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Speidi: Maybe Al Roker Was Right

Written by PETA | September 16, 2009

Remember when Al Roker suggested to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt that there are some people who believe that they just might be “everything that is wrong with celebrity in this country“?


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It looks like the dreaded “Speidi” are proving Mr. Roker’s point for him. Much like other famous airheads, “Speidi” have shown their total disregard for the plight of homeless animals by buying themselves a “designer dog.”

When the duo first expressed an interest in adding a canine member to their family, PETA sent them a letter clueing them in to the importance of adopting dogs and cats from shelters—but, apparently, Heidi and Spencer are too caught up in themselves to care about the 6 to 8 million dogs and cats who are turned over to animal shelters every year.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised, though. Here’s a question for you: What happened to Bella the Chihuahua?

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Soliel says:

    “The uncertainty of ancestry or temperament is not a good thing especially to those who have never owned an animal before.” Oh brother. This is just a pathetic excuse. If you wanted to adopt you could and safely. If you truly cared and wanted to adopt you would go to a rescue group who has fostered the animal and who knows it’s temperament. There problem solved. There many lovely mutts and for you to reject them because they are of “unknown” breed is just mean. Sorry but it is. Dogs like humans are much more than their genes. I have adopted ALL of my animals and ALL of them were ANGELS!!! Two cats and three dogs so far…all of them jewels. Two of them without rescue…I just adopted and accepted them as they were from the get go. I would never think of rejecting them EVER because they had the bad luck of being tossed aside from some human who didn’t appreciate them. So unfair and so thoughtless. In answer to your last question…the ideal is to stop the pet over population problem FIRST make sure all dogs have enough love and attenion..once that is taken care of then breed…but not before.

  • Kurt K says:

    Kalama I agree with you I just dislike these two so much. Rev. is correct. It is amazing what we consider celebrity these days. PETA maybe you should think about going on with this protest. Remember the old saying there is no such thing as bad press.

  • HC says:

    One thing most PETA users do not understand is that others do not care about animal rights as much as you do. I for one love adopting dogs but I never adopt crossbreed or mixedbreed dogs. The uncertainty of ancestry or temperament is not a good thing especially to those who have never owned an animal before. My question is why should Heidi and Spencer even care about other losers who abandon their dogs? Should we also stop having our own kids because so many are available for adoption?

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    I’ll never get this campaign. Should we stop having our own children because other people carelessly spawn children and put them up for adoption? Puppy mills are the pits for sure but there are plenty of conscientious breeders. The real problem is getting people to neuter their animals and making sure breeders are held to high ethical standardsnot belittling people for being fond of a particular breed.

  • Alicia says:

    I feel for the puppy. Those 2 couldn’t take care of a stuffed animal let alone a living breathing one.

  • Kurt K says:

    Rev you are thinking of Khloe K. I guess you should look at it this way. Hopefully they will find out how hard it is to take care of a dog and decide not to have children. The last thing we need is offspring from these two press sluts running around. Man I really dislike these people!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I have no use for any of the Kardashian sisters since they pulled that lame brained idea to pull a prank on their mother by hiring a chimp for a week to see how their mother would react. Their mother is married to Bruce Jenner the exOlympic champion in the decathalon. Anyway Speidi were on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and they were nothing but spoiled rotten brats that kept leaving and coming back again. The entire group had the chance to bring them back and most of them vetoed that idea. Spencer had the nerve to say that he was too big of a celebrity to be on this show. I never heard of him until then. It is the media’s fault that they are anywhere on tv. Just ignore them and maybe the’ll go away.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Heidi and Spencer are only celebrities because of the media and the media keeps featuring them because people keep watching the reality show they are featured in whichever one it is. Every T.V. fad eventually fades away older readers will remember when the entire prime time lineup consisted of variety shows and westerns and when the reality show fad goes away so will Heidi Spencer the Kardashian sisters except hopefully for the smart one who starred in the PETA ad…help me somebody which one was she I am getting old and can’t remember all of their names the Gosseleins anyone remember the Keinasts? I didn’t think so and all the rest.

  • PanDa says:

    Only one statement comes to mind “What a BITCH!”

  • Dave says:

    These two got used by a lowlife PUPPY MILLER! All these designer dogs are bred by puppy mills just like ALL the pet stores and most of the classifieds of website sales are PUPPY MILLS Stupid beyond words. They just gave their money to an animal abuser so they can abuse more animals

  • myrna says:

    That’s a shame!!! thses two should consider adopting. But I hope that brain activity kicks in and they realize that all that money that they are willing to spend on buying a ‘designer dog’ could be invested and well appreciated by an adopted pooch. I hope that they change their mind! Keep writing them PETA…