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Spay’s the Way in PA

Written by PETA | December 30, 2010

Amid laughter and high-fives, two PETA members dressed as giant condoms reminded people in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that cats and dogs can’t control pet overpopulation on their own.


More than 350 people stopped to talk to the eye-catching pair and received leaflets on the importance of spaying and neutering. Many passersby asked for information about low-cost spay/neuter services—and one man said that he was going to make a veterinary appointment that very day. If you haven’t already done so, have your own animal companions spayed or neutered (or help a friend get his or her animals “snipped”): Spaying just one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and spaying one female cat can prevent 420,000 births in seven years!  

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jesse says:

    It is not impossible to own an intact dog. I have been doing it for 40+ years and have never had a single litter. It simply takes responsibility. Not saying that anything is wrong with spaying or neutering. I am simply saying that it isn’t hard to own intact animals.

  • Gala says:

    What a funny way to get the message across. It seemed to do the trick, so why not, roght? haha