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‘Star’ Staffers Take on Hollywood McDonald’s

Written by PETA | October 10, 2011

It was just another evening in Hollywood—the sun was sinking in a gold-and-orange blaze, throngs of tourists were posing for photos on the Walk of Fame, and some of my PETA colleagues and I gathered to spread the message that McDonald’s suppliers mutilate conscious chickens.

Although a couple of teenagers who hovered around Ozzy Osbourne’s star assured me that they could beat up anyone who gave us any trouble, most of the more than 300 passersby who took our leaflets were sympathetic. In fact, even the bus passengers wanted our leaflets—a convenient bus stop provided the opportunity for a certain enthusiastic (and tall) staffer to hand leaflets through the bus windows. 

You can help by telling McDonald’s to require its suppliers to use a less cruel chicken-slaughter method, lest the stretch of sidewalk in front of this Hollywood location give new meaning to “Walk of Shame.”

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • XAH-124 says:

    It’s horrible and disgusting!

  • Rosie Hackett says:

    @tniacool123, The calves are immediately taken from the mother after birth & either killed, used for veal OR allowed to just starve to death so that we can all have milk, butter, etc. Very cruel .

  • tinacool123 says:

    i have a question for everybody : i’ve been a vegetarian for 2 and a half years now. I tried to look up info on why to be vegan instead of vegetarian. Is there any cruelty done to animals for milk,butter,etc. Feel free to comment. Thanks.

  • Marie Klemens says:

    OMG!!! Shame on you Mc Donalds!! you suck!!

  • Andrea Grant says:

    I just thought I would share a story about my chicken… I never really thought about chickens as as being intelligent in any way but my chickens proved me wrong. We allow our chickens to roam free in our back yard, we have been successful at this for 2 years but last month a dog found an open gate and killed 10 of our 13 chickens and injured 1. We replaced the 10 with adult hens. We put the injured hen in a dog crate in the garage to heal, she would only eat if we were there with her and talked to us softly while she ate. After two weeks of her being in the crate I heard commotion in the garage, she was throwing herself against the gate of the crate over and over and screaming… She was done with being locked up, we decided she was going to kill herself if we kept her up but we were afraid that the new chickens might pick at her wounds. We released her into the back yard and chanced it, her 2 old friends came running, she lifted her wings to show her wounds and they talked, then they all walked off together. When the new chickens came over to meet her her old friends stood in front of her and wouldn’t allow them to come close. The most amazing thing to me was that the old hens would not interact with the new hens but they knew their old friend immediately. I thought about the millions of chickens who spend their lives in tiny cages and it broke my heart knowing that my chicken was willing to kill herself to get out of that cage after just 2 weeks!

  • kathy says:

    if animals have to be killed then it must be done in the most humane way possible. why aren’t these people in jail for animal cruelty?

  • Carolyn tibbs says:

    Mcdonalds has such trashy food and they are the top of cruelty. Their food is unhealthy.

  • krist thorpe says:

    if you must kill them at least do it with dignity

  • Vivien agater says:

    Mc Donald’s, I think you should start to require your suppliers to use a less cruel chicken- slaughter method, lest the stretch of sidewalk in front of this Hollywood location give new meaning to “Walk of Shame”. Sincerly, V. Agater.

  • Deborah Salonek says:

    Please require that your chivken suppliers use less cruel slaughter methods and require them to fire anyone who abuses and hurts them prior to slaughter. I am not going to eat at your restaurants until something is done!

  • Chamithri says:

    Please support this cause.

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    As always, I will keep protesting against this cruelty which is mindless which makes it even gruesome but has McDonalds or KFC really bothered to care about how we really feel? I can’t understand why authorities are quiet because they have to help us stop this cruelty.

  • Robin Emerson says:

    To whom it may concern, I hope this small letter is being read by someone with a warm spot in their heart for animals. It is unfair to ask you to stop selling anything with meat but at least be responsible about it. Those poor chickens have feelings and making an animal suffer is just plain WRONG!!! Please do what you can to stop the conscious mutilation of innocent chickens. Animals have feelings!! “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Ghandi

  • Davide says:


  • Xurmat Xara says:

    I am sure that you all guys that help animals will go to heaven!

  • Teresa Donovan says:

    I will boycott McDonalds there s no excuse for this treatment

  • Nicole Beth says:

    McDonald’s, you need to stop right now. What you’re doing is so very wrong and disgusting. You’re torturing animals 4 no good reason, and it should be stopped NOW! Have you ever even thought about the animals you’re killing??? Have you even once stopped and thought “Is it cruel to slaughter these animals and treat them like sacks of potatoes?” No, i’m sure you haven’t, because you’re still torturing innocent cows, chickens, and pigs like they’re nothing! i just want you to know that I am not eating at McDonald’s any more, and I am definately telling all of my friends about how you treat animals. What you’re doing is terrible, and you should stop NOW before you make EVEN MORE people mad and get yourself sewed. Thank You. Now start doing something about it.