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St. Louis Vegans and PETA Unite for Cats

Written by PETA | August 31, 2012

PETA has teamed up with St. Louis Vegans to put extra pressure on St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) as part of PETA’s campaign to stop live cats from being tormented in painful and archaic medical training conducted cooperatively by the institutions.

A Real Horror Show

As the hospital and university held a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course where trainees were forcing plastic tubes down cats’ windpipes as part of the crude intubation training exercise, the groups acted out the cruel procedure in a particularly unsettling—and unforgettable—form of street theater.

WUSTL and St. Louis Children’s Hospital continue to torment cats in PALS courses even though sophisticated humanlike simulators are available and the American Heart Association—which sponsors the course—states that it “does not require or endorse the use of animals in PALS courses.”

Simulators are already used instead of animals at virtually every institution that offers PALS, including other schools and medical centers in St. Louis. Even one of the original developers of the course has joined the fight against these crude laboratories. 

What You Can Do

Please join PETA and St. Louis Vegans in telling Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital that it’s time to leave the dark ages—and cruelty to cats—in the past and use superior modern simulators instead.

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  • Anne Grice says:

    This is an issue of unnecessary barbaric animal cruelty which is condemned by all animal welfare organisations and this University should be charged with gross animal cruelty because this is totally unnecessary. These are the sick acts of immoral people under the most vile act of training. Any uneducated person could see that this is simply animal cruelty so end this torturing of innocent animals. This is barbaric torture not training. Its incomprehensible how professionals could justify such sickening blatant cruelty to these defenceless cats in the name of so called research! Intubation does not require a live animal to be subjected to this cruel act and to brutalise cats in this vile manner is most definitely covered under the “Animal Cruelty Laws” in any country including the USA. We must demand that WUSTL to STOP this barbaric sick act on these cats at once or they must be charged with gross animal cruelty under the animal cruelty laws. The animal protection society need to remove these cats and others from this vile lab of horrors because this is nothing more than blatant animal cruelty. The students in this medical program need to understand that their role in society will be to reduce suffering of all beings and must show their disgust with this University’s backward cruel training program that has no place in todays training programs. The president of this University needs to end this barbaric cruelty and face the full force of the animal cruelty laws of the USA. No live beings need such unnecessary cruelty from training at medical schools, vet schools,and all organisations because their are hundreds of mechanical and non- living teaching tools available making this a sick vile case of animal cruelty to these cats and other live animals in this lab. This is sickening, disgraceful and barbaric.