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‘Spay While You Can,’ Says the Cat on the Van

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 16, 2011

When PETA suffered a “van down” earlier this year, longtime President’s Circle members Adam and Leni Sender stepped up to the plate. The Sender family—tireless animal advocates who have opened their home to numerous rescued animals, including a refugee from Hurricane Katrina—donated the money for PETA to buy a new and improved van, and we dedicated the vehicle to the memory of their beloved cat Patti.

The “Patti Wagon” will urge people to save lives by spaying and neutering their animals while it ferries animals in need to and from appointments with PETA’s no-cost to low-cost spay-and-neuter clinics. We love the Senders as much as the Senders love animals. Thank you for being the animals’ “Spay Santas”!

And the van’s namesake? Well, we think Patti would be purrfectly pleased with her mobile memorial.

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  • Mark says:

    Have cat spayed leaves it unable to produce with male. This also greatly prevents her from certain diseases (such as pyrometer and uterine / mammary cancers).

  • Lisa Colletti says:


  • Lisa says:

    Spay and neuter your pet there are many animal organisations that will help with cost if you cant afford it, i have 12 rescued cats all spayed and neutered which i paid myself, 5 of them are females and when you think female cats can get pregnent up to 2-3 times a year and have up to 8 in each litter thats a hell of a lot of kittens produced if my girls wer’nt spayed. Be a responsible owner.