers walked by while I was watched. We were both glued to this thingall through the hideous crap after the sexy stuff. I don’t know what I think of all this but I will say that it’s an amazingly effective and creative way of getting people to watch the video after the girl takes her cloths off. I am thinking about PETA in a whole new way. I think this will reach middle America… Um can I get that girl’s name? Is she really just another PETA member? I guess that’s why you’re not giving her name…

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Beautifully done and undone. I have nothing but admiration for your brave modelon so many levels. And of course the “Free Me” video is a classic. Thank you John Feldmann.

  • lucas solowey says:

    awesome video. but maybe next year we can have a guy do it too.