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Speak Up for Seals in Memory of Anna Nicole

Written by PETA | March 23, 2007

180-annanicole.jpgThe largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet, the Canadian seal hunt, is slated to start next week, and as you may remember, Anna Nicole Smith was one of its most outspoken critics. So we thought it would be nice to honor her this year by bringing back her petition to the Prime Minister of Canada, urging him to do the right thing and cancel the hunt. Due warning, this video will break your heart if you watch it, but it’s important to get this information out there, and no one worked harder at that than Anna Nicole did in her lifetime.

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  • East_Coast_101 says:

    If your going to share info about the seal hunt with the world please have the balls to use facts ot lies to get your point out. First of all the majority and I mean vast majority of seals are killed using guns. it comes down to dollars and cents you can get more seals faster with a gun than a club Clubs with hooks are used but it is to drag the bodies of the DEAD seals back to the boats. And as fars as videos showing seals clubed to death 99 of those videos are older than most people protesting the hunt. The last subject I want to touch on is the alledged skinning alive of seals. This is flat out BS. How do I know simple I hunt seals and you can’t get a quality pelt if the seal is alive and moving and if the quality is poor there is no point. Well that’s my two cents propaganda is fun and all but facts work better that is why is not stoping.

  • kris shulfer says:

    the baby seals meow like little kitties looking for there moms before there killed so brutally!!! screw those pills that they say they use harp seal oil that is complete BULLSHIT!!!! all there tiny bodies are left there to rot away with the ice caps that are already oh i can not even go on about this i have donated monies wrote emails letters blogs and hopefully in my lifetime it will be banned again!! i would even go there and spray paint them all so they could not kill them for there fur!!! i hope the nation comes together and see’s this!! yet another nite watching video’s about it reading news clippings!!! it is so hearbreaking to me!!! im very sad!!1

  • Diane J Halleck-Gorges says:

    Once again the late Anna Nicole has brought me to your sight. I thought by now that with all the protesting by the Canadian government would listen to not only their own but many Americans and people from across the world and stop this CRUEL MURDERING. My family would travel many times a year to Canada for holiday but knowing that after all these years and the continuing killing of seals we take our holiday and business elsewhere. Diane West Seneca NY

  • Lynne says:

    I can not believe that we are in the millenium and barbaric hunting is still done. We have to protect the ones that cannot speak I am totally disgusted with the people that can go to bed at night and sleep after what they have done to living creatures of the earth. We can survive without Seal meat and fur. Canada STOP this cruelty enough is enough.

  • Catherine Cialella says:

    The slaughter of these baby seals is the most cruel and inhumane thing I have ever witnessed in my life. We need to speak out against it and put an end to it. These animals deserve a right to live.

  • samuel bates says:

    to Lord of the Apes i completely understand your anger and your bad words and i would like to add that in every aspect of western or eastern way of life or civilization it is absolutely unacceptable what’s actually happening in Canada this is barbaric and uncivilized and sooner or later all these atrocities will fall back on humanity! we cannot tolerate such crimes on this planet and i fear very bad reactions coming from the earth itself let’s wait kaching…

  • Lord of the Apes says:

    And inspite of these atrocities mankind still pretends to be civilized and the crown of creation i tell you what they are and specially western ‘civilizations’ a fucking rotten heap of putrified rubbish that’s it! and i never respect such a species! i spit in your faces putrified sealers and your high ranged protectors! ROT IN HELL!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    i too am very sad anna is gone and she was very passionate about the baby seals as is pam anderson!! and i am heartbroken because i can not believe that this has not stopped yet!! and what kind of people beat babies over the head with bats wspikes these people are not paying it forward and will in the end of there pathetic lives have to answer for all the pain they have inflicted on animals as well as humans and i hope they all ROT IN THE THOSE DIRTY BASTARDS!!!!

  • SKULL says:


  • jim barnes says:

    from the last news i heard the seal hunt has started so may the whole blood come back on the murderers and their protectors now and in future!

  • doug says:

    I told you guys i would post to tell you how the demo went. Everythng was great. We had the local television and newspaper cover it and we made the six oclock news. I managed to hand out about 150 or so leafletts and the day was excellent and I ended the night by seeing by favorite group The Legendary Roots Crew from Philly. Now lets end this damn seal hunt once and for all.

  • Maureen Ellen Roth says:

    Anyone who sees that video has to feel shamed to be a member of the same species as those cold hearted killers.

  • K says:

    I signed it of course.

  • Cheryl says:

    How many signatures are there on the petition so far? I know they need 50000… We can’t allow this to happen again this year. As a Canadian as a human being I’m so ashamed… Please keep hope alive on this issue on behalf of 350000 baby seals.

  • CAROLINE says:

    Slaughter abuse fur trade… all these forms of demonic cruelty against animals should be stopped. Its high time the government does something regarding this!

  • doug says:

    well im all set. We are holding our Seal hunt demo tomorrow. 230430. I am pumped and can’t wait. I have my literature and will post tomorrow night to tell you guys how it went after I get back from seeing the legendary Roots crew. Vegans of course long day for me!

  • animalfriend says:

    next week we shall see if the canadian government is just or criminal! i’m sorry but i call a spade a spade!

  • John Houseman says:

    I’m so sad that anna nicole has gone but I hope from all my heart that the canadian government shall respect her loving memory concerning her heroic fight for the just cause of seal protection and cancel this horrible unjust murder of the seal babies!