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Victory! Sordid Slaughterhouse to Shut Its Doors

Written by Alisa Mullins | April 9, 2014

Soon, no more pigs will be repeatedly electro-shocked, jabbed, and beaten with chains at the Southern Quality Meats, Inc. (SQM), plant in Pontotoc, Mississippi: The sordid slaughterhouse will be closing its doors in June.

Happy Pig In Field© Kencredible

Last year, a whistleblower provided us with video footage captured inside the facility showing a worker who jabbed pigs with electric prongs normally used to stun the pigs immediately prior to slaughter. The worker even put the prongs on one apparently stunned mother pig’s lower abdomen and/or genitals for no apparent reason—acts that were captured on video during a single shift.

The whistleblower also reported that workers beat downed pigs on the face and head with chains, dragged them to the kill floor―where other sows were being skinned and gutted just feet away―and electro-shocked and jabbed the injured animals for up to 30 minutes at a time.

After an investigation in July 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) found that the slaughterhouse was breaking federal law. FSIS records released to PETA revealed that during a January 2013 inspection, 100 percent of the pigs observed by an FSIS official moved around in the facility’s “knock box,” which made stunning them difficult. Although FSIS addressed this issue, the slaughterhouse apparently did nothing to remedy the situation until it was caught and exposed months later.

PETA previously alerted Mississippi and Alabama school officials to the mistreatment of pigs recorded at SQM and asked them to stop using taxpayer dollars to purchase meat from the slaughterhouse since it was caught ineffectively stunning pigs in their final, terrifying moments, in violation of federal law.

What You Can Do

With SQM closing, please urge school officials to pledge, on behalf of their departments, to refrain from contracting with any slaughterhouse found to have violated the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act or broken any other animal-protection laws.

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  • Sheila Dooley says:

    How can people continue to eat meat????

  • Gisele says:

    Why are we waiting till June to close this place?Close them now.

  • Ameli says:

    WHOOO! Hopefully ALL the meat industry closes its doors!

  • kacey says:

    i am so happy about this victory

  • Bryony Harrison says:

    This is amazing!!! Fantastic work Peta!!

  • Muriel Servaege says:

    All slaughterhouses should be closed, full stop.

  • Jen Lesher says:

    It is a sad fact that people killing for a living get hardened to another’s pain and loose all ability for compassion. If we stopped murdering animals our world would be much less violent in all aspects.

  • Rene Peel wrote this on! So beautiful and truthful, just had to share!

    Dear Seal and Animal lovers, it is so easy to go to that dark and lonely place, but we have no choice ~ we have to carry on, we can never give up, we can never be silent..
    I look at the world and wonder what it is I am seeing.
    I look at the world and ask myself is it worth seeing this at all?
    So much killing, so little respects for our wildlife, our nature, our world. No feelings, no sentiments, no humanity, no sense of pride, no compassion, no care, just greed and brainless insanity.
    I look at the world and just want to close my eyes and not open them again. I think I have seen enough.
    Then I open my eyes and look again and I see all you people out here, caring, fighting, speaking up, doing what you can, feeling, showing compassion and respect, having love and respect for the world and its wildlife.
    I open my eyes and look at the breath taking beauty of these animals. I look at their pureness and sincerity. It is worthwhile to keep my eyes open and to keep on doing what needs to be done.
    Together we are strong and we will make the world see, I will not close my eyes again!

  • JRoss says:

    Frankly, if a company cannot monitor and supervise its employees better than that, and the people running the show are that cruel and mean and hateful – then closure is appropriate!

  • Ana says:

    These are great news!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL !!!!!!

  • helen harris says:

    Very pleased that this has finally happened. I hope this starts a positive reaction through out this industry… I would like to see all slaughter houses shut down… The sad fact is the majority eat meat …saying this There has to be a safer way a more humane way to respect these animals … Because the facts are ….

  • keith jamieson says:

    well don PETA for exposing this cruelty and I am very happy that this place of cruelty and evil has been shut down,lets all hope that this will serve as a warning to other slaughter houses.

  • Pamela Houlihan says:

    That is a brutal hell house of horrors!!!!!!!! Pigs are adorable and loving intelligent creatures. Pigs are pals, not pork. Those people that abuse those innocent creatures are monsters from hell. Piggies need love!!!!!!!!

  • yip ko yuen says:

    Stop Killing Smart Pigs & Other Animals in Evil farm business!!!!!!!! Free All Animals to Their Wildlife!!!!!!!!!

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU & THANK YOU AGAIN!! That was the WORST animal abuse I had ever seen,I couldn’t watch the full video, I am so excited this is closing!! PLEASE PUNISH the men involved for all of this pain these animals had to go through!!! PLEASE…this would make us ALL very happy! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

  • Beatriz Gomez says:

    How awesomeee! 😀

  • NANCY says:

    why do they have to wait until june, why not now. shut down ALL SLAUGHTERHOUSES. so disgusting

  • So happy to hear this!! Make the workers pay too!!

  • Flavio says:

    Good News!!!!!!

  • Brigitte St Jean says:

    It’s still too long for me. It should be closed now, a lot of pigs will still be electrocuted. Thanks Peta for all the good work !!!

  • Justin says:

    Thank You PETA and everybody else for helping to put an end to this sad situation. So much work left to do…

  • Pigs are poor to be slaughtered but stop killing the pigs….please.

  • Rose says:

    Excellent work, PETA! Next stop, Albertville Quality Foods.

  • Priya Maeva says:

    Great news!! I wish the people involved were punished too

  • Ich habe mir diesen Beitrag mit Freunden angesehen u. waren Bestürzt das diese Monster Barbaren so mit Tieren umgegangen sind. Jetzt lese ich diese E-Mail, dass dieser Barbarische Schlachtbetrieb schließen muss oder wird. ich hoffe das diese Quäler Hart Bestraft werden u. von mir aus auch nie wieder ein Tier halten dürfen, Nur so ist diesen Barbaren beizukommen. Das Tierleid ist schon Groß genug auf dieser Erde, siehe Asiatische Länder. Ein Herzliches Dankeschön an Peta.

  • I can only imagine the fear in these helpless creatures as they are being lead to the slaughter, but for workers to batter and to electro- shock them,stomp their heads, etc… in those HELL HOLES is beyond anything caring human beings can visualize. But first and foremost… the owners of these slaughterhouses should be held responsible for the acts of their disgruntled employees. If they had to pay large fines some of these cruel behaviors could be controlled. We, as caring human beings, can surely eat less meat for the greater good. Money or the lack of will be the main way to reel in the slaughterhouse owner’s attention.
    Many, many thanks to the reporter who was able to provide the horrific details in regards to the slaughterhouses cruel and unnecessary evil activities. . One down,… more than 3,000 to go!!!!!

  • Marie says:

    Makes me sick every time I hear about these selfish and greedy meat companies that are torturing animals and pigs… animals that GOD CREATED and not to be abused by humans!!! What the hell is wrong with people that carry out such abuse towards innocent animals, do THEY have children that they go home to (as a parent themselves)? Makes you wonder how the hell can THEY wrap their arms around anyone or anything AFTER just torturing and abusing animals to DEATH!!!! It’s SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babette says:

    Tankyu so much for all actions for animals in Urantia….Blessing to yu…From France!

  • That was the saddest of all videos. It wont leave my

  • Michele Hodge says:

    Thank god they have closed this hell forsaken hole !!

  • Deb Welter says:

    But the really sad fact is that the cretins that inflicted the pain & torture on those poor animals will probably NOT be convicted & will probably find a job at another slaughterhouse or factory farm & start all over again. That kind of barbaric activity will not just stop.

  • Dana says:


  • Hayley says:

    Where are the remaining pigs being sent to? Are any of them being saved to a sanctuary or farm or auction to the public. Closing a slaughterhouse is great but trying to save the pigs from slaughter would be a good step. Remaining pigs need rehoming. If anyone knows of an update of news. Please post

  • Luana says:


  • LitGirl says:

    I can’t imagine what runs through a person’s head when they can be so cruel as to inflict such BLATANT, AWFUL pain on another creature. I truly hope that the man in the video is brought up on charges of animal cruelty. This is such a huge step forward and, as happy I am that this victory has been won, it still saddens me that there was ever a fight that needs to be fought at all.

  • Bless the person who reported this. I am so heart broken. The individuals whom did these acts should be punished to the maximum degree. This is pure evil.

  • No animal deserves to suffer at the hands of a human. Victory and a good one at that. It should be shut down now. Not in June.

  • marta says:

    I can’t even imagine what those animals feel… they are tortured, I am so sad. People can be so cruel and inhuman….
    Thank you PETA for all you do for animals. We will always support you! I hope one day, it will stop.

  • LaRaza14! says:

    Victory! Yes! I hated this Slaughterhouse ever since i seen the story in Animal Times. Si Se Puede Por Los Animales! No more hurt and torture just for a burger or some carnitas! Its not fair and its not right! Lets change the world!!!

  • Sylvie Piquet says:

    We recognize the greatness and the value of a nation, the way it treats its animals (Mahatma Gandhi)

  • I cannot bear to think of animals being treated this way for human consumsion.Barbaric way to treat a living being they do feel pain.Makes me angry…..?

  • thank you for your fight for ALL animals against cruelty in any form ,PETA
    I will help where I can ..this is my dedication and purpose !

  • Alireza says:

    We will win cause we wont give up !!!!! We will teach our childern and they will teach their children and we might not abolish it over 1 generation but over a few we will!!!!

  • osiris vlerick says:

    close all slaughterhouses!!

  • Janet May says:

    VICTORY!!!!!!! I watched this about a month ago. One of the worst cruelty to animals I have ever seen. PETA>>>momentum..momentum…momentum!! Your on a roll.

  • Louise A. Chinian says:

    Thank God for PETA and the brave, courageous whistleblowers who exposed the horrendous treatment of the poor mother pigs!!!!

  • Serena Chakravorty says:

    Way to go! Keep up the good work!

  • We support all your hard work :-)…N keep being the VOICE of all the animals that can’t speak…of the pain they must endorse….be for their DEATH. …

  • etienne says:

    The cruel slaughterhouse, I have never been able to forget the poor mother pig who cried heartbreaking for her life, I’ve had terrible nightmares about the cruel torture that pig mother went through on the hell place. It is frightening that such people work with animals. I am so happy to hear the good news that the slaughterhouse is now being closed. I would like to give a big thanks to PETA, you are doing a fabelagtig job for animals in deep distress

  • rasol says:

    Thank tou Peta!! Keep going and cloose all slaughterhouses!

    • Nay says:

      These poor sweet creatures …weren,t put on God,s earth to be tortured like this…..
      All violators should be given the SAME SENTENCE as their poor prisoners ..then thrown in jail…FOREVER……

      • Patti Shea says:

        yup! I would like to give a big Thanks a million to PETA!!!! Glad to hear the victory and good news that the Slaughterhouse is closed and shut down for good! PLEASE ARREST Coward,sicko and employees to go JAIL for LIFETIME and BIG FINES!!!! It broke my heart to see suffer poor innocent mother pig because we know pigs are very sweet,innocent and smart like human!!!! PLEASE KEEP SHUT DOWN ALL SLAUGHTERHOUSES NOW!!!!!!!!