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South Korea Burying Pigs Alive

Written by PETA | January 10, 2011

It sounds too horrific to be true, but officials in South Korea are piling pigs on top of each other in trucks, dumping thousands of them into mass graves, and burying them alive.

This atrocity is intended to control an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, but there is an inexpensive vaccine for the disease that the South Korean government inexplicably refuses to use. As many as 34,000 pigs have been killed in a single day. If this cruel slaughter is allowed to continue, the number of pigs killed could reach more than 1 million.

Please urge South Korean authorities to stop this massacre immediately. Send a polite e-mail to the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the U.S., Han Duk-soo, telling him that you want the South Korean government to stop burying pigs alive and to use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease.

 Pigs on a Korean farm. 
 mannen av bord/CC by 3.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • juliette says:

    El maltrato, el abuso, la tortura hacia los animales debe ser uno de los pecados más duros que el hombre deberá pagar, todo a su tiempo….

  • animal lover says:

    karma will catch up 2 those asses responsible..

  • asdf says:

    Yeah cause killing animals is the answer for everything right? Of course they would never do this to humans because they’re so special. *Gag*

  • jean says:

    be humane to your animals be humane to yourself this is good health peace love joy happy heart best wishes to you goodbye for now.

  • elisa rieger says:


  • hi. says:

    Pigs are people too!

  • Jen Pare says:

    The world is watching and is disgusted by your actions!

  • Chitownchic says:

    As a native Korean living in Chicago, this is such a shame. I believe most farmers are nothing to do how pigs or cows are being killed. I think it’s the government’s fault. But then again, there are rumors that Korean government is being pressured by the US government in order to sell more US meat in South Korea since the sale of US meat has been very low due to mad cow disease concerns and antibiotics, etc.

  • from seoul says:

    this is an old news. now S.kor gov is giving vaccine to uninfected farms. you must know disposal is unevitable thing. because vaccines are useless for the animals already got virus. only thing peta can claim is killing with euthanasia.

  • Driélen Raiane says:

    que vergonha!!!! pessoas sem coração!! como conseguem ter essa atitude… Deus tenha misericórdia e toque no coração de pessoas frias…

  • Milena says:

    I’m brasilien, don’t speak english to much. But i know how to say: More respect with animals.

  • EM says:

    What the fk is up with these people? If its not one animal its the next…get some respect

  • Maureen says:

    I am not surprised at this manner of death Korea uses,they kill dogs and cats for food and have no ETHICAL manner in which they kill animals for food. They are like China,which also kills with no conscience,as in skinning animals alive for their fur or Japan boiling sea life alive to be eaten,or the fact they kill dolphines and other aquatic animals and feed their own families MERCURY ridden food,and Korea has markets where you can bring your pet FIFI and have your pet chopped up as food. So it is of no surprise to me the HORRENDOUS way they treat anything living including their own people as a whole.  Can anyone give me an ETHICAL reason why they do the things they do,when their is so much at their disposal to use to stop the spread of diseases. I still say it comes to be the ALMIGHTY dollar I believe in GOD and the Bible states “You cannot have two masters,You cannot pray to two Gods” so it is either or “GOD or MONEY”

  • Giovanna Villani says:

    something must be done now!

  • Michelle says:

    Sacrifice? Pain? Cruelty? What this nation thinks he is doing, animals deserve respect and everyone in it deserves the same fate as had all these innocent animals. I am disgusted at the thought!!


    Stop torturing pigs! Their lives will be many disasters! Believe me! I speak and it happens!

  • Luzia says:

    How can they be so cruel???? :(((((((((

  • Vimal says:

    South Korea, please be with sense! Behave like humans!

  • Ashley says:

    To: [email protected] Sent: Tue, January 11, 2011 2:54:18 PM Subject: For your consideration. Han Duk-soo, I want the South Korean government to stop burying pigs alive and to use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease. Human beings are NOT superior to animals. Stop acting like Hitler and euthanizing living beings ‘because you can’. That’s not a good enough reason. There is no good enough reason. Thanks.

  • Laure Venara says:

    Please stop it; this is inhuman; stop it now!

  • pj54 says:

    Why are these people treating animals so horifically. You hear about the dogs being drug by their hind legs until they cannot move and they are in horrible pain and, finally, skinned alive. What is the matter with these people?

  • catlover1998 says:

    its too cruel to be true ! why did they burie them ?

  • Ray Laban says:

    I t’s well known that pigs are creatures possessing a degree of intelligence.They are likely to have some awareness of what is about to befall them.Please use your position to help bring about urgent change.

  • Sara says:

    This is so sick. How the hell can people do such a thing ? Animals are the most beautiful things on this planet, and we humans still havn’t learnt to respect them? Makes me so ashamed to be part of the human race.

  • vishnu says:

    why r u killing…… GOD is watching your deeds…….. He will reply for his creations

  • Aina Solem says:

    Links to PICTURES and the story from KARA – animal welfare organization in South Korea:…/government-buries-pigs-alive-refuses-to-vaccinate-for-fmd.html and…/PostView.nhn  I hope PETA can help them

  • [email protected] says:

    Gruesome act of Korean Government to do this. What you will do with HIV and Cancer patients in your country…Did u kill them if you not having drugs?!!! Stop this… it is barbarism…

  • ShamalathaRao says:

    These koreans are not humans at all.They should be banned from the UN.They should be banned from entering any country.No body should buy their products.BAN Korea in every respect until they learn to care for the Universal Declaration of animal Rights.

  • kerst says:

    thats cruel! the worst thing is that these pigs cant speak for themselves… though they´re so smart!!

  • Ben says:

    a girl from S.Korea, you are a moron. The main problem is that they’re being buried ALIVE, not necessarily the cull itself.

  • Magdalena Bal says:

    Please stop do that, pigs are one of the most inteligent animal and in my opinion, they suffer the same as people!

  • Lourdes Vega Cárdenes says:

    I think there are ways of doing things, I’m not at all agree with these wild and cruel methods. We have to change. Other species also have the right to life and death without suffering.

  • Len says:

    Email sent. This is beyond comprehension.

  • adriana koumrouyan says:

    Please, I want the South Korean government to stop burying pigs alive and to use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease.

  • A, Mendonça says:

    Mr. Ambassador I’m one more person in the world among many that deal with requests that comes more humanely pigs with mouth disease. There are alternative vaccine prevention which are not expensive, this inhuman massacre of pigs must stop! Please give attention to the appeal! BR

  • laura says:

    How can men be so cruel?

  • katterina gibbons says:

    this has to stop laws need to change animals have feeling and pig are especially smart…

  • CARMEN says:

    It sounds too horrific to be true, but officials in South Korea are piling pigs on top of each other in trucks, dumping thousands of

  • Norah Andre says:

    I wish to let you know that this is the most horrendous action I have heard of against animals. South Korea disgusts the world with such actions.

    Are you spitting on our faces?

    Be sure I will take this to everyone’s notice and that we will surely be boycotting your good.

  • a girl from S.Korea says:

    Hi 🙂 I am a girl in S.Korea. I thought this was too ,,,, cruel, you know. Because there are the vaccines! Why aren’t they using it! But, I realized that the Korean government has to spend that money in other ways : political ways, protesting about DOKDO(You know, it’s dokdo, not dakeshima. it’s not japan’s land! it’s our land! Of course, it’s the ‘EAST SEA’, not ‘sea of japan’!) and paying the workers in the government, etc. They can’t afford those vaccines! They just can’t! And I also heard that the vaccine doesn’t work. It doesn’t help stopping the disease spreading! SO, they burried the pigs so that the pigs can’t spread the disease to other places. What I want to say to you, lastly is that, S.Korean government didn’t want to burry the pigs; they had to burry the pigs to prevent more pigs being damaged. Thanks XD

  • Lee says:


  • Dewaki Dörfler says:

    Please stop this situation!

  • Peggy Müller says:

    stop burying pigs alive and use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease!!

  • Lisbeth Soderberg says:

    How can you allow this inhuman treatment of any live animals and claim to be a civilised nation?

  • claudia cesarini says:


  • Gerlinde Horn says:

    As we are all connected, coming all from the same source – who will say that a human life is more worth than an animal’s ?? I will never buy goods from South Korea – we have to boykott such an inhumane people !!!

  • Monica Hochstim says:

    I am horrified about how South Korean officials are murdering these innocent pigs and doing it in such a cruel way!!! Please have compassion and stop this massacre immediately!! Every creature has value and worth and deserves to be treated kindly and with respect. Treat all humans and creatures the way you would want to be treated. We must ask ourselves if we would like to die in the way that the pigs are being murdered. Of course we would not and we would not like to die in the first place. That is how we can judge right from wrong. Right is how we would like to be treated, and wrong is how we would not want to be treated. Please remember this in regards to these pigs and remember that they are very intelligent and kind animals. Pigs and all animals are innocent. How can anyone harm the innocent? That is not right. Please look within your heart and stop this cruel and heartless violence immediately! Thank you. Sincerely, Monica Hochstim

  • piggy says:

    why don’t you make a petition ? it’s much easier for people .

  • JAYAKUMAR says:

    Dear Sir, Please don’t do this.Human being is the only creature in this world which can understand other’s grief and pain.If we don’t take care of others pains we will also perish soon.Please think for some time and take a good decision.

  • stephanie says:

    What is wrong with these people. No respect for anything. The animals havent a hope in some of these asian countries.