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Squash Obesity! Praise Seitan!

Written by PETA | September 22, 2009
James Willstrop


In a new ad for PETA Europe, Britain’s top-notch squash player James Willstrop is out to unite vegetable fans and sports fans around the world.

Once he kicked animal flesh out of his diet, James noticed a surge in his energy levels and his speed. He’s used these newfound super-vegetarian powers to squash not only obesity but also the competition at several major world tournaments.

Willstrop joins other athletes—including Prince Fielder, Georges Laraque, NBA stars Raja Bell and John Salley, MMA fighters Mac Danzig and Dale Hart, and Olympic great Carl Lewis—who have risen to the top of their games on a vegetarian diet. Taking PETA’s “Pledge to Be Veg” can help you do the same.

Written by Shawna Flavell

All right, I tried to resist, but it’s just too easy: In honor of James, check out this delicious squash recipe.

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  • Kurt K says:

    Mike Its my belief that you are not wrong. But neither am I. Bad diets are bad for you healthy diets are good for you. Its that simple. Of course less fat is beneficial. But you still need some fat. I choose to get my nutrition from different sources. Plus I don’t forsee myself running marathons in the future so the point means nothing to me really. I have a car to cover 26 miles.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hi Elphaba Thank you! Kurt I have read of many vegans who have accomplished some pretty amazing feats of athleticismRuth is just one of the many. If you’ve read about Dr. Dean Ornish’s work and the writings of Dr. John McDougall and others you would know that cardiac and arterial disease has actually been reversed through a lowfat plantbased diet. This has all been scientifically documented. Autopsies of young American soldiers in Korea who appeared otherwise healthy were found to already have had the beginnings of atherosclerosis. My belief is that vegans have cleaner and clearer arteries. This makes endurance sports like running so much easier for them to excel in.

  • Kurt K says:

    Mike I would hope you understood what I was trying to say about top notch athletes being able eat whatever and still performing at high levels. Obviously they can’t eat candy bars and tubs of lard and be the best. Ruth Heidrich is an amazing example of what the human body can do. However are you suggesting that if everybody switched to a vegan diet we would be running marathons at the age of 72? This woman obviously loves running. She must orgasm when she gets her runners high. I used to wrestle lots of running and I also went through Officer Canidate School for the USMC lots of running at the time I was in great shape so the running was pretty easy. However I still hated every minute. I just don’t like running. Ruth does. This woman is a freak of nature. So it is unfair to compare her to the average person or Kenyans. I guess I would argue that there is only one Ruth Heidrich and hundreds if not thousands of Kenyan runners. Most eat a similar diet which consist of meat portions. She is a great exaple but hardly typical.

  • Elphaba says:

    I’ve got to tell you Mike you are one of the most knowledgeable useful peopleno offense to anyone else but you have to admit the guy has good solid answers to just about anything thrown at him not to mention the patience of a saintposters on this blog. If your wellresearched info isn’t good enough for some people who are going to think what they want to think regardless of facts oh well but good on you for continuing the dialogue anyway.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kurt I have to take issue with a couple of your statements “They would be able to perform at the level no matter what their diets consist of.” So a topnotch athlete can get by on loads of Mars bars Twinkies and Coke? Somehow I doubt that. “Then of course there are the thousands of other athletes that eat high protein diets that consist of eggs chicken and lean beef. Are they wrong? Would they be better off with vegan diets? Probably not.” That’s total conjecture on your part. Unless they try a vegan diet for awhile they’ll never know. Kenyan runners would have their hands full dealing with the likes of Ruth Heidrich. “Ruth Heidrich now 72 yrs. of age was named by Living Fit magazine as one of the ten fittest women in North America the other nine were all under 35 years of age!” She has been a vegan for 25 years. If you wiki Scott Jurek’s name you’ll see an amazing list of accomplishments all done on a vegan diet. Jurek was selected as UltraRunning Magazine’s North American Male Ultrarunner of the Year in 2003 2004 2005 and 2007 and placed second in 2006.

  • Kurt K says:

    Mike These are truly amazing athletes I will not dispute their abilities. However they are blessed with gifts that make them so. They would be able to perform at the level no matter what their diets consist of. Some people have it and other don’t. Kenyan runners hands down the best in the world eat a combination of roasted meat cooked greens fruit milk and local dish made of maise water and meat. Point being meat in the correct quantities brings many benefits. Then of course there are the thousands of other athletes that eat high protein diets that consist of eggs chicken and lean beef. Are they wrong? Would they be better off with vegan diets? Probably not.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kurt Read the profile on LaRussa in Wikihe is a veg. Don’t forget that baseball and football are not the only sports in the world. Only three names? There are some incredible unknown athletes that never get the press or the exposure of baseball football and hockey. Don’t forget also that vegheads only comprise a fairly small percentage of the population. Try googling a few of those vegetarian athletes’ names like I did and you might be quite surprised at the extent of their accomplishments. For example “Tim MacartneySnape successfully climbed Mt. Everest by a new route without oxygen from Tibet in 1984 and then again from Nepal in 1990 during his famous Sea to Summit expedition.” “Pam Boteler is a topranked worldclass athlete activist and raw vegan who has been making waves in her sportSprint Canoefor the last 8 years. Pam made USA CanoeKayak history at the 2000 National Championships by becoming the first woman to compete in sprint canoeagainst the men. Not only did she compete she won Gold. Up until 2000 women were prohibited from racing canoe at the US Nationals and in almost every other country around the world. She continued to race against the men in 2001 earning Gold again and finally in 2002 USA CanoeKayak the national governing body changed its bylaws to allow women to compete at the National Championships in events of their ownin all age and boat categories. She is undefeated in the US since the year 2000.” “Dave Scott of Davis California is universally recognized as the greatest triathlete in the world. He has won Hawaii’s legendary Ironman Triathlon a record four times including three years in a row while no one else has ever done it more than once. The event consists in succession of a 2.4mile ocean swim a 112mile cycle and then a 26.2mile run.” Pat Reeves “She has held of a British Masters’ Powerlifting title for many years and of several Divisional Commonwealth and Masters’ records. Competing at 42.9kg bodyweight Pats personal bests include 90kg Squat 55kg Bench Press a British record 130kg Deadlift a British Record.” I have now followed a plantbased eating regime for fortyfour years wow that’s so long!” And Kurt you should check out the incredible achievements of vegans Scott Jurek and Ruth Heidrich.

  • Jackie says:

    WolfGirl21 bullying isn’t something to be proud if. Now if that that house mate did something mature like offer to replace all that meat with vegetarian food for the wedding that would be one thing. Throwing a tantrum taking $1000 of meat out of the fridge and making a sign stating “Meat is murder” makes us all look like juvenile tantrum throwing toddlers. I hope he paid the money back at least. Do you want people to associate those who are compassionate towards animals with behaving like bratty spoilt children?

  • Kurt K says:

    Mike That is quite some list. Considering I reconize about three names on that list and one of them is a coach. Tony LaRusa is my favorite coach evergotta love the Stl Cardinals. I don’t recall ever hearing anything about him be a vegitarian but if you say so. I do know that he was never a great baseball player. Average at best. He is one of the best managers of all time and one of the crankiest short tempered coaches ever. This list really doesn’t mean much besides a handful out of the thousands of athletes in the world are vegitarian.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Benjamin Lol! You need to do a little research. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan athletes who are or were at the top of their game. There is actually a disproportionately high representation. Check out Scott Jurek Carl Lewis Ruth Heidrich Jim Morris Joe Namath Fred Dryer Lawrence Phillips Monica Scholz Martina Navratilova Billie Jean King Chris Evert Killer Kowalski Desmond Howard Roger Bannister John Landy Dom Repta Anthony Peeler Andreas Cahling Kenneth Williams Robert Cheeke Robbie Hazeley Pat Reeves Anthony Aureilus Martin Whittred Mike Mahler Charlie Abel Tim MacartneySnipe Pam Boteler Dave Scott Edwin Moses Piero Venturato Keith Holmes Emerson Fittipaldi Greg Chappell Al Oerter Debbie Lawrence Stan Price Brendan Brazier Bill Manetti Anil Kumble Bill Walton Elena Walendzik Alexander Dargatz B J Armstrong Al Beckles Surya Bonali Les Brown Peter Burwash Chris Campbell Joanna Conway Sylvia Cranston Sally Eastall Di Edwards Cory Everson Katie Fitzgibbon Clare Francis Louis Freitas Carol Gould Sammy Green Sally Hibberd Sharon Hounsell Roger Hughes Kathy Johnson Alan Jones Tony LaRussa Judy Leden Marv Levey Jutta Mller Jack Maitland Kirsty McDermott Lindford McFarquar Robert Millar Monika Montsho Lucy Stephens Kirsty Wade Plus many pro skateboarders and surfers and other athletes I’m sure I’ve missed.

  • WolfGirl21 says:

    Just read an awesome FMLyay for vegetarians! “Today my vegetarian housemate cleaned the fridge. He threw away all of the meat in our fridge and made a nice sign stating “Meat is Murder”. I was storing roughly $1000 worth of filet mignon steaks and seafood for my sister’s wedding. FML 09222009 at 148pm by carnivore” Vegetarian Power!!! that person deserved it

  • Carole Edmonds says:

    I went totally vegan June 09 and the energy surge is something I have noticed since. I used to think that a vegan lifestyle would make you feel like you were on a severe calorie restrictive diet but nothing could be farther from the truth. I would have made the plunge a long time ago had I have known what a positive result it would have on my well being. I have been able to influence other people to become vegan on this reason alone.

  • Shari says:

    We also need to let everyone know that a day without meat is a day with out cruelty. So many people think that if they can’t go full blow vegatarian then it’s now worth it but I always tell my friends if they just even cut back they will be saving lifes and THAT is worth it!

  • Jason says:

    There are already several NFL players that are vegetarians. Most notably Tony Gonzalez TE for the ATL Falcons. He has been for about 5 years now.

  • Jinny says:

    Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins.

  • Janice says:

    To Rev. Meg Schramm… look closely on PETA or to read about NFL players who are vegetarians. I don’t know all by heart but Ricky Williams is one Miami Dolphins. There are plenty…..

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Now all you have to do is find an NFL player willing to admit to being vegetarian. If there are any it would be nice to know who they are.

  • Benjamin says:

    None of the people mentioned is at the top of his game. The top of each of those sports is dominated by meateaters. Should we infer something from that fact or does that logic only work when it is vegetarians?

  • Bashy35 says:

    Rofl title is fail.