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Squirrels Sprung From Traps

Written by PETA | September 12, 2012

When PETA learned that a Florida man was trapping (and perhaps killing) squirrels directly under a bird feeder, a PETA cruelty caseworker jumped into action. While the trapping was legal under state law—which meant that Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials couldn’t help—the squirrels suffered for hours from the intense Florida heat and from anxiety, especially since squirrels prefer to burrow and minimize their exposure to humans and other potential dangers.

In addition to asking Fish and Wildlife to confront the man trapping the squirrels, the caseworker called and e-mailed the man and encouraged one of the man’s neighbors to speak to the trapper, who ultimately agreed to stop capturing the squirrels. The neighbor was also urged to stop feeding squirrels, which attracted more of them to the area.

What You Can Do

There’s no need to resort to drastic measures: Learn how to live in harmony with our wild-animal neighbors. Even if you enjoy wildlife, please think carefully before feeding them, as doing so can expose them to predators and other dangers.

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  • Theresa says:

    Overfeeding encourages breeding is something I learned the hard way so if there is an abundance of an animal that may be a pest, such as mice or house sparrows, that could be why. There were so many house sparrows going into one nest by my house that one of the babies in the nest was killed. That’s when I stopped feeding them. I had wanted to help them but they were all congregating at my house and it was just constant birds all the time and I realized that it was probably going to get worse and I might be enouraging aggressive behavior in some of the birds. A more moderate level of feeding probably would have been a better idea. I learned that house sparrows (a very common bird all over the US, the little brown birds that usually hang out with pigeons) were brought to the US a hundred or so years ago to control bugs but their population has grown and there are people who are very cruel to them and say they are huge pests. Government laws regarding wildlife are very unfair. They are not as protected as other wild animals just because they are a non native species.