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The Spy Who Loved Ducks

Written by PETA | November 19, 2010

Contrary to the title of the first James Bond film he starred in, Roger Moore isn’t willing to “live and let die.” The former 007 is still battling bad guys, but instead of going after evil geniuses intent on destroying the world, he’s leveling his icy blue stare at people intent on destroying ducks and geese. And just like all those Bond villains, they are no match for his debonair charm.

This week, the U.K. department store Harvey Nichols folded like a poker player at Casino Royale and agreed to Sir Roger’s request that it stop selling foie gras, which is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers expand to up to 10 times their normal size. The decision comes almost a year to the day after Moore helped PETA U.K. persuade another U.K. institution, Selfridges, to stop selling the deadly delicacy.

Can anyone resist being shaken, not stirred by Sir Roger’s entreaties? I’m beginning to doubt it. You can shake things up yourself by writing to two companies on this side of Her Majesty’s former empire—Royal Caribbean and Gelson’s Markets—and asking them to stop serving and selling foie gras. We don’t want to have to sic James Bond on them.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Domenika Sandoval says:

    es verdaderamente alarmante, este tipo de actos que se cometen en contra de estos indefensos animales, me entristecio mucho, hay que frenar esta crueldad no puede seguir pasando los animalitos tambien tienen derecho a vivir